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Monday, February 24, 2014



My friends have been asking how it went --

Freddie, my friend and supervisor, and my other co-workers looked out for me as much as was possible on a hectic day.

Those who didn't know about my surgeries asked why all the bandages on my face. 

I told them those girl scouts were tough!  Who knew that they would take it personal with me saying NO to their cookies?

My legs were wobbly, my head light, my surgery sites throbbing ... but not as bad as I had feared.

I dragged back to my apartment, rewarded myself with French Toast.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Was that smoke?

I popped a pain pill, put in the DVD of CAPTAIN AMERICA ( my guilty pleasure -- I am in love with Agent Carter)

and started munching on my French Toast, wiggling my tired toes.

Flashing red lights burned through the kitchenette window.  A near-by apartment in my complex was on fire!

I hurriedly put on my shoes.  I rushed out.  Four fire trucks!  No sirens.  Just lots of men, hoses, and smoke.

Luckily, the fire department quickly put it out before it spread!

Freddie, whose cousin is a Captain in the Fire Department, called him and he called me, concerned for my safety,

knowing I am twitchy about fire since my home burned.

I assured him that I was all right and that no one was injured.  He told me, "Roland, there's Bad Luck and then there's Roland Luck."

I agreed. 

"Yes: no one was hurt.  The fire didn't spread.  And the damage was much less than it could have been: exactly the kind of luck the Father graces me with."

So how was your day?
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  1. Yikes! I saw the picture and I was like "No way!" I am so glad it wasn't your apartment and you (and everyone else, too) are okay. What a near miss. I hope you're feeling better. :)

  2. Lara:
    "Yikes!" is right! It could have been much worse. But it did awaken me after a wearying day!

    I am weak but getting stronger! Thanks for keeping an eye on me. :-)

  3. The last thing that you need is more "Roland" luck!
    I do love Agent Carter, It might be the whole British thing!

  4. Now take good care of your health Roland. Don't stress and just take it easy for a few days.

  5. It seems that your luck walks a very fine line. It DOES work out, but not without an anxious moment - or six.
    I am very, very glad that you, and everyone else is OK tonight.

  6. Your instincts were good, you smelled smoke. If you've ever been through a fire, big or small, it's something you don't forget.

    Glad the fire was contained.

  7. Take care of you, Ronald.

    I'm glad your surgery went off well. I have cancer survivors in my family, so I have an inkling of your journey.

    Sending you good luck and lots of good wishes.

  8. Glad to hear the fire wasn't more serious, it must have been scary to watch. Take care of yourself, Roland.

  9. No one could accuse you of not having an interesting life, Roland. Too damn interesting sometimes.

    Moody Writing

  10. Honestly Roland I don't believe what I just read .. talk about Roland luck - but am so pleased it's just a story to tell and not some new disaster to deal with ... you have plenty on your plate.

    Sounds like you're getting stronger and that's the main thing ... look after yourself and don't over do it - whatever 'it' is!

    Thinking of you and all the best -Hilary

  11. I'd say that was good Roland luck! Hopefully no one was hurt in the fire.
    You are being made strong for something really amazing, my friend.

  12. Yikes. How scary! Glad you're getting back to normal and on the mend.

  13. David:
    I think it was when Agent Carter fell in love with Steve Rogers when he was still scrawny that I crushed on her! :-)

    Taking it easy is chief on my agenda! Now, if life will only let me!! :-)

    Elephant's Child:
    My luck is similar to Victor's and Samuel's all too often! But it is never boring. Thanks for being concerned.

    For the longest time after the fire, I would start awake, thinking I smelled smoke. Now, not so much. At least the sun is trying to come up. A sunny day makes things seem so much lighter somehow. :-)

    D Biwas:
    My prayers are with those you love who are cancer survivors ... and with you, too. :-)

    Not a boring moment with me! Thanks for being in my corner and visiting. My head is still light. Who needs to drink?

    Victor Standish says I am getting payback for all the trials I put him through!! For once Alice remains silent. Guess she agrees. :-)

    Yes, I can do without something else to deal with!! Thank you for always having my back and visiting as much as you. My visiting time has dwindled to almost nothing due to work and slipping to sleep as soon as I get home. Guess my body is demanding time to knit.

    Each day we awaken in good health and with friends is an amazing day. Thank you for being one of those friends!

    Of course, normal includes nights like those!! Thanks for the healing thoughts. :-)

  14. Heard about you from Inger.
    My family's and my Prayers are with you. May God give you energy and may the GOOD LUCK STARS shine on you.
    The "near miss" is a sign that you are aware and alert. Eat good and take rest.Both sickness and recovery take a lot out of a person.

  15. Compared to your day, my day was positively dull!

    So relieved to hear nobody was injured ... especially you. Methinks you've been through quite enough, good sir!

  16. Munir:
    Hello, fellow Inger friend! Thanks for the well wishes and support!

    Life never seems to ask my permission! :-) You're a great friend!

  17. You gotta be kidding me!!
    Still, you were lucky the fire was put out without anyone being hurt. But I can understand after your own place burned.

    Are you eating, or are you eating toast?

    Thanks for stopping by at Fran's blog. She is a brilliant woman, an artist, and also an avid reader. Someone I thought would like your books. After she recovers. I will let her know about them and you.

  18. Inger:
    Those were my exact words! :-)

    I never lead a boring life. But it was a great blessing no one was hurt and perhaps the owner will put more work into his apartments now.

    Fran is a lovely soul. It is a frightening thing when your body betrays you like that!

    I am eating TV dinners and hot tea with the occasional slice of French Toast! The food of champions! At least that is my story, and I am sticking with it!

  19. You're being watched over, my friend. Happy no one was hurt and your home wasn't damaged. I'd say that calls for another piece of French toast!

  20. I can't believe that you're back at work already. I hope you're healing quickly!

  21. Carol:
    I treated myself to another hour on the internet although my eyes this morning said I shouldn't have!

    My body can't believe it either! I'm so weak but I have run out of sick days! Sigh. Thanks for caring! :-)

  22. That's a ridiculous story. Who would turn down Girl Scout cookies?

    Another fire. I'm glad it didn't touch you this time.

  23. J E:
    That's my story, and I'm sticking with it! :-)

    I'm glad this fire stayed away from me, too!!! Thanks for keeping check on me.

  24. Unfortunately, I've had an awesome week so far. But I feel for you Roland, and hope someday you can experience joy in your life again.

    It seems the threat of fire is a constant in your life. I'm so glad that you did not lose your belongings again to this travesty. May good fortune continue to shine on you, however short lived.


  25. Donna:
    Why unfortunate? That's wonderful. I always experience joy -- usually when slipping past disaster like Victor. I mean last night, in a fitful sleep, I tore out the stitches in my skin graft and again face another disaster. But the Father hasn't let me down yet.

  26. I hope all is going well. Thanks for the unexpected plug!