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Friday, September 30, 2011


My entry for Francine's and Denise's Friday Romantic Challenge :



It comes in many forms. Ask a prison warden what a prisoner fears most, and he will answer : solitary confinement.

Yet, all of us exist in the solitary confinement of our minds --

which leads me to my 400 word entry from the YA urban fantasy, DAYSTAR'S ORPHAN. At the end of BLACK ROSES IN AVALON, Blake Adamson makes a terrible mistake, whose consequence lead to LAST EXIT IN BABYLON.

But it also created a "bubble universe" where his life was rebooted and Fallen, the last fae, has just rescued the 14 year old Blake from DayStar's clutches, mangling him terribly with her long claws in the doing of it :

Fallen crabbed slowly back away from me on her knees, still shaking her head in horror.

"N-No. No! Oh, Blake, I told you I-I'd be a hard friend, but not like this!"

I shrugged, trying to hide how much it hurt, "Show me a rose that doesn't have its share of thorns."

"I'm no rose," whimpered Fallen.

"To me, you're as much a rose as the black roses whose perfume you have in your hair."

Fallen shook her head and, with self-hate in her voice, whispered, "I'm no rose."

"Not a tame one, for sure. But don't you know, Fallen? The wild roses have the sweetest smell."

Her long faerie face all eyes, she said softly, "Your lips just twitched, there, Mr. I-Don't-Lie."

I looked at her with so many warring emotions going at it inside me. Did I dare tell her the truth? I saw the lonely, self-hating hurt in those wet green eyes and knew I didn't have a choice.

"It's ... It's not just when I lie that they do that."

"Then, when else?"

Did I have the nerve to say it? "Ah, well, ... they've been known to do it when ... when -"

"When what?," murmured Fallen, edging closer, her green eyes seeming to swallow my whole world.

"When, ah, I'm ... next ... to a pretty girl."

There, I had said it, and I could feel my cheeks blushing. No. Fallen looked miserable. Man, couldn't I do anything right?

One single tear rolled down her cheek. "B-But that's just it. I'm not pretty. I'm not! I'm not even a girl. You heard DayStar. I'm a frea-"

Her next word I knew would break my heart so I didn't let her finish.

I took both of her hands in mine.

"-a wild, beautiful rose," I said soft, and without even realizing what I was doing until I had gone and done it, lightly kissing her fingers, claws and all.

I stiffened. Oh, man, what had I done? -- oh, no.

Big tears welled up in her jade eyes. She just looked at me for what seemed a frozen eternity. Why did I always screw up? Why?

Then, so fast it was a blur, she bent and kissed me softly on the cheek,looking as shocked as I felt.

My lips not wanting to work right, I knew better than to try and say anything, so I just smiled shyly back.


  1. I think I held my breath the whole way through! The torment, fear and hope all caught up in youth - beautiful, Roland.

  2. Roland I enjoyed this more than anything else of yours I 've read for awhile and I've loved everything, so this piece is special to me. I love how you've crafted the character Fallen. Her emotions really got to me. A fabulous entry for Fearful Heart. We're getting some great stories this week.


  3. So beautiful!

    This is my favorite of your pieces that I've read yet.

    I like the different ways of comparing her to a rose and I particularly like:

    "Her long faerie face all eyes, she said softly, "Your lips just twitched, there, Mr. I-Don't-Lie.""

  4. It's been a long time Roland since I have been online. Moving and the loss of the internet all factored in. I love your selection. I see you have many books available now. Way to go.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  5. How sad, my heart broke along with hers. To add such humanity to such a creature takes a delicate hand, and you've done a job worthy of Rembrandt.

  6. Margo :
    Young Love is sometimes so filled with angst, it's a wonder any of us survive it. Your words made my morning.

    Denise :
    Fallen and this story (from a seriesd of novels) was written for an audience of one : a young girl in the hospital, undergoing painful treatments -- her mother refused to let her read Harry Potter, so she asked me if I would write something for her daughter -- and so DAYSTAR'S ORPHAN was born.

    I am behind schedule in getting ready for work, so I will not have the time to visit my friends. Sigh, Roland

    Matthew :
    That means a lot coming from you. Being in exile from my apartment and being short-staffed at work keeps me from visiting everyone I want to. Rats!!

    Ruth :
    I'm so very happy that you liked my entry. Fallen was fashioned for one fragile, frightened, yet very valiant young girl. Im glad Fallen spoke to you, too.

  7. Nancy :
    I've missed you. I feel a bit like you since I am in exile from my apartment with internet access due to the massive repairs being done. And work is draining me like a heartless vampire.

    Yes, I decided to see if I could ride the wave of the Kindle explosion. John Locke, here I come! LOL. I do believe old John is safe. :-)

    Heather :
    Sometimes I feel as if I am just spinning my wheels, going nowhere. A comment like yours helps push me out of my emotional ditch. Thanks. Roland

  8. I love that Blake is so kind, and takes big risks here. Fallen is charming, even if she does need a manicure.

  9. Hi,

    Sweet, touching and infinitely suited as love's young dream re Fearful Heart theme. ;)


  10. "Show me a rose that doesn't have its share of thorns."

    So true. We are all imperfect. I love the way you told this story and the thrust of romance is rightly from the man seeking to reassure the fearful heart of the lady.

  11. Damnit, I'm supposed to be a writer, why can't I tell yo how this piece makes me feel?

    I loved it.

  12. Beverly :
    Kindness gets Blake in all kinds of trouble - which supports my belief that only the truly strong can persist in kindness. Thanks for visiting and chatting, Roland

    Thank you, Francine :
    Fallen and Blake are two of my favorites. Ah, Alice Wentworth is giving me the evil eye!

    Adura :
    I made Blake the last of the knight errants -- or knights errored as he sometimes thinks of himself! LOL.

    Sarah :
    Your words made a weary blood courier, still at work, very happy. Thank you very much, Roland

  13. I don't think i got fear as much as I did adorable. In "thatOMGthisissocute" kind of way. It's lovely Roland, i didn't know you did cute. LOL

  14. Hello Roland.
    Poor Blake, always getting in trouble no matter what he does or says. Great scene setting, but I did have a laugh at the kissing of the fingers, claws and all!

    Awesome as usual, my friend!

    BTW, I really like your book trailers too.

  15. Wendy :
    As George Lucas said about the Ewoks : dare to be cute! LOL. In exposing your heart there is always fear, for there is always the possibility of rejection, isn't there? Thanks for visiting and chatting. Come by here tomorrow. Roland

    Andy :
    Thanks for mentioning you like my book trailers. I was beginning to feel as if Wendy Tyler Ryan's great artistry was going unappreciated!

    Good to see that you are some better. I don't know about you. But when it comes to love, I am just like poor Blake! Come back tomorrow, will you?

  16. Two lovers who feel thay don't deserve love; what could be more romantic than finding your heart's desire when lest expected.

    An evocative scene Roland. Well done.


  17. Seems that both of them have their own fears and are vulnerable.

  18. I enjoyed this very much. Love can withstand anything the universe deems fit to toss at it. Great excerpt, Roland. :)