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Saturday, December 24, 2016


Merry Christmas to all my friends!

Christmas' present to all of us

is the subtle messages underneath the obvious ones:

1.) Love comes unexpectedly.

2.) You find love in surprising places.

3.) Love comes at its own season, in its own unique way, wearing a face you weren't looking for.


But then, we can be forgiven for not hearing those messages. After all, none of us is perfect. Well, there was that one.


But we killed Him.


Or did we? 

I choose to think not. I know His message and the messages of this day are not dead.

Love never quite dies. 

It stays in the sparkle in the eyes of each passing generation of children.

The best Christmas stories, in both movies and books, remind us that love always seems to find a way,

though it comes to us in unexpected ways, shining in the eyes of those we might have overlooked in the past.


The Jews were expecting a king.  

They never got one because they were looking in the wrong places for the wrong faces.

A manger contained the prince of peace in its straw. Few were even aware of His arrival.

Only those who were not too proud to stop and consider love might come unexpectedly 

and from a source we would never have suspected of containing it. 

And only to those who had kept looking up.


Christmas teaches us to keep the child's sense of awe, of wonder, and of the willingness to believe ...

in the possibilities of miracles,

of the soft whisper of magic in the air if you but listen,

and in the healing power of love.

Like young Kevin in HOME ALONE

it is up to us alone to protect the home of our hearts from being robbed of their innocence and love. 

Sometimes we do not see unicorns in the snow because we have stopped looking for them.


Continue to look. 

Continue to hold gently to the possibility of a miracle waiting for you just around the next corner or the one after that.


Excuse me. I think I hear a strange whinnying outside my door.


I'll open it to have a look. 

My unicorn may be out there below my terrace right now waiting for me to go for a ride in the moonlight.

You never know.

Keep looking and believing, Roland

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