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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Ever asked yourself that question?  
I bet you have.  
I believe we all have.

As Hibbs, the cub with no clue, often says:

"Do what you know until you know what to do."

He knows how to breathe, so he does that.

When under stress, we tend to breathe rapid and shallow.  

We wrongly believe that does not give us enough oxygen.

It actually does the opposite.

Shallow breathing doesn't mean you need more oxygen. 

It actually means that you're over-breathing –

You're breathing out carbon dioxide too quickly, before your body has a chance to make more.

Oxygen fills your lungs right when you breathe, 

but carbon dioxide takes time to develop, 

 and when you shallow breathe, each expulsion of breath takes out more Co2 than your body has created.

Start breathing slowly and deeply.  

Breathe in slow for 5 seconds.  Hold it for 2 more.  Then, exhale slowly for 5 seconds.

Fill your mind with a peaceful image: 

puppies playing, a sailboat gliding across the crystal glass of a calm lake, an eagle sailing majestically overhead against a startlingly blue sky.

Retrieving our child-like wonder and perspective of life helps, too.

Once at my bookstore, I spotted a young customer who just the day before had sighed that things were all "upside down."

I asked him, "How are things?"

He beamed, "Things are all "Upside Right."

How do we change our lives to all "Upside Right?"

Once as a child, I had peanut-buttered my slice of bread just right, 

only to have it slip from my fingers to slap on the floor, peanut-butter kissing the kitchen tiles.

"Darn!" I snapped.  "This always happens!"

Mother winked at me.  "Maybe you just butter the wrong sides."

We tunnel-vision many stresses.  

Most maddening things are survivable.

 If we look beyond them, we will see that life will go on.  

If we give ourselves heart attacks over something minor, we are the culprits.

Those situations which are long term will not be improved by shaking our fists. 

Swearing at the rain never kept anyone dry.

As adults we can obtain a positive attitude on a more consistent basis by being CHILD LIKE.

 This is not immaturity, it is not shirking responsibility,

but it does mean less drama, less stress and most importantly not taking life so damn seriously.

Few of us can eat a whole pie at one sitting.

But slice by slice we eat the whole pie eventually.

Huge tasks or challenges can be daunting when viewed as a whole.  But we can conquer them slice by slice.

If we break up the mountain before us in small do-able climbs, we will eventually climb it.

Try to find something to laugh at in the situation ... even if it is yourself.

Ever see the first DIE HARD?  

Most times when he barely escapes from a death-defying leap or being buried under a pile of rubble, he emerges laughing.

I've taken the "Bruce Willis" approach to my own escapes.  

Laughing at dropping that pen right when I need it and my back is already complaining, 

at someone being undeservedly rude, 

or getting cut off by an obviously suicidal motorcyclist.

There are actual studies that show laughter helps you to live longer.

When you laugh, your brain releases endorphins, chemicals that promote a state of well-being.  

It has proven that a nice session of laughter is equal to several minutes on a rowing machine!

Besides using your diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles, 

your blood pressure is lowered, and your heart rate increases as well. Ever laugh so much that it hurts? 

Now you know why.


  1. Thanks for this post, Roland. I need to breathe better, simple as that -- yet it takes a conscious effort to improve my breathing habits.

  2. Milo:
    That's what Yoga is for I guess, but chiropractors are needed after that! Thanks for visiting. I was feeling a bit lonely.