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Friday, February 3, 2017

Tyrean Martinson Reflects Upon How A Hero Loses His Way

Welcome fellow Anthologist,  
Tyrean Martinson
to my cyber-home!

Daydreamer, writer, teacher, believer – 

Tyrean Martinson lives near the Puget Sound with her husband and daughters.

 With her B.A. in Education and English, she teaches writing classes to home-school teens 

and she writes speculative, contemporary, poetry, experimental hint fiction, and writing books.

Tyrean has graciously agreed to answer my questions upon the themes of our anthology:

What makes a person a lost soul?

 A lost soul is someone who has lost his/her purpose, inner strength, faith, mojo – 

their drive, love, and/or hope.

 Sometimes a lost soul is just someone who is drifting or 

someone who is going the wrong direction against their own gifts and abilities.

What makes a person a Legend? 

 When someone sacrifices something of themselves or their whole self to help, serve, or save others. 

I guess I’m saying deeds done because of love/compassion that the hero has for others and sometimes it involves his/her death. 

It helps if this deed is told and retold otherwise they become unknown heroes or forgotten soldiers.

How do we lose our way? 

I think there are way too many ways that we can lose our way. 

Mainly, I think we lose our way because of selfishness, self-concern, self-righteousness, shame, or a sense of failure. 

When we start focusing inward without ever looking to faith, community, or other people, we lose purpose.

How do we find our way back to ourselves? 

 Sometimes, it takes reflection on our past, or our faith, or our role in our community. 

Sometimes, it takes a jolt of circumstances to force us off the lost path and onto the right one back to ourselves and back to being a vibrant part of life. 

Maud, my character in "Of Words and Swords," gets a jolt. 

Reflection didn't work well for him. 

Thanks so much, Tyrean, for being gracious enough to answer these pesky questions of mine!

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  1. I especially love your answers Tyrean on how people lose their way. :) It is sad to think about it.

    1. All of us lose our way at some time or other in our lives. :-(

    2. Thanks, Erika and Roland! It is sad to think about it, but it happens.

  2. When we focus inward, we aren't seeing the world or the people around us.
    Great answers, Tyrean.

    1. Weren't Tyrean's answers thought-provoking?

    2. Thanks Alex and Roland! I had one of those thoughtful moments . . . happens now and then.

  3. A really good jolt often does it.

    I love this - someone who is going the wrong direction against their own gifts and abilities.

    1. So many artists do that for fear of ridicule or rejection, right?

    2. Yes, so many artists do that, and it's tough to break free of that fear.

  4. Roland - your questions rocked and I''m so thankful you hosted me!
    I feel badly that I was late to the party you threw me and my story. Somehow, I missed this going up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Just catching up and saw this! Interesting questions and answers.