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Thursday, March 4, 2010


In the outer reaches of Southwest Louisiana lies one of the nation's last great wildernesses : the Creole Nature Trail. As a blood courier I am priviledged to travel it as my blood center services the lone hospital on the Cameron coast. It has been awhile since last I drove those secluded trails where the ghosts of Jean Lafitte and other privateers seem to peer at me as I drive by.

The second largest population of alligators in the U.S. reside here, floating along canals or slipping beneath the water at my passing. Overhead 300 species of bird look down amused at me as I dwaddle in my little wagon of clumsy steel and rubber. As I said earlier, it has been two years since last I drove these weaving trails amidst the cypress. Hurricane Rita scoured Cameron clean of habitations, including the hospital. Hurricane Audrey reaped a terrible toll in life last century. Why then do these natives rebuild?


It is home.

The blood and bone of parents, grandparents, loved ones, and long cherished ancestors lie in this soil. That and it becomes a part of you, of who you are. Their roots are deep in this land. And like I said ... it is home.

It is why my character, Samuel McCord, stays in his jazz club in New Orleans. In 1815, he lost his family to the Comanche. His poet's soul and his scholar's mind made him an uncomfortable fit in the Texas Rangers. When Baroness Micaela Pontalba built him the apartment building in the French Quarter in 1848 as thanks for saving her life, the rootless McCord suddenly found himself with a place to call his own. He simply named his apartment "Casa" {Home.} When he lost his heart to the mysterious Meilori Shinseen and wed her in 1854, he started calling it "Meilori's." It meant the same to him, for in his heart Meilori was his home.

In 2005, he still stays in the enchanted jazz club since he refuses to give up the only home he has known in his adult life. With Meilori having left him seven years earlier, the club's heart is gone as is his own. But McCord refuses to let go of hope and the dream that someday Meilori will re-enter the swinging doors to his club and slip back into his arms.

At the moment, I am listening to "The Truth Beneath The Rose" by Within Temptation, a Dutch Gothic rock band. Yes, I do listen to rock, bloggers. They have sold ten million albums worldwide. The song I'm listening to is currently being used in commercials for THE TUDORS, season 3. A unique video of it is on which uses footage from THE DARK KNIGHT with the stirring song. Here it is :

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