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Friday, March 6, 2015


Now, that I have your attention.

Last post, I wrote of honor and decency and my visitor numbers tumbled into the abyss.  

What we say we value and what our actions say sometimes are living examples of cognitive dissonance.

Look at our comic book portrayal of women:
Torpedo Nipples that dent armor

Putting your best, ah, foot forward

I posted the image of Salma Hayek for a reason --

Her latest film is her passion:
an animated version of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

 Hayek sees the message of the book as particularly important to women, 

because it is “about the courage to speak up, to believe you are worth being listened to,” she says.

When she first came to Hollywood, she was mocked for sounding like a Mexican maid -- 

I could write a whole post on that mindset alone!

Hayek says Hollywood wants women to look 20 when they are 40.

If men were being treated shabbily in Hollywood, she would spring into action against that.

"It should be a reflex, she says, that when you see someone being hurt to help."

Then, look at Tinder, the matchmaking mobile app

It fired its only female co-founder last year, saying to call a 24 year old girl a co-founder made the company sound like a joke.

But not to leave the older generation out of it, 

Tinder has doubled its price for its premium service from $10 to $22 a month for those over age 28.


Older folks can afford it ... and they are more desperate to find compatible mates.  


Studies abound that show that 

singles over 30 are in a bit of a bind. 

The dating pool has increasingly shrunk as they aged.  

20% of males their age want a lady in her 20's!

Most dating services and apps start restricting to whom they show women's profiles the moment they go from 29 to 30!

Fifty Shades of Grey took in $93 million in its first 4 days 

beating the $83 million of the same date release of THE PASSION OF CHRIST.

What our culture values shows in what we pay to see, right?


  1. I hate it when women are reduced to sex symbols. And when young women are shot down for their age. I can't believe Tinder fired their female co-founder just because she was 24. That's ridiculous! I hate those images of Kim and Miley. Ew! And what's funny is that 50 Shades is a topic on my blog today too. haha

  2. It might be what our culture values, but I don't and refuse to pay to see such things.
    Luckily there is room for the little person still. The dissident little person.

  3. I think all things sex has become fashionable, if that is even possible. Certain things are no longer left to the imagination and that is sad. The imagination is such a fun place to hang out. I understand sex scenes in certain genres of writing and so forth, but in everyday life? Not so much.

  4. Sex with aliens is a hot unexplored topic. I have no doubt that if humanity crosses the galaxy, first contact might not be G-rated.

  5. Chrys:
    I've been working all day and most of the night, else I would have visited your blog to check it out earlier! Humans, male or female, are not objects to be looked at like animals in a zoo. But you and I are in the minority I believe. :-(

    Elephant's Child:
    I refuse to pay money to see anyone demeaned or objectified like you. It seems we little people are ignored by Hollywood and music.

    All things kinky sex have become fashionable I think!! I do not mind romance but bondage and torture are not my cup of tea!!

    I think that when we meet aliens advanced enough to travel here, we will fare about as well as the Native Americans! And food, not sex, will probably be on the menu, and we will be the new delicacy!! :-)

  6. Yeah, you're right. I'm thinking alien sex might be like the Black Widow spider. It has to be done carefully or you're on the menu.

  7. Walter:
    I believe our frames of reference and perspectives will be so totally different that we will be lucky if hostilities will not break out immediately upon contact!

  8. Hollywood is so backwards about many things, but especially about women and minorities and youth. Which explains why so many of their most expensive, noisiest (and often offensive) movies fail.