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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I think that all of us could stand being the recipient of a random act of kindness.

Sadly, it is more often that we are the recipient of a random act of cruelty. I received a "paper-cut" of one Valentine's Day. No, not from a jilted lover ... from an agent I queried. I won't give her name since she is not here to give her side of the tale.

Besides, everyone is having a harder time than they appear so it is best to be kind lest you add to the trauma of someone's already bad day. Valentine's Day is often a hard one for many to endure. Perhaps that was the case for the agent in question. And like I said, it was only a "paper-cut." They sting a bit then you move on.

Her paper-cut? Short and to the point:

"I'm going to pass on this because you can't seem to follow simple instructions. Removing the formatting on a cut-and-paste email is not difficult. Whatever formatting you've used is rending all of the text as gibberish."

Ouch. A bit terse but move on and acknowledge that learning additional computer skills would be a good thing. Odd that no other of the many agents I have queried have mentioned any formatting problem. And there are several agents impressed enough with my work to be considering it.

I feel like the prostitute who was briefly considered as a victim by Jack the Ripper then passed over as "not worthy" of his knife. Like the cat said after having romanced the skunk : "I think I have enjoyed as much of this as I can stand."

Like I said earlier, it is RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS WEEK. The Hershey Company is asking people to go to and share a virtual Hershey's bar with friends and family. Milton Hershey demonstrated the ultimate random act of kindness when he founded Milton Hershey School to help children in need, then devoted his entire fortune to ensure the school's future.

I am listening to "Chaco Canyon" by Laura Sullivan from her MYSTICAL AMERICA album. If you like Enya, Yanni, and Liz Story, you will enjoy her music, too. You can hear her on Sirius and, of course, on the wonderful

May you both give and receive random acts of kindness all this week. Breathe each breath today, giving thanks for each one. Roland

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