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Thursday, November 15, 2012

WE HAVE NO ABSENT FRIENDS_Oh, how I miss you Blogfest

Today is the OH, HOW I MISS YOU blogfest:

The bloggers we really miss…
and the ones we would really miss!

"Absence blots people out. We really have no absent friends."  - Ambrose Bierce.

"Friendship is a sheltering tree." - Coleridge

"Friends are the only true wealth we have in this world and the only treasure we can hope to find in the next." - Victor Standish.

I agree with Ambrose: we have no absent friends.  But not the reason why.

We have no absent friends because their spirit stays with us, enriching us at the oddest moments when a stray thought or word re-awakens a memory of them.

She was the first blogger to follow me.
V.R. was my role model on how to be a good blogger:
Friendly, wise, warm, insightful, helpful.
She set the bar high.  I do not match it.
But I try.
She grew weary of the grind of trying to get an agent, trying to be seen on her blog by those influencial in publishing.
I see where just recently that she has a short story being accepted by a Maine magazine.
I miss her.
I do not even know her true last name.
Her last two names are the first names of her two sons.
That is all right.  I am much like the cowboys of the Old West:
I do not pry.
Need a friend?
I'm there.
Need privacy?
I tip my Stetson and give it.
Without Wendy, my books would not look as good.
Her book trailers for me are works of art.
Her friendship has never wavered.
That is rare.
Her last post was 5 weeks ago.
She is in the midst of publishing her anthology.
Wish her luck, everyone!
Speaking of anthologies:
I am in hers.
I am also in OPEN DOORS II
Their blog currently has a guest post by yours truly!
Give it a look!


  1. I miss Wendy as well. It's been a while. I know she has health issues, so hope she's all right.

  2. Alex:
    I hope it is just the struggle of getting her anthology together. Her last post was entitled KNEE DEEP! We'll say prayers for her, right?

  3. Great thoughts - we have no absent friends because their spirit stays with us, enriching us at the oddest moments when a stray thought or word re-awakens a memory of them - love that..

  4. Kim:
    The voices I hear in my head are often the remembered wisdom and laughter of friends. I'm happy you enjoyed my post. :-)

  5. What a lovely idea for a blogfest! It seems lately many people are falling off the blogging radar and I'm not sure why. This is a wonderful way to remember and encourage. :)

  6. Heather:
    Isn't this a lovely idea for a blogfest? So many are, indeed, falling off the blog radar. We need to encourage one another as you said.

    With my time-draining work, my blog, and my writing THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT, I seem to have no spare time at all. It is daunting.

    Thank you so much for visiting and commenting as often as you do. You are a treasure! Roland

  7. I remember Wendy's icon (legs) on a few of the blogs I visit, but now that you mention it, I don't recall seeing them much anymore.

    Friends do drop by the wayside, for various reasons. Bloggers stop blogging when it's no longer fun, or they get too busy, etc.

    But it's a nice effort to remember them!

  8. It's still nighttime in Hawaii, so I am lifting my glass of wine to those we miss and those we wish we miss :)

  9. Hi Roland .. that's lovely that VR was so supportive and instrumental in guiding you in those early days - which you're reciprocating with us now ... Wendy - I know you much admire ..

    Also I love the quotes you've added here .. great post - cheers Hilary

  10. Wonderful people to admire Roland and great author profile on Waymans Publishing site. Looking forward to the release of these anthologies :)

  11. Roland, I love how you brought your characters into the post, very clever. I have visited quite a few blogs tonight and there are so many people missing from the blogging world who have left gaps in others lives!

  12. D.G.:
    I fear that her health has prevented her from participating as much as she might want in the blogverse. Always great to see your Avatar in my comments, friend.

    A toast to those who inspire us by their warmth or by their resistence is not a bad thing. :-)

    VR was the person I first bounced the idea of GHOST OF A CHANCE off on. She urged me to go ahead. We all need a booster at times! Wendy is a friend that makes me better by her efforts. Always good to see you here in my cyber-home. :-)

    Thanks for checking out my post on the Wayman site. It was a lonesome little thing for a long while! I'm looking forward to having my story alongside yours in their anthology!

    I always smile when I see yours in your Avatar here in my computer-home.

    Victor insists on elbowing into most of my posts in some form or fashion! I miss so many who fallen by the wayside in the blogverse gauntlet. I hope always to see you here in my cyber-home, nd

  13. Roland, I've missed being by your blog. I should have listed you as someone I don't visit often enough at all.
    I hope all is okay with Wendy.

  14. Susan:
    I've missed you here, too. Life has become so hectic for most of us what with work, our novels, and our blog that it is hard to find time to visit as we would. It's all good. :-)

  15. Love your quotes, especially the one by Victor.

  16. This is such a great opportunity to express our appreciation for bloggers. You did a super job here.

  17. There are so many ways different bloggers have inspired out lives. I didn't know many of these bloggers but this blogfest has shown me about some great bloggers...actually, some great human beings.

  18. I too miss those who have disappeared! I hope someday they will return~

    Congrats on the release! I'm reading one of your books-You are filled with wisdom :D Thank you~

  19. Hell, Roland. I miss you! I don't get to come here as much as I'd like anymore.

  20. Yeah, I miss VR, but luckily, I still see her on Facebook.

  21. I love Victor's quote on friendship. He is wise despite his young age. (;

    Hope the folks you are missing will find a way to get back into the blogging world.

  22. I love the quotes and perspective at the start of your post!

    The bloggers you mentioned really had an impact on the blogosphere.

  23. farawayeyes:
    Victor likes that you like his quote! :-)

    Thanks and so did you on your post.

    I am enriched by friends like you.

    I hope they return someday, too. Thanks for picking up one of my books! I hope you enjoy it. Let me know, all right?

    We are all so busy. I drove 300 miles no stop today on a 10 hour day! I miss your visits.

    FB is like eating cotton candy. Great for occasions but lacking substance. I miss VR's musings and her heart.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed. Poor Victor's hard knocks have knocked wisdom beyond his years into him I am afraid! :-)

  24. The Golden Eagle:
    I am glad you liked the quotations. I am starting each chapter of Victor's new book with quotations: some from him; some from famous and infamous folks.

    My friends are icons in the blogging world to me still. :-)

    Please come again! Roland

  25. Hi Roland
    I don't know either of those people. Wish I could meet them. Perhaps the lady who does book trailers, when she is back. Publishing and deadlines makes blogging hard.

  26. Congratulations on being in Open Doors II. I think we might be in one anthology together. Snug as a bug in a rug. Roland and me. Together. :)

  27. Nancy:
    I know you would like Wendy! :-)

    Thank you. They have enriched me with their friendship as you do with yours.

    The Desert Rocks:
    You, Siv, and me -- the THREE MUSKETEERS! :-)

  28. I miss VIolet and Wendy as well.

    Congrats on you stories...I am always thrilled to see where you are going Roland.

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  30. Michael:
    VR and Wendy are with me each day as I write ... as are all my friends, like you, Michael. Your spirits add to mine and to my writing. I am going a little crazy what with my job, my blog, and my novel!!