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Monday, April 22, 2013

H is for HOW as in ... HOW is the word that HAUNTS HUMANITY

D.G. Hudson is interviewing me in Meilori's this Monday!
"There are only two or three human stories,

and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before,

like the larks that have been singing the same five notes for thousands of years.”

- Willa Cather 

{Angel of Death courtesy of the genius of Leonora Roy}

HOW is one of the notes that repeatedly haunt humanity throughout history. 

But then, doesn't the history of every country begin

in the heart of one man or one woman?

And HOW is the persistent refrain within that heart.

No matter the specific HOW TO question of the moment,

the bottom line to it is HOW CAN I BE HAPPY?

It is feckless question really.  

You can't divine nor forecast the conditions that will make happiness.  

You only stumble upon them by chance, in a lucky hour, at the world's end somewhere,

and hold fast to the days until they are no more.

Eventually, if you live long enough, suffer wisely enough, you realize that even in happy families there is this double life:

 the group life, which is the one we can observe in our neighbour’s household, and,

underneath, another – secret and passionate and intense –

which is the real life that stamps the faces and gives character to the voices of our friends.

Always in his mind each member of these social units is escaping, running away,

trying to break the net which circumstances and his own affections have woven about him/her.

You one day realize that human relationships are the tragic necessity of human life-

 that they can never be wholly satisfactory,

that every ego is half the time greedily seeking them,

and half the time pulling away from them.

In those simple relationships of loving husband and wife, affectionate sisters, brothers, children and grandmother,

there are innumerable shades of sweetness and anguish which make up the pattern of our lives day by day. 

Until the countless paths ahead become only one as we turn around and see the solitary winding road of our life.

{Only solitary men know the full joys of friendship.

Others have their family; but to a solitary man and an exile, his friends are everything.}


  1. How is and always has been a serious driving force- much like Why.

  2. Summer:
    As has friendship -- thanks for being my friend and dropping by!

  3. Very well said, Roland.
    And saw you at DG's this morning.

  4. Such a deep thinker. I wonder how much quieter and peaceful our minds would be if "how" didn't exist--if we just accepted what is and didn't dispute the truth. I think that's what Heaven will be like. Can you imagine? :)

  5. Well said, Roland.

    Thanks for the interview at Meilori's!

  6. Hi, Roland,

    Another thought provoking post....

    Off to check out your interview!

  7. Alex:
    Thanks for popping in this morning!

    I loved doing it there with you. And those at Meilori's loved having you. Hemingway is in a funk that he missed you so you'll have to come back!

    It's those late night blood runs that have me thinking deep thoughts to stay awake! In Heaven, all the why's and how's won't matter to what we are seeing and experiencing! :-)

    Thanks for popping by both places, old friend!

  8. Lovely post, Roland. I've moved so often over the past ten years, and I live so far from my family, my relationships are nearly all online. I lose something by it, to be sure, but I'm no longer forced to keep saying goodbye.

    VR Barkowski

  9. VR:
    I am that solitary man at the end of my post. All have died with whom I was related. The League of Five are all dead but me. Like you, nearly all my relationships are on-line. Sandra, my best friend, is dying of cancer so life keeps getting me to say Good-Bye to all the people I want least to say it to.

    I'm glad you liked my post, Roland

  10. Hi Roland - there is much to rejoice about, even for the solitary man - I know dwelling on loss, on being alone is something we can easily do .. yet there are like-minded people around, people to whom we can relate.

    I guess I'm lucky my family aren't close, yet I have friends scattered around the world, and many on the net - and I seem to open up and make friends ...

    Friends are very important, and helping others that you do so well is an essential part of life ..

    Your interview with DG is very good - cheers Hilary