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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Billy and Bobby, two children, were sitting outside a clinic. Billy happened to be crying very loudly.

"Why are you crying?" Bobby asked.

"I came here for a blood test," sobbed Billy.

"So? Are you afraid?"

"No. For the blood test, they cut my finger.

As Bobby heard this, he immediately began crying profusely.

Astonished, Billy stopped his tears and asked Bobby, "Why are you crying now?"

To which Bobby replied, "I came for a urine test!"

Besides being a terrible joke, what does that have to do with writing?


How you feel about your particular situation in the writing game is mainly perspective.

If you're a best-selling author like Stephen King, you have to knock it out of the ball park every time or critics start to murmur that you've lost it.

If you're a steadily employed author with not one best-seller, your publisher is beginning to think you will never be worth the effort he has put into you.

If you've just had your first novel published, you know unless it pulls in huge sales, the sentence from the publisher in these harsh economic times will be : one and you're done.

If you've just been taken on by an agent, you hourly log onto your inbox that never seems to have an email, saying your book has been picked up by a publisher.

If you're in the midst of sending off query after query, you seem to be knocking on the door of an exclusive club -- and you're wearing leper robes.

Lesson : Enjoy the journey.

You're alive. You're pursuing your dream. It may come true. It may not.

Grow in your craft. Appreciate the blog friends you make along the way. Hum to yourself as you write. Make your characters laugh as they face their destiny.

Have fun. Life is too short. It is fragile. Appreciate the beauty you find along the roadside of this journey of becoming published.

You won't be the same person tomorrow that you are today. The window of opportunity to grasp a cyber-shoulder of a fellow struggler may be closed tomorrow.

Take a moment to draw in a deep breath. Scan your cyber surroundings.

It is the dawn of your soul each time you lay down your worries to see what has been right in front of your eyes all the time.
Post Script :
Chuck Sambuchino, GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS, has requested interested blogs to contact him at : if they would wish to review or talk about his new book, How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack (Sept. 2010).

Today's cartoon is again from the comic genius of Chuck Ingwersen :

And in keeping with yesterday's movie trailer, here is one for a movie that just might be fun :


  1. YES! Enjoying the journey is the only thing that brings fulfillment and peace. The destination can be an empty disappointment if we count on it to FINALLY make us happy. The ride is where it's at. (=

    This movie looks fun. I used to own old radio show recordings of the Green Hornet and The Shadow...very cool.

  2. I so totally agree. I'm in the hourly check of my email tier of this hot mess we call the publishing business.

    Perspective is right. I should just go and write.

  3. "Journey" is the magic word. The route is unstable more times than not. An unexpected curve in the road, a treacherous incline, a bridge out or two. It's anything but well-planned or smooth...but then what fun would that be?
    Take care my friend:)

  4. Brilliant. It is all in the perspective. That perspective means anything and can make or break someones spirit and eventually how they look back at their life.

  5. Ok, this is kinda did you get so wise? This is exactly what I need to hear...thank you for this. I am working hard on getting everything done that will enable me to create a specific time to devote solely to writing...(I wrote about that somewhere...) Happy Wednesday!

  6. Amazing Roland, love the flow of your thoughts of course don't mind me if i stumble on here often :)

  7. I feel the need to say something: The comic is a reproduction of a Far Side cartoon by Gary Larson. In Larson's, the dog has already peed on hydrant man and he's complaining to his two other hydrant alien buddies.

    But again, your wisdom and wit are both entertaining and insightful.

  8. When I write I feel better--more me. When I read or talk to others who write or create, I feel almost normal. These things are almost enough and I will take it with open arms. Insightful and inspiring post.

  9. Excellent point! In fact, I went to a session last night and the whole thrust of the presentation was to have fun doing something - and to remember to 'play'!

  10. Wise words, Roland! We write because we love WRITING, but worrying at each step of the way can be debilitating. Far better to just make friends on the same journey and enjoy the road trip!

  11. That's one thing I'm learning: I need to have fun along the craft-learning journey. I can't force things so don't sweat it.

    Funny joke.


  12. There are times when I think it's a good thing to be blissfully unaware. In those times, the journey IS all there is. I recently added a button to my blog that says: "Every day is a journey and the journey is Home." Ain't it the truth.

    You've turned a corner in your journey home. It shows. I've just recently discovered those cyber-shoulders and, sigh, what a relief. I love your post and Nicole's response.

    The light dispels the dark. Shine on. Olivia

  13. Great post today, Roland. Really enjoyed it!

  14. As always, you are very right. The journey is far more fun than arriving at the destination.

    Well, sort of. xD

  15. Hi Roland. Loved your cartoon at the top! Can the doggie help it if the alien looks like a fire hydrant? LOL
    I also wanted to comment on a comment you left on another bloggers blog (wow, say that fast a few times). =D
    You were talking about Stephen King and him saying we should quit if we haven't been paid for our writing. You said you weren't going to quit because you write for you (that's not a quote, of course). I immediately got electrical flutters in my tummy. A surge of inspiration. And I wanted to tell you that while you may not be getting paid in dollars and cents for your writing, you are getting paid in appreciation. I hope that makes sense. Those who follow your blog, comment and learn from your wisdom. They are paying homage to what you write. I am inspired by you. Thanks Roland. I'm done sputtering. LOL

  16. What a wonderful post! So true,Roland.

    Thank you for reminding me, it's the journey that really counts. I'm so enjoying the blogger friends I'm making. And writing is fun.

  17. Enjoy the journey - the best advice ever :)

  18. Jo : Yes, doesn't the movie look fun? I was a fan of the radio Shadow myself : the ones with Orsen Welles as the Shadow.

    Raquel : I hope something good appears in your email box very soon.

    Elliot : You're right. Life does throw us those curves, doesn't it? You take care, too.

    Melissa : I heard about the Canadian earthquake. Are you all right?

    Word Crafter : I was a creative writing teacher for a time. I wish you great success in your writing.

    Wild Rose : Please come back. I'm happy you like what you found.

    Christi : There are no new jokes - just old ones told differently. I'm glad you enjoyed what you read. Don't be a stranger.

    Nicole : Yes, like you, I feel in sync when I write. And we bloggers are a great group to hang out with.

    Talli : You're right. Life is to enjoy even when we work at needful tasks. Hasn't a job gone faster when you worked with a laughing, good-natured co-worker?

    Hart : Glad that I made you as a friend in this mutual journey towards being published.

    Clarissa : That joke made me smile, too.

    Olivia : It means a lot to me that you think my writing has turned a corner. May your book dreams come true.

  19. Mesmerix : Happy you liked my post. I try hard to entertain and to inform my friends.

    Amanda : Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

    RaShelle : I'm glad you have my back. Mr. King said that we were talented IF someone had paid for our writing -- and that if we went for a long stretch with only rejection slips, it was time to quit.

    You have no idea how much it meant to me that you said I was being paid in appreciation by you and others who enjoy my writing. That helps me to keep on when the rejections {like the one I received last night} zing my way.

    You didn't sputter. You gave strength to a weary traveller. Thank you is too mild a phrase. May your publishing dreams come true sooner than you believe possible.

    Terry : The journey let me meet you and my other friends. How cool is that? I am a rich man -- in my blog friends.

    Jemi : You help me enjoy the journey. Now, where's that rest stop?

    I have begun my gauntlet again, so I hope my words made sense tonight. Thanks everyone!