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Monday, February 2, 2015


Mythology is not a lie.

Mythology is poetry reaching out with words and images 

to search out with our innermost being, 

seeking to touch the face of the Great Mystery, who is beyond words, beyond images.

whose Song breathed us into being.

The Truth of what Lies Beyond lies in a realm murky and timeless.  

Mythology pitches our minds past those boundaries of clumsy words and images

 to sense what cannot be conveyed with mere tongue or pen.

We need myths that will link the individual, not with his tribe, but with the whole planet ...

for Man is the sick animal who does not know what to do with himself.

Follow the path of myth and doors will open that you had not noticed were even there.

Lara Schiffbauer

has been gracious enough to let me do a guest post on her blog, MOTIVATION FOR CREATION.

Come on over and say HI 

and find out what I have to say about how there are no truths, only stories.

And there is more to that statement that meets the eye.

And while I am guesting over at Lara's. 

Wolf Howl is doing a guest post here!


I am Wolf Howl.

Myth.  When you are living it, you do not realize it.

Looking back, I realize I was living a fairy tale of how I felt life to be.

Those memories, for what they are worth, for what they may recapture, 

are glimpses of attitudes and times that are gone forever from this world.

For so long the White Man has suckled on fear and fear alone.  

Yet nothing good is produced from fear.  Its children are Cruelty, Deceit, and Suspicion ...

germinating in the darkness of souls grown numb.

And just as surely as the White Man is poisoning the air with his factories and machines,

tainting the oceans with his radioactive wastes ...

So is he poisoning his soul with his fears, his greed, and his denial of all but his ambitions.

Come with me now to a Time that Once Was, a Time you no longer remember ...

the Time of ...



  1. I'm enjoying Wolf Howl's story in The Last Shaman. I wasn't able to read for a couple of days, but I plan on finishing it today. :D

  2. Chrys:
    I drove 800 miles this past weekend, doing blood runs, so I know what you mean about not being able to read! I'm glad you're enjoying Wolf Howl's story! :-)

  3. Mythology is truth, it is history, it is a lesson plan. Beautifully decorated...
    We need it.

  4. So much of the human foundation is laden with myth. Heading over the the guest post. :)

  5. Elephant's Child:
    When tyrants refused to let people tell the truth, the poets told it in myth. :-)

    Thanks for visiting and heading over to my guest-post! I hope your new book is doing well!

  6. So much Greek mythology alone is full of metaphors and insight into human experience and psychology--a kind of ultimate truth.

    Congratulations on your release day (yesterday) for your latest novel, Roland!

  7. Thanks, Helena:
    And thanks even more for the great review! Yes, my first introduction into Greek mythology was through Edith Hamilton's volume on it. It gave me a peek into the psychology of those living so long ago and into the psyches of those around me. :-)