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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Milo James Fowler
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Rapiers gleamed death in the mists of Meilori's.  Basil Rathbone laughed lustily as he bounded upon a table but feet from me. 
 Errol Flynn leapt on the adjoining table, his blade darting for a low-line thrust.

Rathbone  flicked it aside easily.  “Oh, non, mi Capitan!  I am not playing Lavasseur or you Peter Blood tonight!  And I was ever the better swordsman!”

“Says you!” laughed Flynn easily and bounded upon the same table as Rathbone.

As their rasping swords slid down to each other hilts, their gritted teeth in the face of the other, their table jostled mine.

and glared at them. 
“Guys, I’m trying to read my new mystery here!”

There was an apricot-scented cloud of mist suddenly between the two of them, and then my ghoul friend,
Alice Wentworth pushed them apart. 
“You heard what Victor said!  Go!  Shoo!  Be adolescent boys elsewhere.”

The spinning chandelier struck fire from her very sharp teeth.  They left.  But Flynn managed to kiss Alice’s hand before he did.

Alice blushed, disappeared, and formed in the chair next to me.  “A new mystery?  Is it any good?”

I smiled wide. 
“Oh, I’ve just started, but Milo James Fowler

wrote it, and he always writes great.”

Alice said, “What is it about?”

I said, “A detective with a price on his head. An invisible criminal with nothing to lose....”

“Oh, bother,” sighed Alice, rolling her neon-blue eyes.  “That tells me nothing!  Here let me see!”

She snatched the book and read the back cover aloud in her sexy British accent (at least it sounds sexy to me):

The vault door never opened. The bank went into lockdown in less than a minute. Yet the security footage was unmistakable: a hundred silver bars had simply vanished.

Ever since the city’s most dangerous crime boss put a price on his head, private investigator Charlie Madison has lived as an exile in Little Tokyo.

But now an old friend and police sergeant has lured Madison back into the city to hunt down an invisible criminal—if he can.

As Madison makes his clandestine return, high-profile people start disappearing. And when federal agents swoop onto the scene to take matters into their own hands, they offer Madison a deal he can't refuse—as long as he agrees to work with them.

With Japanese freedom fighters and refurbished killing machines threatening to take the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust, the United World government needs all the help it can get.

Embroiled in an unimaginable mystery, one private eye must rely on his wits to solve a case where the evidence is immaterial, and the odds are stacked high against him at every turn.”

Alice turned to me.  “Sounds like the exact kind of entanglement you always seem to fall into, Victor.”

I winked at her.  “But I have an edge.”

She cocked a blonde eyebrow.  “Oh, really?”

“Sure.  Half of my enemies are distracted by your beauty.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “What do you mean half?”

Jeez.  I got into trouble even when I complimented Alice.


  1. Doesn't matter what you say to a woman - she'll hear the negative.
    Congratulations to Milo!

  2. Alex:
    Yes, to Alice is was definitely a glass half-empty situation! Congrats and best wishes to Milo!

  3. We women are never satisfied with just half. . .

    I adore Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone (in their movies, at least).

    When I saw your post, Roland, it reminded me of mine which I hadn't posted yet. Thanks! I like Milo's writing and this version of his release in your world!

    Nice to have a place to hang with your characters. Good Luck, Milo!

  4. I was hoping you'd do something like this -- too cool. Thanks, Roland!

  5. D.G.:
    Alice is an all or nothing kind of ghoul! :-)

    As one of the League of Five, I grew up on the classic weekend marathons with Errol's and Basil's movies!

    I am pushing for Milo to hit the clouds in sales with his new book.

    And it is nice to have Meilori's in my head in which to retreat for a little R&R! :-)

    I'm glad you liked your spotlight at Meilori's!

  6. This made me laugh out loud! What a neat way to introduce someone's book! Alice cracks me up. She's the only person who can really keep Victor on his toes :)) Great post and congrats to Milo!