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Saturday, May 16, 2015


You've heard of anti-matter?

Well, my weekends are anti-weekends!

No rest and relaxation for my weekends.  I am on solo first call every weekend.  Take today.  I wish someone had!

I worked 11 hours straight, and I stopped counting the miles after 400. 

 And I am still on call, taking a chance that a hospital will call me while I am writing this.

So this will be short.  

I just wanted to let you guys know I am not ignoring you, I am just being battered by the anti-weekend!!

Imagine driving exhausted at 3 A.M. after having worked 11 hours straight 

to deliver rare blood to a rural hospital patient desperately needing a transfusion. 

 No fun, but necessary to that poor patient.

I once wrote a Sci Fi/Stephen King version of my job in BLOOD WILL TELL 

(Only 99 cents!)  Check it or the audio of it out.  :-)


  1. Necessary. and valuable work albeit exhausting. Do you get time off during the week in lieu of weekends?

  2. I have that one and it's sitting unfinished. However, I have read TSBAM for a few hours today so I can review it soon by next wed if plans go well. Milo's new book post up now til Wed. I've promised it so long, I mean to follow through. Will advise when it's ready. Drive carefully and be safe.

  3. Elephant's Child:
    Yes, thankfully! Monday and sometimes Tuesday. Monday I just crash and sleep most of the day! You're right: it is necessary work which gets me out of bed at 4 A.M.!!

    I wrote TSBAM for you and Inger since you liked DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE so much. I hope you are enjoying it. :-)

    1. I am, and the last few chapters get better and better. . . I'd sure like to see this made into a movie.

  4. D.G.:
    From your lips to Spielberg's ear! :-) I'm very happy that your are enjoying TSBAM. I'm off on aa another blood run this morning -- the 3rd this morning!! Whew!!

  5. Know how you feel. My job has a tendency to works us 9 days in a row. The schedule is constantly changing. It's never the same.

    Feel for you.

  6. Shelly:
    Thanks. I just sat down at the center, waiting for rare blood to be ready, and here, I hear the paperwork being printed. Have to run! Best of luck with your job!

  7. I'll certainly check out your short story. Meanwhile, please stay safe and don't have an accident! Your life-saving work is important, but so are you.