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Sunday, October 15, 2017


Once we saw the world as a child ...
the best of us still do.

Enter the Halloween costume labeled
 'The Upside Down Honey.'

That the makers of said costume thought it would be popular 
should come as no surprise in an entertainment world

which not only tolerated but aided the sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein 

as long as he made Hollywood money.

Nissa has written an intriguing post on what we find entertaining these days:

We no longer believe in a personification of evil which is why we blithely make a hero of him on TV

After all only the uneducated and old-fashioned believe in evil anymore, right?

Evil is in the eye of the beholder.  

What you call evil, I might call emotional free thinking.

God is not dead, for He never existed.

To be adult is to put away childish things,
to shrug off superstitious nonsense,

to embrace the thrill that comes from 
living life fully
unfettered by the dusty restraints of last century.

Have you noticed that the longer you sit in a dark restaurant, the better you can see?  

The room has not become brighter ...

Your eyes have just become accustomed to the dark.

 I still prefer CASABLANCA 
 to 50 SHADES OF GREY.  

I believe I have become a dinosaur

Do you think our culture's eyes have become
accustomed to the dark?


  1. Hi Roland - we're not as clever as that ... we lost percentages of our senses, and are now losing lots more - if we could think, that would help ... cheers Hilary

    1. What we fail to use, we lose ... from physical muscles to mental ones, right? :-)

  2. Unfortunately, I think it will only grow darker.
    I was with hundreds of people this morning who believe and will welcome the Lord when he returns. Faith is still alive, despite what the media tells us.

    1. Hundreds who believe compared to the billions that do not. Not great odds ... even if you filter in those committed who believe in other faiths. Self has become the new god and so many worship at that altar.

      What was that road sign I read? Faith is Doubt saying its prayers. :-) Thanks for always visiting.

  3. The Harvey Weinstein situation is pretty disgusting overall. I'm tired of articles saying he's a sex addict who needs rehab. If anything, IMHO he's a power addict who figured he was rich, famous, and very, very powerful, so he was going to take advantage of struggling actresses as often as he could.

    1. Sadly, I think sexual misconduct by producers is not just limited to him. :-(

    2. Oh, I agree. They've been getting away with so-called "casting couch" practices for years. I'm wondering who else will come under scrutiny as more and more actresses come forward with accusations.

    3. Amazon productions just had its head resign under accusations of sexual intimidation. Sigh

  4. I too much prefer Casablanca to Fifty Shades (I couldn't even sit through that flick when it was free and on TV).

    Evil is what we saw at the Las Vegas massacre. But even then countless people risked their lives to help and save total strangers. Maybe there's hope for us yet.

    1. It is the parable of the wheat and the tares ... as evil grows so too does good. :-)