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Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm listening to the haunting melody "Autumn" by Ryan Stewart from his beautiful album, EQUANIMITY. I believe America, the world itself, may be in its Autumn.

Perhaps this thought stems from me knowing that on this day in 1776, THE DECLINE & FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE was published.


Because I believe all of us are standing on the threshold of something that befalls every person, every civilization, but with each at a different cost.

We move through the moments but are far them. And as the night descends, it feels as if we are leaving home.

I'm swept up in a sense of the missed opportunity, the lost chance, the closed door. In my mind, I hear Bette Midler singing “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” as I did when I sloshed alone down the flooded streets of Lake Charles that night after Hurricane Ike.

“Broken windows and empty hallways,
A pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey.
Human kindness is overflowing,
And I think it’s going to rain today.”

Brrr! Well this will teach me to listen to haunting music in the tatters of my darkened efficiency apartment. May the twilight hold itself back for just a few seasons more for all of us.
Ryan Stewart is a classically trained composer who has composed for FACEBOOK, GEICO, and recording artist Paul Cardall {also worth checking out.} Check out Ryan on his website


  1. Every now and then I get caught in the grip of frightening thoughts such as "time is running out" and "how will I ever accomplish all I want before it's too late". I feer I've squandered precious moments that I'll never get back.

    Monday morning blues?

  2. The world is ever-changing and we are but observers along for the ride. Every moment must be seized because we never know when it will be our last. Now you have me feeling philosophical... ;)

  3. Intersting that you're talking about the Fall of the Roman Empire. I've felt for years now that the fall of the US Empire was beginning, and here we are, in the midst of it. I suppose it should be reassuring that Italy, The Netherlands, England and France are all still standing. Empires just fall. It is the way of things.

  4. These days the world feels most uncertain - but I like to think that there is also a more tangible global awakening from complacency manifesting itself.

    Here's to Spring! Take care

  5. I know what you mean Roland. The world around us seems to be decaying before our eyes. Every time you read the news something else seems to point to the end.
    But the end of one thing is the beginning of another...hopefully a better brighter future. But it is hard to hope for that dawn of a brighter day in the darkness of the witching hour.

    I hope with you we have many, many more seasons ahead.

    Pamela Jo

  6. Our world is an uncertain place, and that's the one thing you can count on to never change.

    Americans like to revel at being on top. They hide their heads in the sand rather than face unhappy truths that might risk their world view. Complacency is a very dangerous thing, and we are most certainly headed for a fall.

  7. Wendy :
    Not Monday Morning Blues -- just my mind is full of historical tidbits that chime at certain dates, making me see parallels in the present.

    All we can do, as Gandalf advises, is to make best use of the time today gives us. Saying prayers for the 31st.

    Heather :
    Yes, I was feeling a bit philosophical this morning. Some mean-spirited woman called in falsely about my driving, putting my job in jeopardy for something I didn't do. Life is filled with empty-souled people.

    Hart :
    Like you, I have always felt that the U.S. is following the tragic footsteps of the Roman Empire. All we can do is to ride the bull the best we can and try not to get bucked off!

    Kitty :
    I have never seen world power handled well, so I hope Spring gives us some relief in more ways than one!

    There's just life :
    There may be more seasons in this old girl of a nation and a world than seems apparent. I'll knock on wood for it to be so. Thunk, thunk on my head! LOL.

    V R :
    Denial is the chief defense mechanism the world over. But it is dangerous in world or American leaders as Katrina proved. I want you to be around blogville for a long while!

  8. Poignant. I think about those kinds of things so much. Autumn is my favorite season...the old year is yielding it's harvest and beginning to die. Like every nation or culture that has ever existed-- we will follow that pattern too.
    "Nothing gold can stay..."

  9. Autumn does tend to lead to those kind of musings. The Lakota believed that all of life for individual, tribes, nations followed the path of the circle. Lord knows, I have often felt like I was running around in circles!

    I, too, enjoy that Robert Frost poem. I even had my hero, McCord, quote it at the beginning of FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. But I was told by several Beta readers it was too literary fiction for the novel. I may have taken it out. I cannot remember since I have written so many words since then.

    Thanks for visiting and staying to chat. I'm glad you like Victor visiting you. Roland

  10. Hiya, buddy ...

    It's been ages. I had a fun and busy week catching up with my college friend. She is the longest friendship that lasted amongst the hundreds in my past.

    Solemn thoughts of autumn. But we must always remember with death comes life. Civilizations and life are dormant for a time, but will resurrect with the tiny buds bursting from mother earth.

    We must believe we will survive. Maybe not as our life once was but as a new beginning. I've always tried to look at the positive. There is always something of beauty to find amongst the rubble.