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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I was driving down a stretch of highway I hadn't taken for awhile

on my way to bring rare blood to a rural hospital.

I spied a billboard.

It was the one you see in the picture :


I sped by, thinking I would never know who this Erin was, or who was doing this unique proposal, or if she said yes.

Being a writer, I did some research and here is the link to the answer :

I arrived to the hospital to see, that in a week's time, the TACO BELL had been leveled to the ground.

Within a week.

Being a writer, I asked around at the hospital. TACO BELL was being re-built from the ground up. But what happened to the poor people depending on those paychecks to survive?

Being a writer and observer of the folks around me, I knew most of the people displaced. They were not faceless statistics. They were single mothers and struggling teens who would be devastated.

And I would never know what happened to them.

As I drove back, I thought there were other things you and I will never know :

Why do people scream at each other in an argument?

Do they instinctively know that the other person has long since stopped listening?

Where does the love go in so many marriages?

Is it evaporated under the heat of life's day-to-day burdens?

Or is it strangled by neglect, by meant-to gestures of caring forgotten in the rush of the rat race, and the poison of familiarity?

How does the brain produce consciousness?

It can't be data storage, or a computer would be conscious. Is it that something science scoffs at? The soul?

How can observation affect the outcome of an experiment?

Don't ask a mother this. You can see for yourself when she walks into her son's room unexpectedly.

But a mother will never know what impact her life of love, her words of wisdom will have on her children when she is dead.

Perhaps sometimes you just have to trust in love to stick when all else drops by the wayside.



  1. Whew! After midnight, and I'm still at work!

    I really need like a Girl Scout pack to buy THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, post a review, get those 5 entries, and maybe me onto the Top 100 so I can support myself without these terrible hours!

    LOL! We all have our dreams!

    But I wouldn't be adverse to one or two of you guys posting a review. The avalanche of prizes aren't too shabby you know. I'm off to my apartment in exile. Hope you enjoy this post.

    Have a great tomorrow! Roland

  2. Hi Roland .. at times when we're struggling ourselves we have to count our own blessings - everywhere I go to there's closed businesses and closing ones ..

    I can't let things affect me - it brings me down .. I can only know that when I have more I'll be helping others ... for now I'll give as much cheer as I can to other residents at the Nursing Centre ..

    Very good points you've raised - I only know I need to be as capable as I can in my own circumstances, while being aware of the outside world.

    Thanks and I do hope those entries come winging in .. cheers and happy days .. Hilary

  3. Roland, you sure know how to ask the tough questions don't you!

  4. Thanks, Hilary :

    If the entries don't, I'll just take it as a sign to walk off with Hibbs into the sunset. But I have a few promises to keep before then.

    Like you said, there are so many areas where our help is needed. Sometimes just an understanding smile can be the difference in a good day or a bad one to a hurting heart.

    And we are blessed in so many ways that slip by us because they have become part of our lives.

    It can be scary when we see the storm clouds on the economic and political horizons.

    I pray that life brightens and blooms for you more with each passing day, Roland

  5. Hi Roland .. thanks - but preferably don't walk off into the sunset with or without Hibbs!

    Well for both us .. life can theoretically only get better and that's the way I look at it .. cheers for now - Hilary

  6. Sarah :
    The tough questions come to me as I drive down lonely roads at night, bringing rare blood to ill patients. I think of all the heartbreak I see in the lives of those I work with.

    Thanks for visiting and staying to chat. I look forward to your visits. Roland

  7. Hilary :
    Hibbs, the bear with 2 shadows, just sat down on his big rump, saying, "I'm not going anywhere, buddy. You fight the good fight, hear?" Thanks for the support.

    Thanks for writing back so quickly. I like your attitude. There is so much beauty and goodness to life if we but make an effort to look for it. Have a healing day, Roland

  8. Good points, Roland. For now, just listen to Hibbs.

  9. Thanks, Wendy :
    I'm trying to listen to Hibbs. He's too big to ignore! Thanks for staying to chat, Roland

  10. Excellent questions. Definitely something to ponder. I hope your work hours improve soon.