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Monday, June 9, 2014



This photo released by Showtime shows Josh Hartnett, left, as Ethan Chandler and Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in season 1 of "Penny Dreadful."
Because of my supernatural Texas Ranger, Samuel McCord, I was drawn to PENNY DREADFUL.
I saw clues that Ethan Chandler was going to be the werewolf of the series as well as the gunfighter.
{His awakening bewildered by the London docks, his sending the pack of wolves away in the Zoo, his distaste at the dog/rat fight, his refusal to give of his blood to Frankenstein, his wounds that healed within seconds.}
I accepted Ethan's wild bedding with girlfriend Brona (Billie Piper), who is dying of consumption.
After all, this is Showtime
Ethan is also drawn to Vanessa Ives as is Dorian Gray and Dracula.
And with Dr. Frankenstein being hounded by his creation to make a bride for him --
I could see that Brona would die and become the Bride, her mind wiped of her feelings for Ethan.
Now, that's tragedy on a Wagner level.
I watched Episode 4 and saw things leading to what I expected and then --

Now, if Brona becomes the Bride of Frankenstein, her mind wiped of her feelings for Ethan, the impact is blunted --
especially what with Ethan's attraction to Vanessa Ives and his werewolf curse yet to rear its head (pun intended).
It just feels like pandering for ratings at the expense of good story-telling.

Dr. Frankenstein's intimate behavior with his 2nd creation, Proteus, would have made a Gray/Frankenstein relationship seem to flow out of the prior events ...

And not popped out of left field for the shock and ratings value.

I have no objection to homosexual relationships in fiction ... if it is well written.
I write of Oscar Wilde's love for Lord Alfred Bruce Douglas without comment

except of Wilde's extreme loneliness from being distanced from his lover in DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE.
In my novels, Lady Lovelace and Margaret Fuller carry on a lesbian love affair without criticism from me. 
Susy Clemens and Lucy Wentworth are attracted to one another in my THE STARS BLEED AT MIDNIGHT (still being written.)
Episode 4 made me realize I might not stay with PENNY DREADFUL.  The next episode will tell.

Most of the reviews praised the episode, so what do I know?
Did you see Episode 4? 
What did you think of it?


  1. Unfortunately I no longer have Showtime, HBO or Skinamax,...oh I mean Cinemax. If I did I'm sure it would be on the DVR list of things to watch. When is Sam getting his own show then?

  2. David:
    There is a site called Rainierland that shows PENNY DREADFUL for FREE! It only has the first 4 episodes right now.

    Sam getting his own show? Sigh. :-) Hey, we can dream, right?

    I wish someone would buy the rights to Sam and do him right. I picture Tom Selleck in PENNY DREADFUL bracing Timothy Dalton as Sir Malcolm.

    Meilori could give Eva Green a run for her money. I daydream, of course.

    Thanks for the photo of the SAMURAI WARS toy of Chewbacca!

  3. Haven't heard of it Roland, which sounds like a blessing. We don't have easy flicks like in the States, unless we pay to get a fake US address. Thankfully I still like going to the movies...big screen forever!!

  4. Denise:
    I like going to the movies, too. I just saw and enjoyed EDGE OF TOMORROW with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise -- a sci-fi groundhog day!

  5. I would like to watch this, I too cannot afford these fancy extra channels... I will catch up someday... my ever-long list of things to see...

    Mostly I wanted to say "elo"... so "Hello", I am finding I have run out of time. More than I can catch up on.

  6. I agree with you completely, in that if the relationship fits and flows naturally, then it doesn't matter what the orientation is. However, this felt like a deviation from the character completely and I have to agree that it felt forced for ratings.

  7. Jeremy:
    Like I wrote David:

    There is a site called Rainierland that shows PENNY DREADFUL for FREE! It only has the first 4 episodes right now.

    You can watch GAMES OF THRONES and movies there for free as well.

    I do not have even basic cable as the price is prohibitive with my cancer costs.

    I know what you mean about no time!

    Yes, Dorian is portrayed as a bisexual charmer and jaded seducer, so he fit. But Ethan did not, for he was at first attracted to Eva Green's character and then to the poor prostitute dying of consumption.

    It did feel like a shock grab for ratings at the cost of good story-telling.

    Thanks for visiting! :-)

  8. When any story takes a hard turn out of nowhere it leaves the reader/watcher shaken and uncomfortable. I think books are less likely to do this (at least not for the sake of ratings) but TV shows... gah. It happens too often...

    I read in your comments about the web address that shows Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, and others. I also read about cancer treatments sucking up all of your extra funds. Cancer is this ravenous creature that never has enough. My prayers go with you that you win the day!!!

  9. Haven't seen it - but characters have to behave in consistent ways. Events put in for 'effect' are a total turn off for me.
    Off topic. Have you read Letters of Note (compiled by Shaun Usher)? It has some gems in it which made me think of you. I posted about it today.

  10. I dislike tricks just for shock value. Sexual preference shouldn't be an issue, so why do the films focus on it? Subtle is the key, a centre screen kiss is anything but that.

  11. I haven't heard of this show (it doesn't sound like my kind of thing) and don't have Showtime anyway. I've been watching Nurse Jackie on DVD and loving it.


  12. Robin:
    I am a stubborn man -- which is why I am still writing when none buy, but I will just keep on fighting the cancer and trying to find a way to pay for it all. :-)

    Ranierland and Hulu help me watch programs that I would not ordinarily be able to watch being without the funds for cable.

    Yes, shock value just to grab ratings irritate me, too!

    Elephant's Child:
    I have heard of it. I'm heading to your blog now. :-)

    There's little romance in lust, and I am a romance kind of guy in my books and movies/TV shows. :-)

    As I said, Ranierland, being free, helps me watch programs I might no be able to otherwise -- that and Hulu.

    I've been watching an inexpensive DVD season one of LONGMIRE, which I am enjoying. :-)

  13. I hadn't heard of this show. I may be tempted to check it out despite the out of character behavior. . . .

    Perhaps in only shows how strong Dorian Gray's unearthly seductive powers are?

    Hard to give an opinion without the full context but I do find romances in most TV series to be very rushed and surface deep even when the writers keep telling us that it is profound and soul-binding.

  14. Taryn:
    Up until the end of the 4th episode, I have enjoyed PENNY DREADFUL.

    If you go to, you will be able to watch the first 4 episodes and judge for yourself.

    I plan on watching Episode 5, crossing my fingers. After all, SHOWTIME has already renewed it for a 2nd season and it is only half over. :-)

  15. Go with your gut. If an episode didn't feel right, if the character development didn't quite make sense to you, then you might not enjoy the rest of the series. I've had friends rave about shows I just can't get into, sometimes because of personal taste but sometimes because the lack of logic drives me nuts.