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Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am new to blogging -- only three months at it. And adding links is completely beyond me, so forgive me if I fumble this. But Wendy aka Quillfeather gave me the "It's Like We're Soulmates" Award. So I felt honor-bound to do her proud and award this to five friends who seem to understand my writing :

First is Donna Hole -- who unknown to everyone is really Angelina Jolie, who is keeping an eye on her husband, who is going by the name here in blogdom as Simon C. Larter . Sorry, Brad, to rat you out. But someone was going to do it sooner or later.

Second is Christi Goddard who's given this award away so often that she has lost her own original copy. And she doesn't want anyone to know that she, too, is hiding her true identity. She is, in fact, the real-life secret agent whose life is now being released as the thriller movie, SALT. Now, that I've given away her secret, she will, of course, have to terminate me with extreme prejudice.

Third is Grammy , otherwise known to his publishers as Stephen King. Sorry, Grammy, to let your secret out. Yes, friends, Grammy is really Stephen King, looking to loot our sites for new story ideas to re-vitalize his fading career.

Fourth is Anne Gallagher . Yes, I know she was already awarded this award, but she, unknown to all but psychic me, is really a hitwoman hiding in the center of this unsuspecting country, courtesy of the Federal Witness Protection Program -- another tragic example of our tax dollars wasted!

And fifth is Stephen Tremp -- who is but a shameful facade behind which hides Vice-President Biden -- Yes, Potty-Mouth himself, who bored out of his skull with nothing to do, lurks in our blogs, hoping to find more colorful metaphors with which to pepper his speech. He especially likes Christi's blog for that.

Yes, I know the black helicopters will be circling my apartment complex, but the truth had to be revealed. Thanks all of you, not just the fab five, but all of my friends who comment on my blog -- you enrich my life. Roland

If someone can tell me how to make links in this blog, I would be most appreciative, cyber-challenged Roland


  1. Cyber-challenged Roland, I used to know how to add links, but the other day I tried twice and it didn't work. I regularly forget everything I once knew so....sorry, I can be of no help. But I do like your blog and currently still know how to be a follower.

  2. It appears you're cyber-challenged no more. Did you cleverly work it out yourself or were you assisted?

    Must say, that's a rather handsome award you've got there :)

  3. Wendy, It ain't pretty, but it's a link. Not nice and neat like yours. And thanks for the awards. Roland

  4. Jeez Dude; when you lighten up, you go all out :)

    Thanks so much for the laugh; and the dream husband. How did you know?!

    For the link: When you're composing your post, there is a green button thing next to the big T pallet. Has something that looks like a black paper clip for horns. In "compose" mode, if you run your mouse over it, it will say "link". Highlight the text you want to add a link to, click on greeny, and a box comes up with a prefilled http. I always delete the because all the links I copy there have that in them. Once you copy your link address, click ok; the box goes away, and the link is embedded.

    When you're in "edit html" mode, the link does not work the same. Always click back to compose.

    So, to link my blog, for instance, you'd copy my blog address, highlight my name in your text, click greeny, past the url in the box, click ok and you're done.

    If you edit your post, you'll see how it works. I know how you feel about being cyber challenged; I've been at this for almost a year and still can't link within a comment. Frustrating.


  5. Hi Roland .. a) well done on 3 months of blogging .. the first three are the tough ones .. b) good for you to put links in to others' blogs .. c) learning is the key?!

    Glad to meet the others - I've been to Stephen's but must get to the others .. sometime soon .. rather a lot on at the moment .. moving et al ..

    Have a good week - Hilary

  6. I'd offer you cyber aid, but any suggestions I made would likely end with your computer in fragments and some tech guy looking at you like 'How the f*@#k did you ever manage this?' And then you'd have to tell him this chick on the east coast told you to do yada yada yada and then he'd remark on it to a friend over coffee and some FBI guy would overhear them talking and he'd talk to HIS friends and they'd end up tracking me down and then MY secret identity as the girl who can take down satellites just by hitting the 'any' key on her Mac would be out and the black suits would show up and well, my day would be shot...
    So I'll stick to earth-dimensional advice... It'll be safer for everyone. Ask my sister's hubby, he'll tell you it's true...
    In other news, this post made me laugh so hard I spilled coffee on the cat. I'd forgotten how that feels recently, and I needed to remember, so thank you Roland. :)

  7. You're the second one to make me out to be under the witness protection program. However someone else has said that I live on a commune and smoke weed all day. I'd much rather be the latter. I'm non-violent that way. Used to be a hippie don't cha' know.

    I also left you an award on my blog. Either Friday or Saturday. You'll have to go check it out.

  8. LOL. It was me that put Anne in the witness protection program 'cause her ex was a mob boss. She just needs to admit it already. We know it, she knows it. We're all friends here.

    And I DO have the original copy, actually. It's much bigger than the award-sized one I sent out into the void. I love to see it still making its way around the internet.

    As for my secret agent life, I'm astounded my movie is called SALT, as I loathe salt. I pick it off pretzels, I'm that dastardly towards it. Perhaps the movie makers did it as a form of irony, the ingrates.

    I am, however, quite pleased to hold a place of esteem on the Roland Meter O'Soulmates.

  9. Congratulations on your awards!! They are fun to get.