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Friday, July 3, 2015


Not really. 

This country seems to have 364 days of that where everyone and their cousin points out all that is wrong with America.

But July 4th is different. 

That day we celebrate what is good about America.

Let there be earthquake, epidemic, famine, flood -- 

you will see an American flag waving over relief centers in whatever country in which they occur.

Sadly, people will be shooting at our doctors, nurses, and other helpers there, too, at the same time.

America is great because we are a nation of dreamers, inventors, artists, builders and doers. 

We exalt in achievement, rebound from failure and encourage one another every step of the way,

from the little league, to the majors, in every walk of life.

The Declaration of Independence, whose signing we celebrate on Saturday,

states that all people are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This pursuit sometimes seems insurmountable

if that road is governed by the rich and powerful or when government represents only narrow interests.

Unlike other countries such as India, China or Thailand,

where one’s station in life is determined by a caste system, government monolith

or an outdated monarchy,

in America you are free to carve out your own destiny.

Wealth carries huge influence,

 but unlike most countries, where one’s fate is determined by others,

in the U.S.,

if you use your mind with bravery and creativity, you are free to chart your own course.

Other countries possess freedom ...

America's greatness lies in the fact that it embodies a dream.

The dream is of freedom, of safety, and of opportunity.

The dream is built upon the rule of law,

the generosity of our people and the promise of advancement for those willing to work hard. 

Of course America has not achieved that dream. 

Have you noticed that nothing turns out like you thought it would? 

But the dream persists.

Still, a struggling deli owner can send his daughter to medical school,

or a Jewish immigrant’s son can become one of the world’s most successful fashion designers,

or the mixed-race son of a Kenyan socialist can become president.

You may think America is not the greatest country in the world ...

And perhaps that is so, but it can be.

If we do not give up on it and each other.


  1. Without raining on your parade, I would feel happier if we all learnt to consider ourselves citizens of the world. Us and them creates rather a lot of problems. I suspect almost every country has things to be proud of - and I am sure that we all have things to be ashamed of.

    1. I live in Louisiana: it always rains on my parade!

      I just weary of the long litany I hear every day of America's faults (which are many). On her birthday, I just wanted to point one or two things that are good about my country,.

      Yes, we are all fellow passengers on the same vessel sailing through the stars. When you look down from a plane, there are no dotted lines between the nations. Sadly, it is Man's nature to be self-centric whether in country or district. It makes me sad. :-(

  2. God Bless America! Have a happy 4th, Roland :-)

  3. I agree with Elephant child's comment. I don't think any country is greater than any other, or any set group of people greater for that matter. I think we are all just striving for happiness. Sadly some of us get led astray along the way.
    Every country has done great things and terrible things, just as most people have and every country has it's pros and cons.
    Still being proud of where you live, usually means you are happy where you live and that's brilliant. So enjoy your 4th of July and I hope you have a great day. xx

    1. Sigh. I never said that America was the GREATEST country in the world ... only that it possessed elements of greatness and why that was so.

      I said it could be the greatest not that it was.

      Each human is special because they are a living soul no matter where they live.

      For the millioneth time I wonder why people run for political office when your words are stretched in ways you did not say.

      I merely wanted to counter the scales that have been unbalanced by the non-stop slamming of our country on her birthday.

      Have a great 4th too. :-)

  4. As you say, Roland, we must continue to work for each other and our country, for something bigger than us. But I disagree with Joss (politely), since I've been around the world and can tell you that there are most definitely some countries that are greater and better than others, and some that are in tragically bad condition. From my personal experience, Pakistan is an armpit, Great Britain really is great, and being Irish I have a high opinion of Ireland. Or more specifically, I'm Irish-American, and America is great too, but boy, do we have to work on a lot of things to make it better and help each other out.

    1. Like you, I have seen parts of the world that those in power really have subjugated the poor -- like you say: America has a lot of work to do to make its promise real for those in need. :-)