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Saturday, November 21, 2020


 "Hard times do not change you, son. They reveal you."

- Samuel Clemens

You ever talk to your characters? I do. 

All the time ... especially during this season of homelessness.

Mark Twain cuts me no slack ... but he does make me smile ... laughing is too hard these days,

"Why did you lose your home, Roland? 

So that you can find a new one. 

So that you can see the concept "HOME"  with new eyes and extra colors.  

And the people around you will be seen differently, too. 

Coming back from a loss is not the same as never having lost ... 

it is the caterpillar blinking its eyes as it emerges from the cocoon." 
- Mark Twain

Wherever you find yourselves, my friends, during this holiday season ...

May the colors, sounds, and "little" blessings come more alive for you.


  1. What happened? Homeless? Please let me know, I do care even if I haven't been here for a while. I hope you are safe, is Midnight with you?

  2. Now the rest of your blog showed up. Not sure what happened before. Just to let you know I now know what happened. This must have been awful. I hope things will work out for you soon. Sending love and will keep you in my thoughts.

    1. Thanks, Inger. Midnight is still at the vet's, and I am still graciously being allowed to stay in the back of my blood center ... for the moment.

  3. Hi Roland - I''m glad to you're safe for now at the centre - not the best perhaps, but 'safe' ... and Midnight is being looked after at the vets. I do hope things work out ... all the very best - Hilary

    1. Covid-19 is increasing here in this city. Should I catch it again, I will lose this refuge with nowhere to go as the homeless shelter has been shut down. No place to shower or eat. Living in my car would get me arrested. Ill with Covid, no jail would take me. No job means no insurance which means no hospital. No charity hospital in this city. Say a prayer that I stay well, Hilary. Thanks for caring.