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Monday, November 12, 2012


I'm a writer. I have the business cards to prove it and everything.

Which means I'm about as popular at work as an Amway or Avon salesman!

Once a well-meaning soul asked, "What are you writing about?"

I know my eyes must have lit up like a sadist at a masochist convention.

"Oh! It's about a street kid in haunted New Orleans right before Hurricane Katrina!"

Her eyes glazed over. Her face took on a "Call 911! Call 911!" expression. She even backed up.

It reminded me of an important lesson. Not taught ... because haven't you noticed that you only need to be reminded of most facts of life?

Long ago, I learned that 99% of the people I meet will not care about my 2 short stories bought by 2 anthologies or my latest book.

No. They want to know if anybody in this stressed-out world gives a damn about them.

You see, most people are having a harder time than it appears. And for the most part, their wounds are invisible - and more painful because of that fact.

So I keep quiet about me and ask about what is drawing blood in my co-workers' lives. And in today's world something is always wounding those around you.

No sympathy for my dreams. But like I've said - those around me (and you) have larger wounds needing tending to than my quixotic quests for publication.

So those of you reading this -- don't worry.

Yes, I am a writer, but you will read no hype about my books.

My trailers are on a separate page of this blog and will give you an idea if you're curious. Wendy Tyler Ryan crafted them into works of art. Tyler and Ryan are the names of her two sons.

What's her last name? I don't know.

My code is that of the Old West. I don't pry. Need someone to listen, to give a damn? I'm your man.

You want privacy? I'm still your man. I will give your invisible wounds breathing room.

What did Wyatt Earp say? "Never crowd a fellow unless you got a first class reason."

So what's the point of this little post?

That life is easier for those around us when we take time to listen -- really listen -- not crouch impatiently for a pause in the breath of the speaker to leap in with something important ... something about US.

But you see,

we all have our dreams. Mine's being a self-supporting writer. You have yours. Your neighbors and co-workers have theirs.

More important,

we all have invisible wounds and silent sorrows.

If we are tolerant of the dreams of others and healing in our words and actions to their wounds --

then the pursuit of our dreams will not be a lonely one nor will it be in vain --

even if the end of the rainbow forever eludes us.

We will have journeyed towards it with friends.


  1. Focus on our fellow man first, us second. Or last.
    I don't pry either. I'm a private person by nature and can respect that in others.

  2. Alex:
    We are kindred spirits in that as well. :-)

  3. Privacy can be important for a number of reasons. Respect for privacy shows a trust in your fellow man. (or woman)

    Tolerance is commendable, but it seems in short supply sometimes. I've seen much intolerance tied to religion, gender, and race.

    Nice business card, Roland.

  4. Surprise... I know it's been ages, and I do apologize. You are ALWAYS in my thoughts, please remember that.

    You post hit home. I have been in that "way" myself with SO many things on my plate. I won't bore you with the details, but life is never easy for ANY of us.

    I hope to be back writing by the end of this week. Just a few more projects to finish up and hope my back heals soon (I threw it out on Saturday moving a heavy carpet) So getting TOO old for this. LOL.

    Congrats on your short stories. I am so amazed at how you MADE it happen this year. I guess I am the tortoise.... Hopefully I'll make it to the finish line a winner.

    My home space is a happier place for me now, so I should be getting in lots of work. I hope to post it by the end of this week or early next. No, I guess next week, Alex's blogfest is on Friday.

    I just scrolled down your list of accomplishments and the covers are so eye catching. I am truly impressed by you body of work.

    And you still have time to post daily, plus work full time. Someone must be hiding a bit of magic. It sparkles in every excerpt you post.

    Never change Roland. Our community needs special people like you.

  5. Roland, this was incredibly sweet.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  6. D.G.:
    The ghost of H P Lovecraft takes all the credit for the business card: he says it is from the perspective of the Unnamable Ones closing in on our planet!

    Yes, tolerance is in short supply these days, isn't it?

    How great to hear from you. I've missed you. With all the chaos present in my life these days, I have needed to hear from you. Thanks for visiting. An email is in order. :-)

    That's great of you to say. May all your chocolates in store for you be the ones you like! :-)

  7. You will always be a writer first to me, a blood sucking one none the less, but a writer ;)
    You are way too modest

  8. Hi Roland .. your post tells it like it is .. others first and us second, or quietly restraining our selves.

    Commenting too - that entails being interested in others not just adding the numbers.

    Love the business card - short and to the point ... also the video at the end - I loved that.

    Great friends here .. also you're so knowledgeable about writing and that showed when you summarised my post about Searching for Sugarman - I'll be back to study the differences but it will stay with me ...

    Excellent post - we all need to think about these aspects .. cheers Hilary