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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


He remembers their first meeting,  She so shy.  He pretending not to be.

He remembers their last embrace, the final touch ... with nothing more to say, nothing more to say.

No need for words for in this dark all words have long since lost their meaning.

He was so good with words ... once.  The crowd loved him ... once.  No more.  No more.

Still, her first words whisper in his ear.  He tries to read between their lines.  

But what he sees in the dark, feels in his heart blurs in ghosts of yesteryear.

All his dreams.  All his lies.  He can no longer tell them apart.

He watches his final hour bleeding while the bunker clock ticks away his life.

He studies its hands.  He sees them turn, each click a tsk of reproach.

Oh, for a breath of spring once more.  But no breeze in this cement haven. 

 Only silence.  When she took the pills not a single word was spoken.

Now that she is dead, the silence seems a scream of accusation.

The doctor spoke truly.  The pills acted quickly, so quickly.

He ignores his own pills like lice upon the scalp of the table, the gun beside them a grim sentinel.

He reaches out to gently stroke her still warm cheek. He frowns at his trembling fingers.  

When had he become so frail, so old?

His fingers turn to the pills.  The shadows look on.  He hears their mocking whispers:

"Should we cry for your sake?  Should you sleep in our arms?"

He hates those shadows, for the shadows see all, and they never forget.

"We never forget!" they mock.  "Every dream that you had, every act you should regret."

He puts the pills in his mouth, swallows the stale, tepid water.  He chokes, spitting them out.

He picks up the gun.  He feels the cold pressure of its barrel against his temple.

What will his people, the world think when they speak his name?  Or will they speak it at all? 

 In the years to come will any remember the name ... Hitler.


  1. But did he or didn't he? A well chosen tale of a man who caused real horror. It would be just if he is haunted into eternity.Well done, Roland!

    1. It would be just if he is haunted all through eternity. There is a story that a general had to shoot him when his nerve failed him. Thanks for liking my little Halloween tale. I wanted to do a tale of a real monster.

  2. A good twist at the end of an eerie tale. He was indeed the ultimate monster.

    1. I wanted an O'Henry style Halloween tale. Thanks for liking it. :-)

  3. Hi Roland - I wonder if he felt remorse ... he was a monster of all monsters ... trouble is he could hide behind the screens of numerous minions ... who had to do each job, and pass the buck, til some poor person actually had to pull their own triggers, or push the button .. dreadful. Appalling ... unthinkable about, at least I don't like to ... He will be remembered in history for a long time to come - Hilary

    1. Now, we have dozens of sociopaths from North Korea to the Middle East to the Baltic States, each following in his footsteps. Frightening and sad both at once. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :-)

  4. Hitler has a legacy such as Caligula and other sociopaths with power. Quite scary when you have people protesting a death tax that they would never have to pay. I would be more afraid but I feel somewhere, somehow these Pied Pipers of politics will implode.

    1. I was just saying the same thing to a co-worker today. :-(