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Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Maybe I can fly." Alex's Under-rated Treasures BlogHop

Everyone has a favorite movie or band that no one else has ever heard about. For whatever reason, they remain undiscovered and underrated. 

Now is your chance to tell the world about this obscure treasure!

On Monday, September 22, post about your favorite unknown –


Post about one or all four – dealer’s choice! 



This was a gem of a TV series.  It was crafted with a definitive Beginning, Middle, and End.

It re-defined TV Science Fiction
though its lackluster first season hurt it in the eyes of viewers.

Start with Season 2 
And you will be in for a great ride!

It is a clash between Order and Chaos with the universe caught in the middle.

Here is Captain Sheridan fighting the Shadows the only way he can:

Every sacrifice in Babylon 5 had consequences and usually a healing


Huh? you say.  You're not alone.  A Polish Rabbi Out West?

If you have a heart, it is a great movie.  

In today's culture that demands fast cars, faster women, and mistakes "cool" for character, it doesn't have a chance.

The start of the film is slow, but once Harrison Ford arrives on the scene as a train robber, the story of the Old West's Oddest Couple is underway.

Sure, Italians play the Indians but if you read my HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS, you know that Iron Eyes Cody was really an Italian, too!


Once Upon A Time

There was a newly minted 13 year old boy roaming Secondhand Prose, the local used book store. 

He was searching for something for his other friends in THE LEAGUE OF FIVE to read together.

Yep, I saw that title and knew I had found our new group book.  Thorne Smith wrote TOPPER another book you probably never heard of either.

But before you think the book is scandalous: it is fun, innocent, and zany -- perfect for 13 year old's.

It is the Roaring 20's, Hunter Hawk has discovered how to turn flesh into stone. 

He hadn't meant to, but no matter, he HAD INVENTED SOMETHING!

With no one appreciative of his discovery, he roams his estate at night, meeting a leprechaun and his witch daughter, Meg (who can turn stone to flesh).

Introduce all of them into a museum at night in the Greek mythology section, and you can guess the rest.
Just read the beginning of this teaser, and you will smile:


Victor Standish's and my favorite band that no one knows

 And they introduced me to John Two Hawks


  1. I've heard people rave about Babylon 5 but never watched it. But I do want to see The Frisco Kid if Harrison Ford is in it (yes, I can be that shallow); and if it also has heart then it's definitely on my to-see list.

    I'd have to think about obscure books or music I treasure--there are so many such things my brain feels overloaded when I try to narrow down my list.

  2. Frisco Kid looked interesting to me too. I like Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder. Why didn't they use real natives in that movie? Sheesh. You have eclectic tastes, Roland.
    Never watched Babylon 5. I sorely lack in tv memories.

  3. I have several of Thorne Smith's books on my crowded shelves. Fun - and surprisingly clever too. And, Night Life is one of them.

  4. The Frisco Kid is such a fun movie. I never had a chance to watch Babylon 5 that much, but what I did see I liked.

  5. Hi, Roland. Thanks for sharing your picks for the Underrated Treasures Blogfest. I've heard of Babylon 5 but never watched it. I have actually seen part of The Frisco Kid.

  6. Gotta check out Frisco Kid. Sounds very familiar.
    Author of Wilder Mage at Spirit Called
    Facebook Wilder Mage

  7. Nightwish! You rock. Great band.
    The Frisco Kid. Haven't seen that one in ages but I remember enjoying it.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  8. I remember Frisco Kid. I never tried Babylon Five but maybe it should.

  9. Oh yes! I love Babylon 5. Great series. :)

  10. I've watched some of B5 and it is well done. I really liked your bands and movies here! I hadn't heard of them so have started a list! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I dig Frisco Kid... period, it just made to make that crossover to making you think, then laugh. Nightwish, I think I have a great number of releases from them...

    I hope you are well and the rest of the world stuff is under control.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  12. Helena:
    I just listed the first obscure titles that came to mind, thinking they would ring true with my inner self. :-)

    I watch anything with Cate Blanchett in it so I guess I am shallow, too!

    Sandra says I have eclectic tastes, too. :-) I could have chosen Diana Krall or Jesse Cook, too.

    And Hollywood was different back in 1979. Maybe they didn't Indians would have the proper comedic timing. :-(

    Elephant's Child:
    We seem to have similar literary tastes, don't we? :-)

    Frisco Kid is a really entertaining film, isn't it? I have an autographed poster of Babylon 5 in my entertainment room just as you walk in. :-)

    The love between Delann and Sheridan in Babylon 5 has such depth and tragedy and healing.

    The Frisco Kid warms your heart. Try it. :-)

    NIGHTWISH rocks; I just sit back and appreciate! :-) I will always have your back, friend.

    Start with Season 2 of Babylon 5. I think you will enjoy it. :-)

    Wasn't B5 great? I am saddened that so many of the stars have since died. :-(

    I still watch certain episodes of B5. Yes, NIGHTWISH and THE FRISCO KID are great, each in their own way.

    I prefer NIGHTWISH when Tarja was still the lead singer. So good to see you here. Glad you liked THE FRISCO KID, too. :-)

  13. Love Gene Wilder - The Frisco Kid is now on my must see list.

  14. I love Harrison Ford. That's a terrific choice. And Babylon 5 - awesome.

  15. I haven't seen Babylon 5, but it does look interesting. And I am a fan of Nightwish! :D

  16. Ah, yes, The Frisco Kid = classic! Enjoyed the film clip:)

    A Treasure Trove of Music

  17. I've heard of "Babylon 5" but have never seen any episodes.

    Your other picks are new to me. I like the sound of Nightwish. The vocalist reminds me of Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.

    Tossing It Out

  18. Tami:
    I think you will enjoy it! :-)

    I had a crush on Delann back in the day! :-) I've memorized certain scenes of THE FRISCO KID.

    Another fan of NIGHTWISH! I liked your wizard series you mentioned in your own post!

    I'm so happy you enjoyed the film clip. :-)

    I think you would enjoy B5. It holds up even after all these years. I have been a longtime fan of NIGHTWISH.

  19. Frisco Kid...ah, takes me back. I saw your comment re MADAME SECRETARY . Starts this week here and I will be watching it. It's lovely to have your theories confirmed, haha.

  20. Denise:
    If a person is in Washington D.C. I do not trust them. Been burned too often!

    Yes, THE FRISCO KID does take us back ... maybe to a time when entertainment could still strive for an innocence?

    I enjoyed MADAME SECRETARY, but from this post, you can tell my tastes are eclectic!

  21. I loved the Frisco Kid! It was such a fun movie. :)

  22. I LOVE your blog cover image. (Which looks like it may also be your book cover?) Secondlife and a soften filter in photoshop? Or am I crazy?

    Nightwish--- ha ha, my dear fellow blogger, you have now met someone else who HAS heard of them! "I Wish I Had an Angel" is the ringtone I use for my best friend. The Islander is my second fav song by them.