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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wonder Woman's Most Deadly Foe_Warner Brothers


stands head and shoulders above all the other DCEU superhero movies ...

and not just because Gal Gadot is six feet tall!

 Patty Jenkins had to fight hard for the one scene that is the heart and turning point of the movie.

Diana bends down beside a sobbing mother with her starving child in a trench in No Man's Land 

and is begged to help the woman's starving village 

which is kept from Allied Help by a stretch of 200 yards guarded by a long line of German machine guns.

Seeking hope in a hopeless situation, 

Diana stops dead in her tracks, ditches her disguise, and climbs onto the battlefield to meet the Germans head on ...

despite protests from Steve Trevor that she must not divert from their main mission.

The machine guns and cannons open up on her. 

Diana takes the fire and presses forward with grit and determination, 

but her action inspires action among those around her. 

Steve joins the fight, 

followed but the rest of the squad -- and then the American soldiers join in as well. 

Diana leads the way, gritting her teeth and powering through the pain with every step. 

What follows is a phenomenal action sequence that moves from the trenches to the town, 

and culminates in Diana killing a German sniper by destroying a church bell-tower just by hurling herself into it like an Amazonian missile. 

In a film packed to the brim with applause-worthy moments, 

the climax of this battle invariably induces the loudest cheers among audiences.

Diana is a warrior whose compassion for those who cannot fight for themselves 

inspires others around her to be better than they believe they can be.

Of course the Suits at WB wanted to cut the scene.  

Patty fought for it and the movie kept its heart.

But in true WB fashion, 

the studio did not sign Patty for the sequel or even make the financially sensible move to give her an option to do one ....

If the movie had bombed, the studio could have cheaply bought the option from Patty.


Never offend the Suits. 

Have you seen WONDER WOMAN yet?

If so,
Did You Like It?


  1. Hi Roland - I went last night to see it - I wasn't that enamoured with the first third, but the action scenes were ok ... and I can see why everyone is raving about it.

    Extraordinary that Patty Jenkins has been left out ... MEN!?!

    I can see lots of people enjoying it ... and it's had good reviews ... cheers Hilary

    1. Like Steve Trevor told Diana about London: It's not for everyone. :-)

      The first third on the island drew me in as I have always been fascinated with the myths of antiquity.

      And, yes, Patty Jenkins being snubbed by WB is shabby. But if they are smart (and so far they often haven't been), they will have to give her more money or control to get her back for the sequel!

  2. Hi, Roland,

    I LOVED IT! That scene was AMAZING! I CANNOT believe WB didn't give her the option. After all the money this film is making? They are complete and utter FOOLS...

    Not only beautiful but LIKABLE.... not robbing anyone of who they her. Wonderful acting, chemistry, and visuals....

    I thought of Melissa while I watched it. I KNOW she approves and was running right there with Diana!

    1. Michael, I can only hope WB comes to their senses and chooses Patty for the sequel -- giving her more control of that movie. Her MONSTERS won Charlize Theron an Oscar. The woman has talent.

      I believe WW is my new favorite movie.

      I thought of Melissa, too, while watching the film.

      Did you see the noted movie reviewer's YouTube on WW which included a tribute to Melissa at the end?

    2. Yes. I did... It was beautifully done. I got all choked up...I so wish she was still here with us....

  3. I'd like to know why they considered cutting the scene in the first place. Haven't had time to see the film yet. Too much going on at the present, but from all the posts about Diana, looks like I'm in for a treat.

    1. I think you are. WB thought the trench scene too depressing! Sigh!!

  4. I haven't seen the film, but I have read all the excellent reviews, so what is wrong with WB? Wrong question, I know what's wrong with them, but even with all the money this film is making, what's wrong with them is still wrong with them. I don't get it.

    1. The Suits are desperate to have a hit so they try to micro-manage when they should just choose a director they trust and let her or him run with the film. Sigh. Good seeing you and Joylene here!

  5. I have seen the full movie with my friends. I really enjoy all the movie. Specially her training session. When her master trained her to became the best warrior among all of them. And finally one day she became a best warrior from all of them.