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Friday, November 19, 2010


There are many mysteries in the French Quarter. There is even a street called Mystery

but that is a 20 minute bus ride from there in an area called Mid-City.

If you are feeling brave and adventurous, you may choose to stay in the French Quarter's Mystery Hotel. 4 stars even. You know you want to.

The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carre {Old Square in French,} has long murmured a siren call to extreme personalities --

one such was the Sultan, whose famous ghost is said to haunt the halls of the 4 story house on 716 Dauphine Street. In the latter 1800's, he rented the house from the Le Prete family.

A dark day for everyone involved. The Sultan, a cruel and dangerous man, was not above kidnapping women off the streets, torturing them into submission, and then adding them to his harem.

One mysterious day, the Sultan met his fate in an ironic, cruel and hideous fashion. A neighbor strolling by his house stiffened in horror. She saw tiny rivers of blood trinkling from beneath the front door.

When the authorities broke down the door, they found a scene from a nightmare. Body parts and blood were everywhere. Every member of the household had been horribly murdered.

Only the Sultan was missing. Where was he?

They discovered his body in the backyard in a shallow grave. He had been buried alive. The murderers were never discovered. It remains one of the city's most haunting, intriguing mysteries.

In THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, Victor and Alice give birth to yet another chilling mystery in the Sultan's inner sanctum. It remains to be seen if Samuel McCord will have to kill his young ward for his actions or not.

McCord's own jazz club is itself a mystery. By day, the corner of Royal and St. Peter houses the Royal Cafe. At dusk, the corner transforms into Royal and Rue La Mort.

And the haunted MEILORI'S beckons to all who pass. The fortunate keep on passing. Those unwise or ignorant enter its glittering doors. Some step out hours or days later. Many more do not. Does McCord possess the club, or is he possessed by it? Another unsolved mystery.

One that Victor Standish and the haunted ghoul, Alice Wentworth, must solve ... if they want to live.



  1. You certainly live in a place steeped in "mystery". On another note, I can't wait for this movie. It looks gorgeous. I love period/fantasy flicks. I chose to write about "the big bad wolf" for my retold blogfest entry. I guess I finally gave in and wrote about a werewolf - shame, shame, probably my last time though.

  2. Wendy : Never say never. Yes, I just learned about this movie myself. Mystery and period history - always a draw for me, too.

  3. Just returned from Baton Rouge and getting caught up! Roland, how did you do in that contest????

    We're going to NO for Christmas, also going on a ghost tour in the Quarter. If a ghost gets in the way of me and real food that ghost is gonna die again :)))

  4. Kittie : I won character in that contest -- which meant I suffer a loss, but doesn't suffering build character?

    But on the up side, one agent wanted to see five pages of FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE and another wanted to see 50 pages of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. So wish me luck there!

    In that French Quarter ghost tour if by chance you're walking along St. Peter's street, and it becomes Rue La Mort, keep an eye peeled for Meilori's. Tell the tall man in black with silver hair and a black Stetson that Roland sent you -- but stay up front!

  5. ...'Nawlins sits atop my must see list of U.S cities, for no other reason than to experience the mystique one senses with every humid breath.

    I'm currently reading "Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter" by Seth Grahame Smith, an engrossing drama based on the belief that one of our most famous American icons once battled the devil's fanged henchmen with an ax, cunning wisdom, and brute force. I'm particularly fond of a scene where Abe runs into Edgar Allen Poe in The French Quarter...the two of them sharing war stories and their thoughts concerning the undead over drinks in a shadowy pub.

    Someday I'll make the trip...and the first drink's on me:) Not to brag, but I'm thinking we could string together one helluva of a yarn!
    Take care, Roland.

  6. ..."one helluva of a yarn?" Sheesh...that's enough beer for one night;)

  7. HI Roland,

    I just returned from seeing HP7... You will not be disappointed! I found this one to be the best HP since the second one. I didn't care to much for three, four was okay, five uneventful, and six, although very funny, cut out so much. Severn follows the book almost perfectly. The pace was very good and the special effects were awesome. One part in particular used animation for the Deathly Hallows story... that was incredible. The movie is worth the wait.

    Always a pleasure to see you at my blog, Did I tell I made it into the Miss Snark's Baker's Dozen? I have to wait a week to find out if I make it into the top 25. IF I do, agents have a chance to bid on my MS. I'm very excited. I hope I make it.


  8. I enjoyed the history about the French Quarter. I had stayed on Boubon St. In this gorgeous Hotel( Maybe Latin Quarter). Anyway, loved the city and had a blast. I can see why you get so inspired by the beauty and tragedy of this historic city.


  9. Elliot : The first drink is on me! One day, friend. I just came off a 300 mile night, and I don't need a drink to be light-headed -- and I'm still on first call. Whew! Check out Elena Solodow's virtuoso performance of my THE HELL-BOUND BUS on today's post.

    Michael : I am very excited for you to have made the first cut in Miss Snark's BAKER DOZEN. Alas I did not. I'll be rooting for you my friend.

  10. Thanks Roland,

    You're the best. I still need to get on the query letter. Tomorrow I put my condo back.... Painting 90% finished. Yah! Leave for Florida Sunday.

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for your two Ms' being reviewed. Like I said before, I feel it will happen soon for you.


  11. supercool, Roland. I'm doing NOLA research right now and I'd never heard this story. Also, love the Red Riding Hood trailer--esp. the play on "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" there at the end~ :D

  12. The history of the French Quarter along could write a thousand fiction and non fiction novels. Wonderful inspiration.

    The movie trailer looks great, but then it has Gary Oldman in it. I'd watch him sit on a stage and twiddle his thumbs!

  13. Words Crafter : Yes, there are thousands of amazing facets, characters, and tales yet to be told of the legendary French Quarter.

    Gary Oldman is truly a great actor. He plays a nifty villain, too.