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Tuesday, December 30, 2014



Time raised a firestorm when it included "Feminism" in a list of words to vote to be banned in 2015.  Time stated:

 "Let’s stick to the issues and quit throwing this label around like ticker tape at a Susan B. Anthony parade." 

Apparently some Feminists are not big on Free Speech when their word led the list.

What words do you think should be banned or at least used less in 2015?


It is believed that the new STAR WARS movie will make more money than AVENGERS 2.  

What are your thoughts?

3.) KIM KARDASHIAN OUT according to psychics!

But only towards the end of 2015.  One can only hope!


At least in Congress. But since both parties basically seem to trash the country in some way when they are in power, it seems to be a mute point.

5.) ALS ICE BUCKET Challenge OUT/ is IN

Aren't you glad?

6.) Walter White OUT/ President Frank Underwood IN

I've watched neither show which shows you how OUT I am!

7.) Brown Shoes with Dark Suit OUT/ Sneakers with everything IN

I am so definitely OUT of the fashion scene, too!

8.) Ebola OUT/ Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis IN

Either disease is too scary to make fun of!


Either one can still get you killed on the interstate!  Distracted driving kills.


What do you think is OUT from 2014 and what is IN FOR 2015?


Chris Evans decided to surprise a 9-year-old fan Kenny Botting

who had surgery on a brain tumor a few months back and has been staying at Christopher’s Haven, 

a place for children fighting cancer. 

Chris Evans showed up at the Boston organization on Monday.

 Botting is "obsessed with Captain America" and that Evans gave the young boy gifts and took pictures with him.

 "It's their strength that gives people like me strength," Evans told CBS. 

"If there is anyway you can just give a smile or positive words or encouragement, it's worth it."


  1. There are no words. Enough said ...

  2. Actions are the best words. TIME has since apologized. I think that Feminism led the list of words to be banned might better be seen by feminists as a barometer of the culture they have taken for granted. Shaking your fist at the rain never made anyone any drier! :-)

  3. Hi, Roland,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR. Wising you all the best for 2015!

    I want HATE CRIMES OUT and LOVE IN.... If only....

  4. I really like Michael's suggestion. And while I am dreaming, world peace and an end to cruelty.

    Hate Crimes need to be on the extinct species list! And Love is always needed, you're right!

    Elephant's Child:
    End to cruelty would be a major step towards world peace, wouldn't it? Michael still has his perspective right!

  6. I am definitely as out of it as you are. I don't like the idea of banning words, and I happen to think feminism is still highly necessary. I wish though, that EVERYONE famous for nothing would be out. Fame should be earned, not an accident of birth or the outcome of reality TV unless that reality TV was a talent contest.

  7. Hart:
    Equality for each of us no matter our sex, race, or creed is my dream.

    Miley, Kardashians, Bieber -- they all sadden me.

    As my protagonist, Wolf Howl, says in my WIP: "Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face and into the soul."

  8. 1. I don't like the word feminism as I think it marginalizes women, but until we start thinking of ourselves as human beings instead of as genders, the word is necessary. Yes, men and women are different, but I am also different from the woman who lives next door. We are individuals and deserve to be treated with equal respect. Fighting for a category of human beings (like women) is often necessary, but the result will always be divisive.

    Most of the words I could do without are pretend-speak from my time in the business world: guesstimate, monetize, and worst of all, paradigm shift. Ugh.

    2. I don't care because I'm not a Star Wars fan. Please don't throw stones.
    3. That would be awesome!
    4. Never discuss politics.
    5. Make sure the nonprofit filed a 990, check a site like Charity Navigator and confirm the majority of the money donated is going to programs rather than to overhead. Pick a cause close to your heart, and ignore ALL the online fundraising hype.
    6. Works for me. I got bored with Walter White. Frank U. still fascinates.
    7. I hate wearing sneakers no matter how casually I'm dressed.
    8. Be aware, but understand that big pharma wants to keep you scared, that's how they make their money. That isn't cynicism speaking. That's someone whose had a connection to big pharma for most of her adult life.
    9. I always text with my index finger, and I don't drive. Yay! I'm safe.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2015, Roland!

    VR Barkowski

  9. A few feminists gave feminism a bad name, and the word was probably coined by a male person, a journalist no doubt. When magazines think Kardashians are news, that shows the judgment acuity of the press. Hope better minds will prevail in 2015...

  10. VR:
    Yes, labels objectify (is that even a word?) We are human beings, each of us of worth. But humanity seems intent on erecting barriers where there are none, right?

    Oh, guesstimate! Wow. I never thought of that deserving one. Thanks.

    The 3 pre-quels pretty much turned me off STAR WARS, especially Jar Jar Jinks. Sigh! But I was a child fan of comics, sold them when running a book store, and have loved many of the Marvel movies. So I am pulling for AVENGERS 2!

    If Kim K and her hubby sank slowly in the west of media consciousness, I would be very happy!!

    Wise not to talk politics. We Americans started a revolution that way!

    I give to folks I know close-up and personal. I don't have enough spare change to be foolish! :-)

    I hate programs that make the villain the hero and the rest of the cast victims. Sigh again. :-)

    I am an Earth Shoe fan or hiking boots. I haven't had a pair of dress shoes in decades! I am OUT of the fashion mode for sure.

    The media hypes what they think will strike fear in the audience, thus generate ratings. I don't doubt the pharma industry of villainy since their $1000 Hepatitis C pill with $84,000 price tag for a full course of treatment!

    I never text. We get fired if we are caught driving AND texting. If I never text, I cannot be accused of the deed on the road.

    May your 2015 be all you wish it to be. Sandra, my best friend, is slipping, and my own heart is very heavy.

  11. D.G.:
    Is anyone truly interested in what Kim K and her family do? It is hard for me to take the possibility in. I feel like Ripley in ALIENS: "Have IQ points dropped since I was away?"

    I hope saner, wiser minds prevail in next year's media, but I doubt it! :-)

    May your 2015 be much improved over your 2014!!

  12. Hi Roland .. more thought in / less uneducated opinions in ...

    Think before you speak, tweet, check your facts ... that's probably not possible, but at least get better informed ...

    I just hope there's more health around and humanity can actually decide to care for itself, and then for all its environment that it so regularly mucks up ...

    Happy New Year and I'm glad great minds think alike for the 2015 image! Cheers and I hope those issues of yours disappear and fade away - HIlary

  13. Hilary:
    I saw a sign in front of a church today: LIFE DOES NOT HAVE A REMOTE. GET UP AND CHANGE IT YOURSELF!

    It struck me as both funny and all too true.

    Life continues like the ocean with its ebbs and tides. The trick is to flow with them, right? :-)

    Best of New Year to you! Thanks for being my friend!