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Monday, July 18, 2016


Just don't tell John Oliver ...

“It's the most emasculating thing I could possibly do to go out with someone who has actually done something valuable with their life."

 “I can’t come home and say I had a really tough day at work today and see her roll her eyes and go, 

‘Really?’ And she would be like, ‘I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you. You clown!’

Rightly, I have no place to whine about anything. 

That’s the problem with living with someone who has fought a war. You lose the moral high ground.”
 - John Oliver

While she was in high school, she was involved in a terrible hit-and-run accident. She had to learn to speak and walk all over again.

After 9-11, she enlisted in the Army as a medic in response to her horror at what had happened.

How did they meet?

In 2008, John was working behind enemy lines at the RNC for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

When convention security chased after him for entering into a restricted area Oliver, who was still on a temporary work visa,

found himself at risk for potential deportation.

 Attempting to avoid arrest and subsequent Breturn, the reporter and his camera crew happened upon a group of veterans who offered to help them hide.

Yes, you guessed it.  

Among the veterans was Kate Norley.  John worked up the nerve to exchange email addresses with her.

A friendship, then a romance happened.  

He proposed to her on St. Thomas in 2010, and they were married a year later.

Kate did all the painful work again when she had a baby boy with John in 2015.
I keep hoping the Western will be re-born as a genre 

(my main hero, after all, is an undead Texas Ranger!) 

This movie looks promising:


  1. They say there's somebody for everybody.

    1. My fiancee died, and she was the one. But some never get to be loved at all, right?

  2. What a remarkable woman Oliver married! It's so humbling merely reading about people like that.

    I'm so sorry about your fiancee, Roland.

  3. Such an inspiring story! As is the touching positive side you manage to see in your own tragic loss. Anything is possible with an open heart - stay strong.