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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


September is but four short months away, and that is the month Amazon usually does its announcements.

Amazon will go big with a 10-inch class tablet, according to DisplaySearch.
Amazon will go big with a 10-inch class tablet, according to DisplaySearch
(Credit: Amazon)
Like an Oak, the Kindle Fire started small and has gone progressively larger.
Amazon is expected to bring out a bigger version of the Kindle Fire, as it gradually grows the size of its tablets.

Amazon arguably started the small tablet fad when it launched the 7-inch Kindle Fire in November of 2011.

And it followed that with 8.9-inch model, announced in September 2012.

Now it's moving up to the 10-inch class, Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch, told CNET.

The biggest Kindle Fire yet will sport a stunning 2,560x1,600-pixel density 10.1-inch display, according to Shim.

That's about 300 pixels per inch (PPI), considerably denser than Apple's Retina iPad 4 with 264 PPI.
And that matches the 2,560x1,600 10-inch screen on Google's Nexus 10, touted as the highest-resolution tablet yet.

How low will Amazon’s tablets go?

Sarah Perez of Tech Crunch ( )

is now hearing that a $99 Kindle Fire 7″ tablet is in production, and will be shipping this year.

At a price that low, the Kindle Fire would be able to more easily compete at the tail end of the Android-based tablet market –

an area which is today dominated by low-cost tablets out of China, often sold at the sub-$100 price point.

According to what Sarah heard, the $99 Kindle Fire HD will also still sport a TI processor like the rest of the lineup, and will have a 1280×800 resolution, like today’s Kindle Fire HD 7″ does.

So if the game is becoming “how low can you go?”,

Amazon is in a good position to compete here, as it’s historically been a low-margin business. It doesn’t care what it makes from tablets right now –

it’s about getting consumers a device which connects them back to the Amazon ecosystem, where they will spend on other Amazon products and services.

And many of you remember the advantages of the Kindle Fire

that Victor Standish and his ghoul friend, Alice, took with them on their Caribbean vacation:

And speaking of Amazon reminds me of their offshoot, Audible, and my audio adventure:

Think THE HOBBIT meets THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS meets Native American Myth. 
You will not listen to another book like it!


  1. In electronics, the motto is "To Infinity and beyond!"

  2. Do you think they'll eventually compete with Apple?

    Good news! My assistant Director read your stuff on JukePop and LIKED it!!! She's going to go to Amazon on payday and look at what you have available!!!! yay!!!!

  3. Good luck with 'The Bear with Two Shadows'. I'm just about finished reading the Battle of Greasy Grass. (catchy name)

    We rarely use our ereader. Perhaps for traveling, but no so much at home.

  4. Congrats on your Audible release! I have an original Kindle Fire, and I still love it!

  5. Michael:
    Yes, that's for certain. Thanks for talking about my audio book on your blog. I am just now dragging in (1AM) from working 14 hours straight (and my creative bookkeeping company finding a way to pay me for 10! Sadly, my body had to work all 14!!)

    Words Crafter:
    It won't be for Amazon's lack of trying!

    Thank you Assistant Director for me. Victor blows a kiss her way when Alice wasn't looking! You are a super trooper friend! :-)

    It is the name the Sioux gave the Little Big Horn, but I twisted it for Hibbs' benefit and fun!

    Each family is different in its needs and wants so the eReader is not for everyone. But I use mine for listening to audio books more than anything else right now! :-)

    I have an original Kindle Fire and like it too. My friend at work says she has an Audible app that works on her original Kindle Fire. That would be nice! Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland