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Thursday, September 26, 2019


 Short stores take a side eye view of life 
through their
own slanted lenses.

 I have always loved speculative fiction
from science fantasy to horror
to history that could have been.

Short stories often fearlessly 
occupy a space of weirdness,

 smudging the line between
horror and literariness
 with far less trepidation than novels.

 From novels we retain certain lines 
or flashes of images.

But the best short stories stay with us 
wholly formed,
 often for years at a time

 The best thing about short stories 
is that they are short.

Think of how little effort
 it would take to read one right now. 

It is not even necessary 
to spend very much.

My latest collection 
of short stories
sells for 99 cents.

Many complain that 
they just get interested 
in one character
only to be snatched away to another
in the next story.

I address that in my latest collection
by having 2 stories each
on my 2 most 
fascinating characters.

And I end the collection with a story
told from the perspective
of a man only talked about in the 2nd and 3rd.

And in between them,
I tell tales that reflect
Montaigne's belief that 

"The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself."

My short stories are my way of 
expressing my belief that

Reality is a complex affair, involving many different elements interacting across multiple scales in time and space.

It is a constantly revolving, evolving jewel whose dim facets tease us with flashes of clarity.

We think we know about the world but often we do not even know ourselves. 

Housed as we are within our minds, it is natural to feel as if we are uniquely flawed.

But that is because we are not sufficiently aware of what is going on in the minds of those around us ...

the longing, misery, compromise, and awkward reaching out to others.

Reading short stories allows us to quickly dip in and out of the minds of others

One after another,

Letting us in on the fact that we are not so alone in the struggles, heartaches, and questioning

that comprises Life. 

Give my latest collection 
of short stories
a try, 
will you? 

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