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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



For the next FIVE DAYS, my novelette, BLOOD WILL TELL, will be free! How cool is that?

So many of you have asked what exactly does a rare blood courier do?

They save the world ... one life at a time.

For Luke Winters, the definition of "life" takes on strange hues.

He is a telepath, the only one he knows about in a world full of thoughts that drive him to the lonely occupation of Blood Courier.

When the world is invaded by alien, intelligent blood, he finds the only thing worse than discovering the invasion by his curse is surviving the invasion because of it.

The aliens have won. He is alone. Now, what does he do? It is a story of love found in the strangest of situations.
Free promotions will start at approximately 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Depending on system latencies, it may take a few minutes to several hours for the free promotion to start.
If after the five days, there have been 10 reviews, I will draw from the 10 or more names for an AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BY ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, {ERIC NORTHMAN of TRUE BLOOD!}



  1. Off to download this right now! Thank you Roland :)

  2. Thanks, Michael :
    I hope you enjoy my novelette! And I'm happy to give a bit back to my friends, Roland

  3. Wow, this guy's story sounds rather depressing! Definitely gonna download this assuming I can without any sort of eReader to read it on :)

  4. Trisha :
    Luke Winters is Native American Sioux and impossible just gives birth to legends for his people.

    You can download for free the application KINDLE FOR PC that makes your computer into a Kindle. How cool is that?

    Here is the link :

    Long son of a gun, isn't it?

    Oh, and the free promotion starts at midnight Pacific time which I believe is 3 hours from now for me (1:15 A.M.) I do not know what part of the world you find yourself in. But my book should be free for you fairly soon.

    Thanks again. Luke's story is of love found in the strangest of circumstances. Roland

  5. Your story sounds very interesting and since it looks like you're a True Blood fan, it must be good:)

  6. Is it free through that new Amazon program?

  7. Your generosity inspires me, Roland! Since I never got my tablet (my girls procrastinate (they get if from me), I'll attempt the download to turn my PC into a Kindle. :)

    An autographed pic of Eric Northman, yeah, he'd make a nice addition to my writing desk wall. I especially love Eric in the books. When I met Charlaine Harris, I told her so!

  8. Hi there! I'm following you from the campaign! :) Thanks for the little gift! I'll go download it now.

  9. Verrrry cool. :D Thanks, friend!

  10. Awesome, Roland! I'll have to check it out!

  11. Marta :
    I gave my best "Stephen King" try to be good ... at giving chills and perhaps hope in the human spirit.

    Alex :
    Yes, it is free through that new Amazon program. I decided to use it to say THANKS to all my friends.

    Candy :
    You met Charlaine? Now, I'm jealous! I hope you can download the free application KINDLE FOR PC so you can read BLOOD WILL TELL and THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, doing reviews for both of them ... entering my contests for both.

    There's an autographed photo or two of Robert Downey, Jr. in my VICTOR contest. I'll cross my fingers for you for that and for that pesky hospital visit facing you. Roland

    Abby :
    Just my way of saying thanks to all my friends. Help me get the word out will you?

    Vicki :
    I hope you enjoy it. Rub Oliver under the chin for me ... or whatever petting he likes. (Ah, Oliver is her cat everyone!!)

    Morgan :
    There's always a surprise here for my friends. Thanks for being a new and deeply appreciated one! Roland

    Shallee :
    The ghost of Mark Twain tells me that BLOOD WILL TELL is worth twice what I'm charging for it! That scoundrel! LOL, Roland

  12. Roland, Charlaine was amazing! I drove an hour to see her. She filled the room, with only standing room left. She signed all of my books, and offered me this piece of advice: Never, ever give up on your dream of writing. No matter what. I'll never forget meeting her.

  13. Candy :
    I wish I could have been standing next to you! I love her Winston Churchill-style advise. "Never give up."

    I envy you truly that meeting, Roland

  14. Your story sounds fascinating, Roland! I'll have to go download it! Thanks for the opportunity to read your work.

  15. Lara :
    I'm so glad and pleased you think it fascinating enough to want to read.

    Eric :
    Thank you!! You and my other friends have made it hit #91 on Amazon's Best Selling Fantasy Books tonight. Tomorrow, it may sink or climb higher if others give it to friends and such.

    Thank you again, Eric!!