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Friday, November 20, 2015



       Now in Paperback. 
(Don't you like the feel of a book in your hands 
when you read?)

{Cover Courtesy HeatherMcCorkle}

From the undead halls of power in colonial Washington, D.C.

to the bloody plains of India to the mystery-shrouded deserts of Egypt,

Texas Ranger Captain Samuel McCord is spoken of in whispers lest he take notice of the speakers.

Follow his cursed footsteps from 1826 and the death bed of President John Adams

to the blood stained hills and ravines of 1857 India. And finally to 1895 Cairo and the far deserts wastes of Egypt.

Some fool has disturbed the sleep of something that should never have been awakened.

And it is up to McCord, his deadly wife, Meilori Shinseen, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla, and Lt. Winston Churchill

to keep the world from slipping into a new Dark Age of madness and death.

But this time, the past has caught up with McCord in the form of

the undead Abigail Adams and the revenant Empress Theodora of the Unholy Roman Empire.

Worse, an ancient Pestilence in the body of a mummy child now reaches out for him and those he loves.

And his friends and even the world itself may soon pay the terrible price

if Samuel McCord cannot be more than what he believes he can be.


  1. Hi, Roland!

    Congrats on the new book! WOW! Fantastic title and COVER! ALL the best...

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while, but life is so insane for me right now, I barely have time to breathe...

    The loft is still not anywhere near ready and I moved in this week. Now I am in Florida looking for my winter escape, if I don't find it now, it will never happen for me because of the money I spent in rehabbing the loft. the credit card bills will be coming in with a vengeance soon and once they do, the dream will be over. But I still have a glimmer of hope. Mostly all of the credit debt is deferred for two years, but the banks don/t care about that when giving out a mortgage...

    Happy to see you are still writing, writing, writing,...ALL the best!

    1. Didn't Heather McCorkle do a grand job with the cover?

      To face mounting debt, narrowing window of opportunity to make your dream come true, and banks hovering on the horizon -- it must be truly unsettling.

      There is a path out of this, Michael. One step at a time is the key,

      Yes, I am stubborn in my dream. Don't know if that is admirable or madness. :-)

      You are always in my prayers. Roland

    2. Thanks Roland....

      Likewise. I think of you and Sandra often when I visit the Shrine of St. Francis Xavier Mother Cabrini...

      Yes, Heather did a great job... I didn't know she designed covers, too....

    3. She's a wonder. She is also an assistant editor for a small publishing firm. Heather will soon have big news about something big -- she won't say, but I wish her luck!!

      Sandra is fighting hard still, for she is a trooper. Thank you for praying for her and for me. :-)

  2. Hi Roland - yes that cover is great. Also the fact that you continue keeping your dream alive - is good news for us all ... I must somehow find a way to read books. Yours are waiting for me ... as too others - I never seem to not be able to acquire them. Cheers Hilary

    1. I try to make my books thought-provoking along with the humor and the adventure. Who knows? I might even succeed once or twice! :-)

      I never have enough free time to read the books I want either -- thank goodness for audio books! That's one reason I have made 22 of my books in an audio format. :-)

      Thanks for staying and being my friend.