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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


April is National Poetry Month.

So I thought I would offer up two haiku's I wrote for two of my fantasies : RITES OF PASSAGE and THE MOON & SUN AS HIS BRIDES.

The first is the lament of Lady Meilori, the one great love of my hero, Samuel McCord. She speaks it to the depths of the endless night as she reflects upon the emptiness of her life :

"Dreams drift like clouds,
I reach to touch the moon,
I grasp but empty night."

The second is the mumuring sigh of Kirika, a drinker of souls, who has fallen hopelessly in love with a fifteen year old boy whom she knows she will destroy if she follows her heart :

"Lonely Moon, Winter Winds,
My hungry love is
But shadows of Night."

Hope you enjoyed one or both of them. And here is a video haiku from a Zen Master :


  1. Beautiful. Love the first one, in particular.

  2. Oooh, how much imagery can be created from so few words! Well chosen ones like these, that is!

  3. First thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.Much appreciated,

    Ithought these Haikus wonderful, though I admit I havn't got the hang of writing them.
    I think people who can master them are very clever indeed,
    Take care.

  4. Beautiful Roland, simply beautiful. It's amazing what comes out of your pen.

  5. Hi Roland, I am the author of the blog "Thoughts of a Career Woman", thanks a lot for stopping at my blog, and leave so wonderful comments, i was pleasantly surprised when visit your blog, how nice it is, you are a very bright writer.

  6. Hi Roland,

    Wonderful haiku. The second is my favorite. It holds raw emotion. Well done!

    Nice to meet you!

  7. I love Haiku's! I've never tried to write one. Yours are beautiful and I love the feeling they leave me with after reading them.

  8. I hated writing Haiku's in my creative writing classes. I have no gift for concise thoughts. My thoughts are verbose and rambling, but like my writing.

  9. O my, I love Haiku! Actually, I love poetry! Good posting!

  10. These are really good. I like the first one more, but since they both include the word 'night', I wonder if you actually were writing them at night.

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are right I did get a kick out of Haiku Cat. Love the haiku's. I haven't written them since college.

    I see we have twin virtual cats.

  12. Nice job! I also like Haiku Cat. :)

  13. These haikus have a lovely sense of sweet romance with a few brush strokes of darkness! Fascinating!

  14. It has taken me so long to respond because in the past 3 days as a blood courier I have driven 900 miles and gotten 7 hours sleep in that whole time. Whew!

    Gemma, I love your flair with words. Thanks for dropping by.

    Dawn, I'm glad you like my Haiku's and Haiku Cat -- he likes himself pretty much too.

    CC, maybe out virutal cats chat in cyberspace while we're not looking. Never know about cats, cyberwise or otherwise.

    Akira, both my haiku's contain "night" because the scenes in which they were to be spoken were at night, and I wanted to show that the outward environments of my characters is what helped sparked their "memory" to bring the haiku's to mind.

    Ruby, I'm glad you liked my haiku's. I love poetry as well. I write poetry in my journal. At night I awaken to see the shades of Byron and Keats drawing lines through them in disgust. Critics. Gotta love them.

    Christi, I, too, have trouble writing poetry. But my characters needed to speak Haiku's at that point, so there was no out for me. And I have faith in you : if your novel needed an original poem, you could write a great one.

    Aubrie, your compliment about my haiku's leaves me with the most pleasant feeling, too. Please don't be a stranger here.

    Jodi, nice to meet you, too. Your praise means a lot to me.

    Laura, thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Yours is delightful as well.

    Anne, thanks for the praise. It means a lot coming from you.

    Yvonne, haiku's, poetry even, is not my strength in writing. But thank you for liking mine. Don't be a stranger here.

    Cynthia, you have a way with words yourself. Thank you for dropping by and caring enough to write me. It means a lot.

    Tali Roland, yes, most like the first one better. Thanks for going the second mile and writing me a comment. It keeps me from feeling I'm playing to an empty house.

    AA, I love haiku's as well. Writing them though is like trying to thread a needle by looking into a mirror while doing it.