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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Peggy Carter:

"You think you know me.  You never saw me.

Dooley, you've only seen me as a kitten left on your doorstep.

 Jack, you've only seen me as a secretary, and Sousa, you've put me on a pedestal."  

Not unlike Amber Heard's similar thoughts on how men view women.


There are, of course, differences in how men and women view life ... 




He believes communication should have a clear purpose.

She uses communication to discover how she is feeling and what it is that she wants to say.

MOST men and women desire to satisfy their partners,

but they may miss the mark

because it is truly difficult to understand and accept our partner's different way of communication. 



  1. Very funny, and pretty accurate about the airport/plane differences, except that I prefer carryons and the aisle seat.

  2. I like the window seats and can't sleep on planes at all. I prefer not to check bags, but usually have to. And I get annoyed at the way some people take more than their share of the overhead storage. . .

  3. I want the aisle seat so if I need to get up, I can. That and since I hate to fly, I don't want to look out the window.

  4. Helena:
    Like Alex I prefer the aisle seat so that I don't step on someone's feet. I dream of winning the lotto or selling the movie rights to my books so that I can go on a plane without any luggage at all -- just buy what I need when I get there. :-)

    Aren't some people selfish with hogging the overhead storage? I guess it is symptomatic of our age. Looking out the window is nice -- a God's Eye view of the world so to speak. :-)

    I am like you in preferring the aisle seat. It's the landing that unsettles me ... especially the unscheduled kinds!!

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  6. Sorry. I should proofread before I hit the publish button!!!


    Roland: I think your books would all make great films. The trick is finding someone to finance them for you :-) Yeah, right. Easier said than done, but keep dreaming, my friend....and keep writing. I will be stopping by whenever you post, from now on.

    I am having fun connecting with my "old" blogger friends. (I hate to admit how I start a book and stop in the middle because "life" gets in the way; I am not a fast reader...never was even when I was younger...but I plan to finish and write a review in the new few days of your novella Return of the Last Shaman that you sent me; I'm just savoring the poetic prose and all the gems of wisdom...I think I made this comment before. Then I need to backtrack and read your novels that highlight many is he in?

  7. Ann:
    I often publish before I re-read what I wrote. It is an easy thing to do!

    Oh, I make jokes about selling the movie rights to my books, but when the books themselves sell so poorly, I know it is only a dream. :-)

    I rarely get to read print or Kindle books anymore. I "read" now mostly by listening to audiobooks as I drive my blood runs. I go through about six books a week that way!

    I will greatly appreciate that review of RETURN OF THE LAST SHAMAN. Since you asked about McCord, I will send you the Kindle and audio version of HER BONES ARE IN THE BADLANDS.

    It is a novella, too. Not a Western per se. It is a supernatural THE LAST TYCOON of the filming of the first talking Western on location. It even has Nikola Tesla in it ... along with David Niven, Errol Flynn, John Ford, Harry Carrey, Iron Eyes Cody ... and, of course, Samuel McCord, masquerading as a broken down old cowboy to act as a historical consultant when he actually owns the movie studio filming the Western.

    Thank you so much for visiting and chatting awhile!