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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U is for Ulysses

"We define our identity always by our success against that which oppresses us."
- Ulysses

"One must be cunning indeed to survive 
the wicked of this world."
 - Sherlock Holmes

 "A society which most values intelligence 
will create men of knowledge. 
A society which most values money 
will create scoundrels." 
- Mark Twain

Does Today's Culture Value Fame More Than Brain?

When reading as a child, 

I was drawn not to Hercules but to Ulysses

not to Robin Hood but to Sherlock Holmes,

not to Gunda Din but to Kim,

not to Superman but to Batman.

You see, I could not be born on Krypton, 

but I could mold my mind and body to think my way out of troubles. 

So I guess it is no surprise that with my Urban Fantasies

I created a modern Ulysses/Kim 

to outwit and tweak the noses of those who prowled the shadows of the French Quarter. 

Did Your Favorite Kind of Hero/Heroine In Your Childhood

Shape The Sort of Protagonist of whom You Write?


What Do You Think Your Childhood Heroes Said Of You?


  1. Hi Roland - I don't think my early life gave me heroes to look for ... I just read and read - sadly Clint Eastwood in Rawhide drew me in ... but it was black and white screen and brand new to us ... we didn't get a tv for ages. I have a few friends ... lots of acquaintances ... and I am happy to be on my own, equally will enjoy others companies ... cheers Hilary

    1. Heroes are hard to come by in any age, and if you have one good friend you are richer than most! :-)

  2. I think people today definitely value fame over brains. That would explain a phenomenon like the popularity of the Kardashians.

    1. The Kardashians! Don't get me started. :-)

      Fame is so fleeting and usually not deserved, while wisdom will see you through the darkest storms. Thanks for continuing to visit this harried rare blood courier. :-)