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Monday, June 22, 2015


Do we ever recognize what is truly important in our lives?

* Amazon is about to pay us by the number of the pages read in our Kindle books.

* Taylor Swift takes on AppleMusic and wins.  

* We are told that the music of the TOP 40 is what most of us listen to and that it shapes how we look at life.

* A sullen sociopath kills innocent people only seeking a closer relationship to their God 

* And politicians and the Media scramble to make rating glory out of it.

Our World spins around us, 

playing out in the staccato beats of pounding sound bytes of humanity slowly growing insane.

And in the pause of those beats, 

the healing catalysts of our sanity quietly go about being the steadying anchor by just being there ...

until they aren't.  

And then, we realize that our true living was done in the pauses between the shouts, 

in the exchanges with people who cannot be replaced now that they are gone. 

Neil Gaiman:

writes of now existing in the pause between inhalation and exhalation 

as they help as best they can as Anthony, the most important friend in his wife's life slowly dies.

Amanda, Neil's wife, first met him when she was a child.  

Memories now swirl all around her: 

* At the age of nine throwing snowballs at his window to say HI ...

* Troubled times of  teenage years as she came over to his house to vent her loneliness and angst ...

* Lonely nights in a German college as she called Anthony often to just hear the voice of a caring friend ...

* Her Rock-Star beginnings when Anthony gave her the name of her band, the Dresden Dolls.

Laura, Anthony's wife, Neil, and Amanda are waiting ... waiting ... waiting.

It won't be long ... but it feels an eternity.

Are you someone's healing catalyst?  

Is someone yours and you haven't realized it yet?  

If someone is precious to you ... let them know now.


  1. Let them know now because life is too fleeting and those moments will be lost.

  2. Time spent telling/showing someone that they are valued and precious is time well spent.

  3. I don't think I'm anyone's healing catalyst, but I still try to be supportive and kind. It's the least we humans can be for each other. Thank you for the insightful words, Roland.

  4. Now if someone pays 99c for your book and only reads 50 pages, does that mean you don't even get a few cents for all your trouble? Scary this push for profit, isn't it?

    Mindfulness comes to mind. Someone said to me this morning that somewhere amidst all this turmoil, we need to find time to breath. Amen to that.

    Denise :-)

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