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Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am Death.

And I walk beside you as you live each moment.

Choose wisely. Breathe deeply. Love that which so quickly shall pass through your fingers … for soon or late your steps will lead to me.

Oh, what to tell you that you would comprehend.

I am remiss.

Roland always starts with a quote to point the way of his thoughts.

Here is mine :

“Riddle of destiny, who can show
What thy short visit meant, or know
What thy errand here below?”

Those lines were by Charles Lamb written upon the death of an infant soon after her birth.

Do not think ill of me. I give to each of you what I give to all – a lifetime. Make of it what you would.

What you love is mortal. What you love is not your own. What you love has its season like a rose in summer. Cherish the moment.

Winter is coming.

Roland wonders if his chapters grow stale and flat, if he should continue. I cannot say. Mine are not mortal eyes. You can say better than I.

As for flat words, Samuel Clemens hated the “flat things” great men are reputed to have said on their deathbeds.

He wrote a fanciful praise of me to save him from that error. Yet, when I bent over him, gathering up his spirit to my bosom, his last words to his physician were incomplete : “If we meet ….”

What was his thought? Who knows? What is your life? Uncertain. The only certainty is that we shall meet.

What are you doing with the time allotted you?

Please excuse me. I am called elsewhere.

If you feel my hand upon your heart, you will know whose name was next on my list.


  1. Beautiful movie - it was so heartbreaking. One of Robins best roles.

    I am enjoying your series Roland. You write such passionate, deeply moving scenes. They inspire me to want to write better, put more depth in my characters in their dramatic scenes. You really know how to create a mystery.

    I am hoping you continue your serial to its conclusion. I am hooked, and really want to find out who killed Hemmingway, and why you were framed, and what role Death plays in this elaborate scheme. Marlene and Mark Twain are interesting characters also. Having them along for the ride has been intriguing.

    The story seems to be at the point where "the plot thickens" and all becomes clear. All great mysteries must come to a climax. I'm anxious to see what yours will entail. It will be grand, I am sure, and these previous scenes have been entertaining and haunting.


  2. Very nice Roland - great images.

  3. Your scene is vivid. And I must say that I like the voice of Death. More please.

  4. You write such thought provoking stuff.

  5. "Roland wonders if his chapters grow stale and flat, if he should continue."

    I hope you're joking! This is great stuff.

  6. Well. I, too, am hooked. Don't stop. Mix it up with other stuff if you'd like, to build suspense or whatever. I like Death's post a lot. And Death, great job on picking the video. Perfect. I'm with the others. Don't stop. More, more.

    One possibility is that people clicking over for the first time may not know what's going on and be confused at arriving in the middle of the story. Maybe you could add a mention at the beginning of each post with a link over to Chapter One? With reading instructions?

    Where's Gypsy? And Sam? See, lot's of questions unanswered.

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  7. Still querying? Don't forget small press. Kindle will make all publishers equal.

    I enjoy your writing. It has style.

  8. Roland - Def not boring. I apologize it's been a while. I've been remiss and it's been my loss, obviously. =D

  9. Death, a very lovely post. Haunting and beautiful, gentle and wise....most people fear you. My own emotions are a bit stronger. However, I have seen your mercy and I appreciate that you desire us to cherish. Thanks for the check, we need them from time to time.

    Please tell Roland that we all enjoy this very much. I am honest enough to admit that I look forward to them every morning before getting ready for work. That's not just honest, it's selfish-I never want them to end. We don't always get to dip ourselves into a magical, refreshing pool...but these stories are just that-magical, mysterious, enchanted somehow. And I have become accustomed to my morning stroll through this dark land filled with unexpected wonders.

    I didn't mean to prattle on, just, would you tell him, please?

  10. Oh wow, I really like this one. It struck a chord!

  11. Hey Roland,
    Sorry for the confusion! I've added a little clarifying thingy to the top of the writers' helpers blog....


  12. I love that Victor Hugo quote pic! Hang on in there Roland!! Death could be so scary but here he is very wise and we do well to listen.

    Take care

  13. I hate to sound like a child, but I hate death. I am no where near accepting it. It's bad enough to have to look at it, but to think of it angers me. I AM a stubborn child.

    Your writing about death does not upset me. That really is a compliment.