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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Around the WORLD with WYNONNA EARP

TV reaction videos on YouTube 
have become increasingly popular.  


Mirror Neurons and Empathy.

When a macaque monkey reaches for food, certain neurons light up in its brain. 

Those same neurons light up when the monkey sees a human reach for food, too. 

Later named mirror neurons, some believe these cells are active in human brains as well,

Mirror neurons could explain why we smile when we see someone else smile.

What would Wynonna say about all my theorizing 
why I like to watch YouTube reactions 
to her episodes?

I drop in on my fellow Earpers all around the globe and 

smile at their enjoyment of the show which has often been a light in recent dark times.


How could I not stop to visit with Denisa, Clara, and Fernanda 

who dressed like Doc Holliday complete with moustaches and Western attire 

for their 1st reaction?

On their 2nd video, 

Fernanda donned a Spiderman mask whenever a scary scene appeared to hide her squeamish expression.

They exude so much fun and friendship, I feel lighter with each visit.  

You even learn a bit of Argentina's culture, foods, personalities -- with a bit of joyful cosplay thrown in!


Honey, nickname, of the YouTube channel, Leska's Keryon,

has my kind of luck ...

Her laptop died keeping her from making her reactions to Wynonna 

that sparkle with wit and charm.

She has just switched to a desktop computer that is hobbled with Windows XP ...

AND she still did a standout job on her reaction to the latest episode of Wynonna.

Pay her a visit and let her know what a great job she did, will you?


Natalie gets so caught up in the lives of the those in the series it is a joy to watch.  

She connects with Waverly especially ...

and who can blame her  ... 

especially when she is forced to sing to save her life?

And when I followed her on Twitter just to express my concern for her not posting for a time, 

she sent me this reply she had posted earlier on Twitter:


 How could I not enjoy visiting Juli, a lady who likes Wonder Woman and Supergirl?  

I do not see how she finds the time to do so many reactions while raising a child.

I guess she is a Wonder Woman herself!

I know her laughter and sense of humor are wonderful.


 Dropping in on Sofia Rojas is inspirational.

All of you know of my grueling schedule as a rare blood courier, 

but Sofia puts me to shame infusing such enthusiasm and laughter into her reactions 

after working 72 hours in only a few days.

I couldn't help but laugh when Sofia groaned 

at the clueless woman not seeing the ghoul right behind her:

"This is how white people die!" 

No matter how exhausted I am from blood runs, her reactions make me feel better.

I wait each week for her delightful takes on the episodes.

On vacation now, her Wynonna's downloads take almost as long as mine.


No matter how down I am, I feel transformed by the laughter of Leanne Heynes and her brother, Bradley.

Watching them try to high-five one another only to smack each other on the forehead or 

bicker about each one over-riding the other's enjoyment of the episode is such great fun.

Hearing them chuckle at Waverly telling a stranger trying to explain Kanye West to her:

"I'm British not elderly."

They laughed at how Americans think the British are so far behind-the-times. 



 Just where in the UK Toni resides is a mystery to me, but I love her sincere enthusiasm for Wynonna 

and desire for this show to succeed.

And since I am doing blood runs during the cast's live tweets during the show, I have missed them.

But Toni has started recording her reactions to them while the show is going on.

Now, I am connected.

Thank you, Toni!  My Stetson's off to you.


Ylva V infuses such delight and innocence in her reactions that it is recharging to visit her.

Her twin Swedish/Canadian perspective spins my own perception of Wynonna and her clan.

To see her fangirl over Dominique (Waverly) saying she loved her unique name so much

 that she would name her daughter Ylva made me smile despite my weariness.

 Ylva would fit right in here in Louisiana ...
 except for this terrible heat!


Eden Singer said in one of her reactions to the second season of Supergirl 

that as an Eastern European refugee,

she identified with Kara and with feeling Other.

She brings that unique perspective and sensitivity to her reactions on Wynonna Earp.

I see beyond myself whenever I visit her video home.  Thanks, Eden.

Representing everyone means a lot to Eden and so a show like Wynonna Earp means a lot to her.

Here is her latest reaction:

Marcie DeFeo

I believe I am visiting Canada when I pop by her front room,

 but I cannot seem to find concrete data to support that feeling.

But Marcie was the first Wynonna reaction video I stumbled upon, and it would be rude not to thank her.

Marcie started reacting to Wynonna on the 4th episode of the first season.

Imagine her shock when her co-workers said they loved her reactions.

She thought she was merely talking to strangers!

Marcie's manner is so natural and fun 

that you feel as if you are a welcome friend in her living room, sharing a great program.

All of these warm, loving ladies will never know me, but I am lucky and honored to have met them -- 

 if only on YouTube.

Though from different corners of the world, they are all great ambassadors for the lesbian community.

As I had my fictional hero, Samuel McCord say:

"Life is so hard, and love so seldom found, who am I to object when and where two lonely souls find it?"


  1. Hm. I'd never heard of TV reaction videos. I'm afraid I don't get it. Maybe if I watched some... which I can't because I'm at the public library and can't use the computer's speakers.

  2. David, if I ever win the Lotto, I am buying you a laptop and a year's internet connection. So cross your fingers for me! :-)