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Friday, January 2, 2015


Empty bank accounts, tight waistlines, vomiting bugs, failed detoxes: 

(Guys, it's not a hangover.  It's called alcohol poisoning.)

The post-holiday comedown is a well-dreaded condition. 

January, even at its best, has few redeeming features.

 {At least we in S.W. Louisiana have the Mardi Gras to look forward to.}


Ah, last week:


This time last week, it was a bright, crisp New Year’s Day. 

Feeling optimistic about the months ahead, two-thirds of us made at least one resolution: 

to eat less, to drink less, to get fit. 

Yet, according to a survey by researchers at the University of Bristol, 88 per cent of us will soon break them. 

Half of us already have.  




Let's face it: 

most of us had a hard time of it last year.  

We managed to pull it together somehow, put on the brave Christmas face --

Now, we are smack at the beginning once more, looking at running the gauntlet all over again.



New Year's Eve can be a time of reflection, looking back over the last year ... 

or our whole lives -- and seeing all the plans and dreams cast aside on the shoulder of our life paths.


So what can we do to get through the yblues?

1.) Most important: make plans for the coming months.

    Organize something you can look forward to. 

    Be creative: watch a movie; listen to music; go for a run. 

    The sun might not be shining – and the lack of sunlight is one factor that’s making us feel sad –

     but get outside and swing yourself about a bit. 

     It’ll make you feel so much better.


2.) Positive Perspective is key.

     Dress brightly – even for work. 

     Everything’s so gloomy and dull outside that it’ll make people happy to see someone wearing bright colors. 

     Find yourself frowning?  Force a smile.  Studies show that putting on a grin will unconsciously make you feel more up.

3.) Use the prevailing winds.

     Last year was tough for you, right?  But you made it through!



It's seems impossible that sailors can move forward with the wind blowing against them, doesn't it?

     How do they do that?

     On a sailboat, wind blowing against the boat at an angle inflates the sail, 

     and it forms a similar foil shape to an airplane's wing, 

creating a difference in pressure that pushes the sail perpendicular to the wind direction.


4.) Your mind is your sail.

     It determines the course you sail through life.  

     You must learn how to mentally "tack," 

a term sailors use to describe how they shift the sail 

so the wind blows into a different side of the sail.

      There are people in this world that would give their left hand to be right where you are -- 

     with the blessings you are too familiar with to be thankful for.

     Your struggles have made you smarter, stronger, and more aware of what you can do.


5.) Take a moment to realize that you are still here.

     And that is an extraordinary achievement given the pain that you’ve been through.


6.) Focus on what you're facing and what you're running from.

      What is just one simple step you can take 

      to maybe move towards the problem rather than away from it? 

     When you step towards problems they shrink, 

     and they become more manageable.


7.) Be kind to yourself.

     If you had a best friend in a similar situation, what would your advice be?

     I bet it would be: 

     "Ease up yourself, friend.  You've done a great job with a lousy situation."

I hope this has helped in some small way, your friend - Roland


  1. These are indeed great tips and very wise words. I try not to make any new years resolutions, as I then find it hard to follow through. I hope 2015 will be a wonderful year for you.

  2. Murees:
    No resolutions for me either. I have goals. I try to make my goal a lifestyle. I hope that 2015 will be a great year for you as well!

  3. I have to post my writing goals for my critique group sometime this week. I normally don't make resolutions for new years, I just get lazy as the pressure mounts to get busy, lol.

    Happy new year Roland. Hope this year is kinder to you.

  4. Donna:
    No resolutions for me, merely goals. It is silly to make tension for goals or resolutions we set ourselves, right?

    May this year be kinder and more gracious to you, too! :-)

  5. Hi Roland .. no resolutions for me either .. but we do need to be out there doing - writing and moving forward - helping ourselves ... I hope life will be kind to you .. and helpful to me as February rocks towards me .. cheers Hilary