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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Where darkness and the powers of night reign,
They bend above unutterable things,
As far away the restless searchlight swings
Its ghastly ray along the burdened plain.

- George Stirling, "Aftermath"

D.G. Hudson has done me the great honor of likening my HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS to
F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE LAST TYCOON.
Her review is fun, fascinating, and distinctive of her wit and perception.
The ghost of Mark Twain just chuckled, "Boy, you feel that way 'cause she compared you to old Fitz is all!"
"Hush, Sammy!"

I fear her focusing on me will rob of her usual number of visitors.  I would hate that.

Have any of you read THE LAST TYCOON by Fitzgerald?  Did you like it?

Have any of you read HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS? 

What did you think of it.  The ghost of Mark Twain said I only asked that "'cause rotten vegetables cannot be thrown through the internet!"

Robert Rossmann does a riveting, haunting narration of it.  Check it out.

Speaking of which, read what one reviewer wrote of his performance:

The narrator's voice seduces you instantly. Mr. Rossman should slow down so that the listener can savor his narration.

Ellen Gale
Lunenburg, MA

Visit D.G. please.  Don't let her kindness to me cost her visitors or commenters.

In HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS, Samuel is set to do the tango in front of the cameras with Meilori --




  1. I do love the Flash, he was a fave. I wanted to move like that. . .must see that movie in the fall. I have a weakness for the comic book heroes. . .and the literary ones. . .

    Thanks for the mention, Roland, the pleasure of reviewing that book was mine. It was a fun read especially the details in that lobby scene, which I won't go into! I bet the Flash didn't get backaches. I feel the opposite of the Flash today, for sure.

  2. Visit Your Daily Dose today, Robin had a special mention for you!! Wasn't that nice of her?

  3. D.G.:
    As a rare blood courier, I would really love to be able to move like the Flash. I am still praying for your back pains! Not to have them, mind you, but for yours to get better quickly!

    Yes, that lobby scene has gotten me some terse emails! :-)