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Sunday, April 10, 2016


We all have dreams.

Most of the world sneers at dreamers, for they have given up on theirs.

Cons like CyPhaCon allow fellow dreamers to gather and become nourished by being in the company of kindred souls that understand.

To be understood.  To be accepted.  How rare that is in today's world.

To meet strangers who quickly become friends when each exclaims: "You like _____, too?  I thought I was the only one!"

Sometimes anime or Steampunk lovers feel as if they will explode from mentioning their favorite characters ...

only to be met with blank, condescending stares.

At CyPhaCon, adults can become children again, and children can become magical.   

 Dreams are fragile ...  they can die and with them the spirit of the person who carries their ashes within them.

CyPhaCon is a place where dreams are resurrected and with them, the hearts of their owners. 

 I am still at my author's table at CyPhaCon.  I had four green Orion slave girls dancing around my table today.  

Before I could whip out my camera on my Kindle, they were gone to amuse other authors and vendors.

Maybe today they will stay longer.  If I were Captain Kirk they would!

Two female vendors, garbed in CosPlay attire walk by my table many times a day on errands.  

I say HI -- What a day, right? -- No rest for the weary -- Have a profitable day!  

Different greetings all done with a "This is some convention, right?" smile.

Each time I get a look that should jut out four inches from my back.

Drake, the cyber artist next to me, finally said, "Why are you so nice to them all the time when they give you such looks?"

I smiled, "Sooner or later, they'll smile back."

"Uh, that would be when H___ freezes over, and we're not going to be here that long."

A father dressed like a '40's cop walked by with his little daughter skipping proudly next to him dressed as Catwoman.

I smiled at his way of keeping her close but happy: she was handcuffed to him as if he had arrested a dangerous criminal.

A little girl with a triangular mask on almost as large as she was was led about by her father since the screen eyes made seeing almost impossible.

But her whole little body swayed with pride and happiness --  

for deep down she knew she was MAGIC! 

The small children made the Con for me.

Because my two helpers couldn't make it, I couldn't attend my own talk on how to write with impact.

So two of the would-be attendees came to my table, and I conducted an intimate give-and-take lesson on writing.  

It was great.   

A violinist played at each of our tables for a bit, STAR WARS, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, BRAVEHEART, etc.

An author grumbled across from me after he left, "He must make money from the vendors paying him to move to the next guy!"

David and Ethan, the two graphic artists behind me, were gracious enough to watch my table during the past two days as I raced to the bathroom.

I had two friends that were supposed to be with me but they had to back out at the last minute from job and car problems -- 

so David and Ethan were life savers or at least kidney savers!

I am giving away a raffle ticket with each of my books bought.

Come today at 3:30 P.M. 

I will draw for an autographed AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON movie poster, 

a Brad Pitt autographed picture from INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE

a Johnny Depp autographed picture, 

and a James Gunn (Director) autographed photo from GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

A young girl working below my floor has bought all 11 of my paperbacks.  She won't tell me what item she wants.

It would hurt me if she did not win anything, 

so I am bringing from home a Brad Pitt autographed photo, 

a Johnny Depp autographed picture, 

and a Robert Downey, Jr autographed photo with cards signed by Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

If she doesn't win anything, I will ask her what she wanted, and depending upon what item she wanted, I will give her the appropriate autographs for free.

Hey, she bought every one of my books!  She deserves something, right?

So now you know why I haven't been visiting all you guys at your blogs! 

And special thanks to Kathleen, Dean, and Sven for helping me pack and get my gear to my car!!

Extra special thanks to Garrett, Stuart, and Michael   
(the original THREE MUSKETEERS of the Star Trek Fan club which grew into CyPhaCon!!)


  1. Sure, you've been schmoozing at the Con. That's okay and how great of that girl to buy that many books. I'd say you've got a fan in the making. Hope you did well!

    1. She came early to tell me sadly she was having to leave for a 3 hour car ride. I asked her what item she had wanted -- she said the Johnny Depp one, so I handed the Captain Jack Autographed photo I had brought from home. She left happy. :-)

  2. She purchased all eleven? That's awesome.
    Just keep smiling at people, Roland. Don't let sour attitudes sour yours.

    1. You're right, Alex. Thanks. Yes, all 11! And when she left hugging the Johnny Depp picture, I was almost as happy as she was!!

  3. 11 books, Great...!!! Sounds like your in Your Element Roland. :-D

    1. I had fun, Robert. Now, I will have to pay for it by working 7 days straight!! Whew!!

  4. It was hard to get this white box to show up, but I persisted. Good friend that I am. Sounds like you got a new fan of your books and also that you are having a good time.

    1. I had a wonderful time, making new friends, making children giggle, and hopefully gaining new fans of my books!! :-)

      Thank you for persisting in commenting. I always smile when I see you have visited.

  5. You are killing me with all the cool giveaways... I want some so, so badly!


    1. If you had only been there! I managed to have a prize for everyone who showed up for the drawing. :-)

  6. That sounds awesome. A shame the cosplay women were so rude. I attended my very first con recently and was blown away by how warm and accepting it was!

    1. Most were warm and accepting, too. The cosplay ladies may have misconstrued my smile to be more than what it was.

      The children imagining themselves magical and superheroic made the event for me ... and meeting struggling writers I could help in some small way. :-)