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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Come follow me to Milo James Fowler's blog:

where I talk about how to lend realism to historical fantasy 

and why I choose some historical figures and not others.

I tell what draws me to a historical event to write of it.

Don't let his visitor count sag because of me!

Since his Wordpress site is geared to readers and
 not comments ...

Come back here and let me know what you think.

I would hate to feel I was singing to an empty house!

Thanks for having me, Milo!


  1. That title totally scared me, Roland!!! Haha. Will check out your other post… hope you are well, friend. I really do think of you often! <3

  2. Will do, Roland. Catchy title, that. See you there.

  3. I had to do a search to get to Milo's blog for some reason.
    But I found it here:
    Weird not to be able to comment on the actual post.

    An informative and interesting post, Roland, which told us more about your writing choices and how you integrate fact with fiction. Well done.

  4. Morgan:
    Thanks. Like many of us, I sometimes think of tossing in the towel.

    Glad you think of me. May your week be healing and fun.

    When I originally wrote the guest post, I did not know of the inability to comment -- I probably would not have done it had I known.

    Not allowing comments seems stand-offish and that is just not me!

    Which will teach me to ask questions, right?

    I tried to help and give insight as to how I write historical fantasy.

    Thanks for always having my back, :-)

  5. I couldn't find a way to comment. I couldn't comment last week either.
    No villains. I like that.

  6. Alex:
    Hitler thought of himself as the hero of the epic of his life. I believe even the worst of us believe they are the stars of their own lives.

    Milo doesn't allow for comments on his Wordpress site. Bummer.

    I wish I had known that -- it makes it seem as if I am so hyper-sensitive that I am afraid of those who would disagree with me.

    In his IN MEDIA RES site, he allows comments. I feel like a second class citizen! :-)

  7. Crikey, your post heading gave me a start - I'm Leaving!!!

    Anyway, phew. Will head over to Milo's later on :)

  8. Sorry, Wendy:
    I have thought about it: diminishing returns and all. But I am a stubborn cuss. :-)

    Come back here and let me know what you thought: Milo doesn't allow comments on his Wordpress site. Drat!

  9. Scared me to clicking over... over I shall go.

  10. Jeremy:
    And it is even past HALLOWEEN, and I scared you. Sorry. I hope you enjoy what you read there.

    Please come back and tell me if you did since Milo won't let comments come to his Wordpress site. :-(