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Thursday, March 3, 2016


The Xanadu has cast off!

“Roland Yeomans is funny, charismatic and fun to read...
I really like that.
 I still have yet to read a steampunk novel
 because most times they don't fit in with the paranormal genre that I read most these days
But...a steampunk with vampires? Did I read that right? Great idea
– Mary Kirkland 

It is 1867 in an America a layer of existence from this one.

General Sherman was denied his march through Georgia by forces beyond his ken

Abraham Lincoln was never assassinated though he wishes he had been killed instead of his beloved Mary.
The battered Indian tribes of America have a strange refuge courtesy of the cursed Texas Ranger, Captain Samuel McCord.

 A global war of vampire kingdoms is going on beneath the noses of the living world --

and it is interfering with the honeymoon of the alien empress, Meilori Shinseen.

She ruled the Aztecs when a political execution took place on Golgotha. 

 Meilori commissioned the Sphinx to take her mind off repairing her star-craft.

  The warring vampire rulers have mistaken her boredom with ruling the nations of Man as weakness.

They have made a grave error, emphasis on the word "grave."

  What is a not-quite-mortal groom to do? 

 Survive as best he can.

 Vampires, Vengeful Spirits of the Earth, Aliens Among Us,

and a Man with the Blood of Death in his Veins trying to keep it from being spilled before his honeymoon is over.

   Come join the maiden voyage of the first Air/Steamship, the Xanadu,

where murder, intrigue, and betrayal reign supreme ... and that is just in the newlywed’s bedroom.

 Joining the newlyweds are Mark Twain, 11 year old Nikola Tesla, his faithful black cat, Macak,

Horace Greely, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ada Byron, daughter of Lord Byron,

and the mysterious Greek physician, Lucanus.

 Lurking in the shadows, hoping to kill them is the insane Abraham Lincoln, the crippled General Sherman,

the vampires, Abigail Adams and Benjamin Franklin,

Empress Theodora, ruler of the Unholy Roman Empire, and the vengeful Captain Nemo, following in his Nautilus.

 Steampunk intrigue and adventure was never so much fun..

I think of this as the theme 
for when Xanadu descends from the clouds 
to do battle with the Nautilus, 
all weapons blazing.

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  1. So much going on! It's fun just reading the blurb.

    1. This Steampunk is an ensemble novel with wars, intrigues, betrayals, and a honeymoon under attack from all quarters. My GAME OF THRONES. :-)

  2. Wow, that sounds like quite the universe! No one can touch you when it comes to imagination, Roland.

    1. Holli, I wanted to write of a very personal story told against a global backdrop of conflicting empires and passions. WWII had 4 different enemy nations jockeying for supremacy over one another and against France, England, and later America. Complex yet personal stories of valor and love were played out against that global situation. Thanks for the nice words. :-)