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Thursday, July 11, 2013


{Shiver Phoenix courtesy of the genius of Leonora Roy}

I need a little feedback.

What do you think of this idea?

A 3 part serial.  Each 8,000 word Act only 99 cents.  Each Act published a month apart.

The premise?

The much hyped first Real-Time Reality Show, Myth-Taken, is being beamed from dusk to dawn in a haunted Scottish castle.

The castle's former owner was only recently discovered hanging by the neck from the chandelier in the cob-webbed dining hall -- her body slowly swaying in front of the portrait of the castle's builder.

Hers was only the last of a long series of gruesome, mysterious deaths over the centuries of the castle's existence.  The new heir is allowing this reality show so as to pay long over-due estate taxes.

Seven contestants, drawn "randomly" by the show's creators across a nation-wide search, vie for the $50,000 Grand Prize.  The winner will be selected either by phone-in votes or by being the lone survivor should the old legends prove true.

What old legends? 

That no visitors have spent the night at the castle without all but one dying mysteriously.

The contestants:

Baylor Ryan - up and coming starlet, hoping for the screen time to help her career.

"Digger" Matthews - retired Marine Drill Instructor, wanting to prove he is as vital as ever.

Sten Andrews - veteran Ski Instructor from Aspen, Colorado, needing the win to pay off gambling debts.

Sheila Blaine - renowned debunker of haunted houses, needing to revitalize her flagging career.

"Shiver" Phoenix - Carny roustabout, recently terminated from employment.

Martha Travers - unemployed single mother of twins.

Victor Standish - street kid picked up from a New York Greyhound station as a last minute replacement.

The show's creators are corrupt.  The new heir has secrets and her own agenda.  All of the contestants are more than they appear.


Do you believe that folks will pay 99 cents an act for three months to read a 24,000 word horror serial?

(You know me and word limits.  It will probably be longer.  The title to the first chapter of Act I?  "A Difficult Pleasure.")



  1. I'm not the biggest fan of serials so I'm the wrong person to ask. But the story sounds great.

  2. Thanks, Michael:
    That's why I asked: to get input into whether to do this project or not.

  3. I think you should! I know several authors who've done well with them.

  4. The premise sounds good to me, and the price is def fair. BUT - How are serials doing in general? Didn't you have other stories in that format?

    It's a good way to introduce yourself to new readers. It's the right size for those with serial appetites.

  5. I think it could work. I'm in the process of publishing a series of short stories to kindle myself. It just a matter of letting people know about it and creating the readership.

    And if the first part is enough of a hook, people will come back to find out what happens.


  6. I don't know a lot about serials either, but I think this is such a cool idea for the premise and you can't beat 99 cents!

  7. Jai:
    I've only sold one copy of THE SOUL FLIES FREE, so I seem to suck in letting folks know about my work it seems!

    Thanks for liking the premise! I may try for it. Still debating! :-)

  8. this sounds interesting! i'm ready to buy my copy now!

  9. Words Crafter:
    I have to complete it first. :-) I just wanted to see if there were enough folks out there interested to make it worth my gamble! Thanks for the vote of support.