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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Cassie and Angie

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have a new challenge for their I'M HEARING VOICES blogfest :

Dialogue Introduction:

Have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two. Max 250 words.

Mine, DIALOGUE IN THE DARK, is 225 words.

“Still sitting at your table where you killed my beautiful pawn I see.”

“See? That’s make one of us. I thought you had come into my club.”


“All the lights went out. You are the living Dark.”

“And the Father of Lies.”

“You’re evil all right. Just not Evil itself.”

“That is right. You do not believe in my Enemy so I cannot be what I most assuredly am.”

“If I promise to miss you, will you go away?”

“Always a joke with you, isn’t there? And always tugging on that glove. Haven’t you noticed how good it feels to kill with that cursed hand of yours?”

“Each life, even a twisted one, is so fragile, and therefore precious, that killing should never feel good.”

“It must feel good to God. He does it all the time.”

“Don’t you have a lie to sow, a saint to corrupt?”

“What makes you think I am not doing those very things now?”

“You can have known me so long and ask that question?”

“You have no chance, you know. I will utterly destroy you when I grow bored.”

“Reckon so.”

“But you will not relent, will not surrender.”

“Reckon not.”

“Have you not noticed how much you and I are alike?”

“That thought keeps me up nights.”

“Good. If not victory, it is at least revenge."

{The character sitting at the table is, of course, Samuel McCord, just having killed Vivian Hightower from the CHARACTER ON THE COUCH part of this blogfest. The second speaker is his Hannibal Lector, always stronger, always smarter, always losing the true battle.}
Another movie I am eagerly awaiting :


  1. Hi Roland, I love the way these two characters have introduced each other, so naturally within their conversation. It sounds like a very interesting conflict between them!

  2. Excellent voice Roland. I remember this scene, and I like how you've refashioned it for the blogfest. You captured the essence of both character conflicts as nemisis.

    A perfect introduction. Loved it.


  3. I love the wit, the relationship or lack of, the similarities and subtle differences between the two. Nice scene.

  4. What really captured me here is all the creative names, those that are made proper and with mystery. Thanks for sharing!


  5. “Good. If not victory, it is at least revenge.”

    Great closing line. I got a good feeling of both characters in this. I especially like the one was making jokes.

  6. Roland--I LOVE how effortless they sound, like a normal conversation. They are fascinating characters! Great job. I'm glad you are in the word limit :)

  7. Your writing always has such tension. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat reading this. The two characters had real disdain for each other.

    I especially liked this exchange:

    “Don’t you have a lie to sow, a saint to corrupt?”

    “What makes you think I am not doing those very things now?”

    Excellent stuff.

  8. Sari :
    I'm glad you liked their duel of spirits in the dark. Sam thinks his duel with DayStar started in 1853, continuing on into 2005. But it started much earlier than that with DayStar arranging the deaths of his sister and parents on the West Plains of Texas in 1815.

    Donna :
    I am so happy you remember the original scene in CREOLE KNIGHTS and liked the way I re-fashioned it for this blogfest. There is a similar scene in FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE that does not end so well for Samuel McCord!

    Dianne :
    It pleases me very much that you picked up on the struggle of wit and spirit here. DayStar could kill Samuel easily he believes, but what he wants is to crush his spirit, his heart. But Samuel is too stubborn, too rebelious to quit and that reminds DayStar of himself. He both hates and loves Samuel as he both hates and loves himself.

    Justin :
    I truly like how you saw that names are important in my snippet, as they are in my novels. "Samuel" is derived from an ancient Hebrew name, meaning Heard of God."

    Intentionally ironic since Samuel is an agnostic. Though he is often the answer to the prayers of the helpless whom he defends, and they feel "heard of God" by Samuel's actions on their behalf -- though he himself no longer believes.

    Sara :
    Jokes are how Samuel keeps from going insane with grief and loneliness -- much like Abraham Lincoln once told an aide of himself. Thanks so much for visitng and caring enough to chat a bit. Roland

    Angela :
    Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker deserve all the credit for my dialogue since they taught me how to write conversations -- though mine are nowhere near their caliber!

    I wanted to show the ghost of Ernest Hemingway that I could be short if I wanted! :-) Roland

    Clare :
    I like that exchange as well. Where many use guns or knives to wound, DayStar uses words. Those injuries tend never to heal. But Samuel has his own supply! LOL.

    I'm glad you enjoyed eaves dropping on the two. Doing it by prose is much safer than doing it in person!! Roland

  9. Wow!!!! Amazing! It flowed so well and I felt like I was there with these two characters.

    Um, yes... flabbergasted. :)

  10. I wanted to keep reading. Great job here!

  11. McCord is one smooth character! Great dialogue!

  12. Mmm... love your mix of snarky humor and wit. That was a great scene, Roland. And what a cool blog you have... I'm so glad to be a new follower. I love to comment and read, so I'm stoked for your future posts! ;)

    Thanks also for your thoughtful comment on my blog... Glad to be connected ;)

  13. Thank you, Cassie :
    Along in the dark with a powerful being who claims to be THE living Dark. Luckily, Samuel is too stubborn and quick-witted to surrender! Thanks for liking my post.

    Jackie :
    Wanted to keep reading? You made my day, Roland

    Sherri :
    I've always envisioned Samuel as a sort of supernatural Bogart in his own haunted jazz club version of CASABLANCA!

    Morgan :
    I loved your blog as well. Please do come back. Though I am a harried rare blood courier, I always return the visit! Happy to be be a follower of yours, too!@ Roland

  14. Oo, great tension between them! I really felt like I was there at the table with them! Nicely done!

  15. Thank you, Cortney :
    Great that you felt like you were there. Spooky though. Samuel's jazz club can be dangerous!! :-) Your own entry drew the reader in! Roland

  16. "Reckon so"
    "Reckon not"
    Love it! Highly entertaining.

  17. Very clever dialog. Lots of great lines. I loved, “If I promise to miss you, will you go away?”

  18. You gave us so much with just that little bit. And I love how you connected the two days of the blogfest. How creative of you Roland:)

  19. Great dialogue - sharp of wit and funny, and dramatic too. Good job!

  20. Sharon :
    Thanks for liking Sam's wit. If he's going to die, he will do so thumbing his nose at his enemy!

    Deana :
    I thought connecting them would be fun and would give a sense of continuity to my friends who visit. I am so glad you liked this post and the conversation!

    Trisha :
    I didn't want to bore my visiting friends! Thank you very much for thinking I achieved my aim. Thanks even more for visiting and staying to talk awhile! Roland