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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


“One thing you can't hide -
is when you're crippled inside.”
- John Lennon

I enjoy Supergirl even though its Anti-Trump slant

is weaved continuously in the dialogue and storylines. 

 I believe creators are entitled to voice their beliefs in their stories.

The threads of family, love, and courage that interweave in those same stories

make the series still enjoyable for me.

I found the recent tongue-in-cheek furor over "Covfefe" amusing. 

I mean after all, President Trump loves to tweet.

And if you live by the tweet, you die by the tweet.

That will teach him not to go back

and re-read his tweets for spelling errors, right?

The internet fuss about the misspelled word was a harmless tweek of his tweeting nose.

But Kathy Griffen posing with a fake bloody severed head of Trump was not harmless.

The silent statement was:

"I disagree with you so it is all right for me to wish harm for you."

Voltaire would disagree.

Kathy and the photographer, Tyler Shields, first defended it as "art."

Later, Kathy apologized for going too far but did not extend that apology to President Trump or his family.

Kathy has hurt her fellow liberals by her excessive bad taste by giving many in the far right ammunition to say:

"See!  Look how intolerant and vile those liberals are!"

What Do You Think?


  1. Kathy Griffin's gone too far in a lot of ways during her career. That's probably why she's kind of an acquired taste. I can't stand Trump at all, but I certainly wouldn't advocate killing him.

    1. I see an appalling trend: an acceptance that it is all right to treat those with whom you disagree with contempt.

      I disliked and mistrusted both political candidates this election. But the office of the presidency deserves my respect even if the person in office does not.

      What is acceptable these days saddens me.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting, David

    2. I know what you mean about respecting the office. Back when George W. Bush was president, I didn't care for him, but I was furious when an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at our president.

  2. I think she's fallen off the D-List into the abyss, somewhere between V and W perhaps? I mean who does something like this?