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Sunday, December 9, 2012

THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED ... OF EMBARASSMENT_ Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

Hosted by Mark “The Madman” Koopman, ”Marvelous” Morgan Shamy, Stephen “Breakthrough” Tremp, and David “Kingpin” Powers King, the BlogFest runs from December 10 - 12.
The four questions:

In +/- 20 words, what does Alex look like?

In +/- 20 words, who could play Alex in a documentary? (Living or dead.)

In +/- 20 words, who does Alex remind you of?

In +/- 100 words, (excluding the title) write flash fiction using all these prompts:

For Bonus Points:
In +/- 40 words, leave a comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh - thanking her for sharing her husband with us.

I combined the 3 questions, the flash fiction, and the thank you to Mrs. C. in a single 200 word flash fiction narrated by me at Meilori's, the haunted French Quarter jazz club:

Alex Cavanaugh’s fingers flew over his Cosbolt Guitar as Jessica Bell sang at Meilori’s.  It was a fairly safe crowd tonight: only a third of them were undead.

Alice Wentworth whispered, “Alex reminds me of James Dean.”

Victor nodded, “Yes, but not the sullen James Dean of REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE but the intelligent, vulnerable one of EAST OF EDEN.”

Sam McCord tapped the toe of his boot to the music.  “If they ever make a documentary of old Alex there, I reckon I could find James Dean’s ghost to play him.”

Elu, his dried apricot face unreadable, grunted, “The Cavanaugh does not look like a ninja.”

The ghost of Mark Twain said, “Hold on, Injun.  Old Alex helps out a lot of struggling writers with his IWSG.”

Elu scowled, “Sounds like a disease.”

Sam got to his feet, sweeping off his Stetson and pulling out a chair for a lovely woman approaching our table.  “Hello, Mrs. Cavanaugh.  You do us an honor by coming.”

She spoke in a soft, melodic voice, “Alex so loves to play his guitar … almost as much as he loves his internet friends.”

Alice murmured, “And we love you for sharing him with us.”
Join Jessica Bell in her new anthology release today - Vine Leaves Literary Journal:


  1. Well done, Roland. Alex should feel privileged. He's now been to the famed Meilori's. Nice touch with Jessica singing.

  2. D.G.:
    I thought Alex would feel more comfortable with someone on stage with him! :-) I'm glad you liked the post, Roland

  3. Hey Roland,

    And so it begins...

    Great way to kick off ALEXFEST (at least on my Reader list :)

    Had to laugh (so I did) at the quote:

    "It was a fairly safe crowd tonight: only a third of them were undead."

    Great stuff, and great job with the Kudos to Mrs. C as well :)

    Cheers :)

  4. Hi Roland .. loved this - well that's set a very high bar and I haven't even started thinking!!

    What a great post - Alex and Mrs C .. will I'm sure be very chuffed with this - I'd love to be in the audience .. can you time machine me back in please ... Now Baghdad Live is a wonderful track to accompany your Alex tale ..

    Fantastic .. cheers Hilary

  5. And honored to be playing at Meilori's with Jessica! Thank you, Roland.

  6. Well done, Roland!

  7. Brilliant, Roland, well done! This will be a hard act to follow :)

  8. Mark:
    Since I start 7 work days straight tomorrow, I had to leap into ALEXFEST early. I tried to add smiles and laughs along the way. I tip my Stetson to Mrs. C. for being so gracious in her visit to Meilori's.

    Thanks for the high praise. There is always a standing invitation for you to close your eyes and travel by imagination to the mysterious Meiori's.

    Wasn't the clip of Jesse Cook live playing "Baghdad" fun? I don't think many of my visitors listen to my vid's, but this track is one not to miss. Cheers, Roland

    Great of you to visit and like what you found.

    I couldn't tip my Stetson to you and your lovely wife without doing it will all the bells and whistles. :-) Glad you enjoyed playing at Meilori's with Jessica. It never hurts to have a lovely lady singing on stage when you play the guitar.

    That means a lot coming from you. :-)

  9. Suzanne:
    I know you will do a great job. I'm happy you thought this fun. I had a wonderful time at Meilori's myself!

  10. Haha, what an honour to be on stage with Alex! I've been dying to hear him play, wish there was some way I could make this real ... :-) Thank you for mentioning VL :-)

  11. Jessica:
    Ah, but in a reality that lies just beyond eye blink, it was real. I wish you the greatest success with your anthology, Roland

  12. What a great way to get this party started! Save me a seat at Meilori's, this is one concert I don't want to miss!

  13. Lovely to include Jessica in the Alex 'fest. Good thinking Roland.

  14. Siv:
    Look and listen to the clip and you will get a feeling for what Alex's and Jessica's performance was like. :-) It was a concert to die for ... espeically if you ran afoul of the third of the audience that was undead! :-)

  15. Denise:
    It was Samuel McCord's gallant idea. He hopes it helps her anthology's success. Thanks for attending the concert. :-)

  16. Roland, I LOVE how you combined everything! So clever. You're such a talent. Way, way, WAY fun! :D

  17. Morgan:
    I'm happy you liked the way I combined everything. I thought I would have fun, and that fun would bleed through the prose. :-) Thanks for the kind words.

  18. Hi, Roland.

    This was wonderful! What a terrific way to honor Alex!

    Masterfully done.

    I agree with Morg, a great way to post this ...

  19. I wanted to do more than just answer questions. I thought it would be fun to do it this way. Obviously someone didn't like it: I lost a follower! Ouch.

    I wanted everyone to have fun who visited my tribute to Alex. I'm glad at least that you and the other commenters liked it! Have a great new week! Roland

  20. Oh; the video. I'll be sure to have my son download this. Its is great. When I tell him what I want he frowns; his tastes are similar, but different, ya know?

  21. Wow Roland, what a concert on that video clip indeed! I am going to look for more of this :)

  22. Donna:
    Thanks. It was fun to write.

    I'm glad you like this little concert.

    Wasn't that video stirring? Aren't musical tastes odd? It sounds like you and your son walk similar paths but in different seasons. :-)

    Jesse Cook certainly knows how to throw a concert, doesn't he? His concert performance of RATTLE AND BURN is fun to watch. Glad you enjoyed the clip! :-)

  23. Loved the flash! Wonderful writing. You had Mark Twain down to a tee.

  24. Lots of fun, Roland! What a creative way to combine the prompts!

  25. A fun way to learn more about you Alex! :)

  26. This was a brilliant piece of flash fiction, Roland. Alex at Meilori's! And I'm sure McCord could get the ghost of James Dean to play Alex. Loved it!

  27. M.L.:
    The ghost of Mark Twain visits here often. I love his "voice." :-)

    I liked your post on Alex as well. Like Victor, I always have to slip through the window on things. LOL.

    Hasn't ALEXFEST been fun? It is good to say THANKS to a great guy and friend.

    I'm so happy that you liked this visit to Meilori's. Alex seemed to enjoy himself. His wife was a bit unnerved when Father Renfield showed up with his sharp canines! And yes, I do think McCord could persuade James Dean to play Alex! :-)

  28. James Dean! Totally awesome choice, Roland. Yay, Captain Cavanaugh!

  29. I love how you combined all the questions into one flash and you did a fantastic job too. This is now my favorite flash fiction piece I've read so far and I think Alice's comment at the end was perfect. I would have liked to have been at that table watching the show, heck I'd settle for a seat in the corner, lol.

  30. Joylene:
    Sam finally found the ghost of James Dean. Now, to find someone to make that documentary!

    Thank you so much for that compliment! Meilori's has become a real place for me. If you ever stroll in, Elise, you will have a seat at Sam's very own table! Alex might even be there for an encore. :-)