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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A KISS TO LIVE FOR_Hot Kiss blogfest!

Cassie Mae & Hope are doing the HOT KISS BLOGFEST :

My entry, A KISS TO LIVE FOR, is from my THE PATH BACK TO DAWN :

{Blake Adamson had been left chained to a tree in the New Zealand wilderness by the last fae. He escapes death by being given an apple of immortality from Idun's Asgardian garden.

By whom? Odin's ravens, Huggin and Munnin (that's MIND and MEMORY for those of you not versed in Viking - and yes, there is a bit of an allegory going on there.)

He has been discovered by Hone Heke (an angel on a sort of community service punishment) and by Kirika Amaratsu. In happy relief at finding him alive, Kirika has bowled him over on his back with her atop him.

Blake has kept a slice of Idun's apple for her. She agrees to eat it ... on one condition.

“What kind of condition?,” I asked with a sinking heart.

An evil gleam started to grow in her deep, large brown eyes. “Oh, nothing obscene, nothing bizarre, nothing sexual.”

She winked. “I lied about the sexual.”

Hone groaned, “Uh, oh.”

Kirika smiled wicked. “I will eat your apple. But only if you share the last bite ... in a kiss with me.”

She wiggled, pressing her hips dangerously into mine as I managed to croak, “I - I can live with that.”

She laughed, “I thought you might.”

She brought the apple to her lips.

“Oh,” I started, but Kirika had already bitten into the slice.

Her eyes rolled up as she stiffened in spasms on top of me. With horror, I saw her begin to fade, becoming a ghost on top of me. I wrapped both arms around her tight.

“Stay with me, Kirika! Don’t fade on me. Stay with me, please. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”

The weight of her body pressed back down on top of me again. She was soft and firm in my arms once more. She squirmed her hips into me, her lips melting into mine.

She murmured, “Then, fade from you I never will. Never.”

I smiled, “I - I can live with that.”

She asked, “Are all the bites like that one?”

“Just the first.”

She raised an eyebrow, and I insisted, “Honest.”

“In that case ---”

She slowly took another bite. Her eyebrows shot up. She wiggled delightfully on my body. She actually seemed to glow. She let out a long, ragged breath.

“B-Blake, never have I tasted such a wonder. It fills me with such a power and joy. Starving, you denied yourself this for me?”

“Denied? Seeing you enjoy it this much is better than I have the words to describe.”

Her whole face glowed, her deep eyes seeming to swallow me. I went willingly. She bit slower and slower, savoring each bite, squirming more and more into me.

Hone coughed uneasy.

She seemed not to hear. Only the last bite was left. She took it and moistened her full lips with the piece. Then, she bent her face right to mine.

“When I place it in my lips, Blake, place yours around it, and we will kiss as I swallow. All right?”

I nodded. She moistened my lips with it, then re-wet her lips again. She smiled, and promises dark and tempting filled my head. Hone coughed again, but I barely heard him.

In fact, the whole world grew dim around the edges. All that was clear were Kirika’s gleaming, deep, deep eyes. She slipped the bit of apple into her wet lips, leaning right into me. I shyly wrapped my lips around the apple.

Like I knew she would, she tried forcing it into my mouth with her tongue, I thrust it back. Then, she caught me by surprise and swallowed it, wrapping her tongue around mine, doing some thrusting and rubbing of her own. I could feel my eyes roll back into their sockets, and tingles dance all down my body.

From the magic of Idun’s apple or Kirika’s tongue I couldn’t say.

She arched in my arms, thrusting her hips into me again and again. I was about to lose it completely, when she went limp in my arms, slumping across my whole body.

This time it was me that let out a long, ragged breath. I shivered in spasms. That had been --- something. Kirika purred in my arms.

“Next time, get a hotel,” growled Hone.

“I didn’t do that,” I sputtered.

Kirika breathed, “Was it good for you, beloved?”

I couldn’t help myself and let out a sigh, “Oh, yeah.”

Hone grunted, “Tell me again what you didn’t do.”


  1. Ow! Ow! Thanks for sharing, Roland ;) It got pretty heavy there. I like the dark vibe that surrounds your words. Fun ;)

  2. Morgan :
    Well, it is the "Hot Kiss" blogfest after all. You should have seen the scene where Fallen left him chained to a tree to starve to death. After all that, Blake deserved a little ... fun. LOL.

    Janaki :
    Blake thought it was nice, too! :-) Thanks.

  3. A good scene Roland. Mystical and sensual.


  4. Thanks, Donna :
    Blake has all the luck! LOL.

  5. Wow, it really IS getting hot in here! Great job!

  6. ...dark and sensual, the perfect combination for the day ;)


  7. Boy howdy that was hot!

    You've done an excllent job, and created a dark, seductive world for the kiss to live in.

  8. Yowza - great scene!! I really liked that last line of dialogue too ;)

  9. Good work. I like how it met the theme of valentine's day, without being too obvious. Dark 'n steamy.

  10. Wow! That is one hot scene! Great job!

  11. I like Hone! LOL! Kirika's faaaaaaaar too good for Blake! Blake's abit pasty - there is all this hot blood swirling around and he's all.. abit.. well, I say tie him back! LOL! Just my personal feeling after reading this! :-)

    Take care

  12. Oh my sweet mother of all that is holy! I think instead of chocolate this year I need some of these apples.

    Holy crap that was hot!

  13. Wow. That was seriously hot! A great mixture of magic and sensuality. :D

  14. It's been a while since I visited last. Glad I joined this hop. And wow! You went over 1000? When did that happen? Awesomeness.

    Great story. I loved how you used the apple. :)

  15. Roland, I just love the way you write. You always manage to infuse subtle humor in your scenes.
    BTW...I am still in the throes of Victor Standish. I have not abandoned your work. I've had A LOT happening in life lately. But I do so love the book! In fact, I'd love to do an author interview when I finish it.

  16. Wow, this scene is hot, heavy, steamy, and GREAT!

  17. Intense, hot and heavy stuff! Me likey. :D

  18. Blimey.
    Blimey :)

    Loved it

  19. So steamy! Holy Hannah that was steamy! And mostly about an apple, nicely played out :) Happy Valentine's day and thanks for sharing!

  20. Can I get me some of dem apples? Haha! Very nicely done!!

    New follower her, via the bloghop.

  21. Wow, that was...Loved the use of the apple.

  22. Oh my, so much to learn about otherworldly sex...I'll have to read more.


    Kyra :
    You always show up to make me feel like my efforts haven't been in vain! Thank you! :-)

    Elliot :
    It was a rather steamy scene, and I hesitated out of regard to the ladies in my audience. But hey, it's Valentine Day's, right? Glad you enjoyed it.

    Clare :
    You should see what happens when Kirika gets Blake aboard the cursed junk, The Bladeless Samurai! Hone has his hands full keeping things from cascading out of control.

    Trisha :
    Hone is a card all right. When he shape-shifts in his panther form, watch out!

    Michael :
    I wanted romance and sensuality without focusing on a holiday where so many feel left out. Thanks for appreciating and perceiving my effort!

    Marta :
    Cassie said HOT KISS and I decided to unveil one of the hottest from THE PATH BACK TO DAWN ... but not the hottest. :-)

    Kitty :
    To be fair to Blake, he knows he's in front of an angel who becomes a panther when upset at what he sees! And he has been chained to a tree to starve, walked the realm of Shadows, and managed to fight his way out of Purgatory. He's a bit winded is all. LOL!

    And once aboard THE BLADELESS SAMURAI, things get ... interesting! Kirika teaches him how to dance ... in all sorts of way.

    Cassie :
    You said "Hot Kiss" and though I hesitated, I decided "Hey, it's Valentine's Day!" I've been sending the ghost of Mark Twain out for those apples. But he keeps coming back empty-handed -- though his mouth is full! Darn that rascal! Roland

    Jasmine :
    A great mixture of magic and sensuality -- that's Kirika Amaratsu!

    David :
    I've missed you. My own demanding job as rare blood courier and writing my 3rd Victor Standish novel leaves me with hardly any time to visit these days. I truly smiled when I originally wrote that scene.

    Just like I did, along with laughing, when I wrote the chapter, THE MENAGE A TROIS OF DEATH, in Victor's 3rd book. Come back, please.

    Susan :
    I would be glad to do an author interview with you ... maybe even in Meilori's ... if you're brave enough!!

    Humor is how most of my protagonists deal with situations that completely blow them away : Blake, Samuel, and Victor -- even Hibbs the bear with two shadows! Fallen just deals with it with violence and biting humor -- emphasis on the "biting." LOL.

    I hope you continue to enjoy THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH!

    I also hope life eases up on you!!

    LynNerdKelley :
    Kirika wanted it to be even steamier! And she gets her way aboard THE BLADELESS SAMURAI ... just in the most surprising way.

    Courtney :
    I'm so happy you liked my Valentine's Day gift to all my friends.

    Laura :
    That's what some of my Australian and New Zealand friends have said about the whole book, THE PATH BACK TO DAWN. I wrote it during the whole month of last February, and I guess it shows! LOL.

    Emily :
    That's what Cassie and Hope asked for, and Kirika was all too happy to oblige! :-)

    Hope :
    My readers of PATH say they never look at apples the same way ever again! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

    Nancy :
    Me, too! But none of my ghost friends will trust me with one. Except the ghost of Marlene Dietrich, who huffs she does not to feed me an apple to have an effect! LOL. Thanks for following!

    Jenny :
    That whole scene just popped into my head whole ... as if Kirika were murmuring it into my ear. Glad you liked it!

    Richard :
    Great to see you again. Blood couriering and my new novel is draining all my spare from me@! Rats. I hope you enjoy THE PATH BACK TO DAWN. Kirika is a handful ... literally. And when Blake finds Fallen in a Victorian brothel being thretened by Lewis Carrol, the true Jack the Ripper ... things get interesting in all sorts of ways! Roland

  24. Ha! I love it! The last line is great. Nicely done!

  25. Yeah, so there a place I can order one of these apples? If one slice did that, I can't even imagine what the whole fruit would do.


  26. Whew! I need a cabana boy with a fan and a cool drink after that one! That was a perfect Valentine's day gift. Thank you. :)

  27. Oh, yes, it was good for me, too! I'm especially delighted you ended with that humor at the end. This was perfectly steamy, Roland, and as usual, I truly enjoy your imagery. Thank you for sharing this!

  28. I knew apples were my favorite fruit for a reason. Well done!

  29. Nice excerpt! I love the story concept there, too.

  30. Larissa :
    I'm glad you liked the last line!

    Angela :
    The ghost of Mark Twain says I'm not strong enough for a whole Idun apple!

    Heather :
    Me? I would settle for Olivia Wilde and a slice of that apple!! LOL.

    Thank you, Angela :
    Nothing like humor to put the right icing on steamy!!

    Adrienne :
    Now, if we can just find Idun's garden and get a few of those apples, we'll make a fortune selling them!!

    Thank you, Alexia :
    I think the LOVE LIKE DEATH trilogy is one of my favorite works! I'm glad you liked the story concept behind my Valentine's gift to my friends, Roland

  31. Wow. Very heavy, and very hot.

  32. Sara :
    Thank you very much for taking time out of your evening to say such a nice thing.

    Lisa :
    That is very kind of you to say! Roland

  33. *fans self* I don't remember the Norse myths being THAT sensual. Great job!!!!

  34. Stina :
    Idun's Apples confer immortality and increases a being's natural state. Kirika Amaratsu is an Oriental being some call succubus, so you can see what Idun's apple did for her!! LOL.