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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


"If today was your last day
And tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have?
If today was your last day.

Would you call old friends you never see?
Reminisce old memories
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you finally fall in love
If today was your last day."

If you close your eyes tonight and never re-opened them, what kind of last day would you have had?

 The world will be gone.  Time is set to be an echo.  You have 24 hours left in which to exist. 

It could happen.   The funny thing about life is, trouble never comes from where you expect it. 

You spend two months worried about interviewing for that big job promotion, 

then on your way there, you get attacked by a pack of wild dogs. 

That's just the way it goes.

Super-volcanoes, a Verne-Shot (which combines the super-volcano scenario with an asteroid strike, fun, right?), 

Gamma Ray Burst from our sun, 

engineered diseases or something totally out of left field could end life as we know it.

But for you ... for me ... the world could end tomorrow.

Heart attack, mugger, or drunk driver.  Any of those three could end your life suddenly.

"There is only one time that is important: NOW.  

It is the most important because it is the only one over which we have any control."
- Leo Tolstoy  

Appreciate your job if you can ...

If you just "Survive" your job, you are wasting 71% of your life. (5 out of the 7 days of the week.)

Forgive if you can ...

What someone did to hurt you was their fault.  Carrying it with you for each day afterwards is all on you.

Focus on the NOW ...

The Past and the Future are illusions.  NOW is the only reality.  

If you grasp after ghosts, you, yourself, are not living.  You are making of yourself a ghost.

Each moment matters for it may be our last.  

Think of all the shooting, bombing, or air crash victims.  They thought their lives would go on for years.

Appreciate what and who you have while you have it and them.

Here is Stephen King on my favorite novel of his, DUMA KEY


  1. I have Duma Key but haven't read it yet. If you like it, that's a recommendation for me to move it up in the TBR stack. I learned the lesson about life's uncertainty when hubs had his heart attack. It's a harsh lesson, but you are right, we have to enjoy the NOW and not wait for 'some day'.

    1. I listen to the audio book of DUMA KEY once a year on my blood runs.

      Life is certainly uncertain. I pray it takes a good turn for you soon.

  2. So true, Roland, and a beautiful post, as always.

    I did enjoy today, but the truth is I dread a lot of what I do to pay the bills, and I know life's too short for that. I'm doing my best to change it.

    1. I hate to hear that about how you feel about your job. :-( May each possess some fleeting glimpse of beauty and peace for you. :-)

  3. Living in the present and not taking things personally usually work for me. I try to stay aware that people have their own issues and often those issues have nothing to do with me.

    1. Yes, most people have their own agendas -- many of them unconsciously so. Once again, it seems we are kindred spirits. :-)

  4. If I knew the world was ending tomorrow, I would probably cry a lot and eat chocolate. Most likely that's true.

    1. Crying away the last breaths of existence is understandable. Chocolate is even more understandable! :-)

  5. Well said, Roland. Find the joy in every day.

  6. Very profound and true, Roland.

    I must say, I am AMAZED at how much you have written since I have visited last. I know it's been ages, but life has been hectic and raising a new fur baby with health problems has not been easy for me.

    BUT, as you say. Live in the day and enjoy it for what it is...

    The little beast won't let me blog... lol It's all about him.... gotta go...

    Hope all is well!

    1. Midnight, the vagabond feline, has a hard time letting me write undisturbed, too. Health problems for our furry family members can be taxing both financially and emotionally! Best of times ahead for you!

    2. Thanks Roland... We'll see. I just want him well and happy. And get enough work to give him what he needs....

      Your feline is sooooo handsome.... it's amazing how they must have ALL the attention on them. LOL... But their love is unconditional and they are such great company....

  7. So true, Roland! Unfortunately, I don't think many of us get to do what they would really like to do for a living... I don't know, if I had just one more day to live, I would probably spend it with my loved ones, doing all the silly things I never seem to find the time to do...

    1. That sounds like what I would do, too. Yes, most jobs are taken because we have to make money, but I like to think that each hour on the job contains some moment that is worthwhile to appreciate. I am a romantic. :-)