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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

YOU MEAN I GET A MENAGE LA TROI FOR MY BIRTHDAY?_entry for Tessa's blogfest {Starring Victor Standish}


{Six years after the zombie playground incident, Becky and Glasses have come to New Orleans, not believing Victor has taken up with a zombie.} (999 words exactly)


Mother told me that I was born the very instant the old year died, and the New Year began. I figure the Angel of Death should know.

I lay on my bed in utter agony. What part of my body that wasn't cut, was bruised, or throbbing -- or all three. My left side was aching. A broken rib?

"Happy Birthday to me," I groaned. I heard another groan from the mirror. Oh, no.

"Elu, are you all right?"

His gruff voice rumbled from the mirror, "Define 'all right'."

I swayed to the side of the bed and looked into the mirror. Ouch. His face looked like raw hamburger meat.

He did an exaggerated copy of my "Tada" move. "Don't worry, Elu. I am Victor Standish, and I always have a plan. Some plan! You nearly got us killed!"

I made a face. "We got the bad guys killed."

A snowball hit me in the face from the mirror. "There is the icing to your birthday cake, Standish."

I wiped the snow from my face, seeing the mirror had gone black. "At least, you're all rig...."

Another snowball smacked me in the face. "I am not all right! Now, go downstairs and clean up the mess you made."

I swayed to my feet. "Aw, man, there's body parts all over the place."

Elu chuckled, "You cannot say Samuel does not know how to throw a New Year's Eve party."

"Body parts are not my idea of the perfect Birthday present." The back of my head got smacked with another snowball.

I smiled bitter. Snowballs were cheap presents, but they were at least handmade.

I limped down the hallway with scattered monster parts all over the carpet. I made it to the head of the stairs. Whoa. Meilori's was a burning battle-zone below. Marshal Hickok was dosing what I considered my birthday candles on the steps.

He glared at me, and I sighed, "Don't tell me you're holding a grudg ----"

He dosed me with the fire extinguisher. "Go downstairs and start cleaning up, Birthday Boy."

I shook my head. Never, ever, had I been thrown a birthday party.

I thought Alice might --- but she had gotten mad over something I had whispered to Becky in her revealing Steam Punk outfit. So there went my party.

I started to sway on my feet. I had taken a few good hits last night. More than a few actually. The pain in my side climbed up my chest and down my left arm.

I smiled crooked. "Alice will be so mad. She missed me dropping dead like she ask ...."

Out of the growing darkness, I heard Alice scream, "No!!"

Suddenly, my head was cradled in her soft lap. My head was resting on her bare legs. Finally, a good Birthday present.

My head lolled to the left. Cute knees in silk, unmarred hose. Becky? I flicked my eyes to the front of me. Glasses in her Maid Marion outfit.

I glanced up at Alice. "Y-You mean I get a menage la troi for my birthday?"

My head was jerked and thumped off her pretty legs. "That for your present!"

I weakly raised my right hand. "Dying here. Doesn't that buy me a ---"

Alice threw my right hand to the smoldering carpet. And just like that. My chest exploded, and everything went black.

I heard Becky snap, "Oh, perfect, freak. The last thing he'll remember is your throwing his hand down."

Alice grumbled, "Or perhaps it will be your wanton knees in his face!!"

Women! I had died. And they still made it all about them.

Glasses sobbed, "He never even saw the surprise Birthday Party we had prepared."

I shook my head, and suddenly became scared that I had a head at all to shake in the darkness. There was a bright light right in front of me. I squinted and smiled.

A long marble table with the biggest Birthday cake I had ever seen. And standing by the table was Mother ... the Angel of Death.

"You remembered, Mother."

Black tears gleamed in her eyes to drift up from her lids in tiny swirls of dark snowflakes. "I always remembered, Victor."

"Now, back with you!"

"I'm not dead?"

Mother smiled coldly. "You die when I say you die, Victor. Besides, it will be so much fun to see you try to extradite yourself from the hole your brash tongue has dug for yourself."

Her black robe billowed as she gracefully gestured. Suddenly, I was back. Three pairs of pretty knees. Now, this was a Birthday present.

Alice hugged my head against the torn satin that barely covered her breasts. I hadn't died. But I was certainly in Heaven.

"Alice, you sure about that menage la troi?"

She threw my head down to the floor. "Oh, Victor! I should have known you were faking."

I staggered to my feet as the three of them looked at me like Medusa.

"Whoa. My mother WAS waiting for me. She just sent me back to say ...."

The three of them wailed and clung to me like a life saver in a rough sea.

Becky husked, "We will not let you say good-bye!"

Glasses hugged me tight. "You're Victor Standish. You can't die."

Alice embraced me with her icy arms. "You are my Victor. I will never let you say good-bye. Never!"

I made a sheepish face. "Ah, Mother just wanted me to say 'I'm sorry."

All three pairs of arms popped off me like I had been hot brass.

Alice glared at me. "So much for my special Birthday present for you!"

Becky sizzled a look at me. "And mine!"

Glasses just giggled, running off with Becky. "Only you, Victor. Only you."

Captain Sam loped up with a plate of birthday cake.

He grinned like a wolf. "Devil's Food Cake, son. Seemed to fit."

I gobbled my first slice of Birthday cake. "When you're right, Sam. You're right."
What Jesse Cook played for Victor's birthday :


  1. What an enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks, M Pax. I wrote this while ill, and I didn't know if I had done a creditable job or not.

  3. I like the part when Victor's mother says: "... to see you try to extradite yourself from the hole your brash tongue has dug for yourself."
    ... most mothers reprimand, but not so harsh... but then, she's a Death Angel.

    ... a good read.

  4. Imagery Imagined : Thanks. I think Victor's Mother has been shaped by her unusual existence, but she still loves him -- in her own unique way!

  5. oh... I was referring to the zombie (genre)... mother.
    but its good to know the human side of the mother too. good post.

  6. Thanks, Imagery Imagined. This cold has my mind sidetracked in the feeder road marked "Misery!" Always good to see a comment from you. Roland

  7. A great enjoyable read! Thanks Roland!

  8. Thanks, Lydia. I wrote this ill, and I hoped I still could make it a fun read. Guess I hit the target, cold and all! Thanks again.

  9. Very fun Roland.

    Man, I forgot I signed up for this.

    Loved the music too. That was awesome.

    I sure hope you get to feeling better.


  10. Donna : I really love some of Jesse Cook's tunes. Yes, sometimes I forget about which blogfests I've signed up for, too. Life sometimes is a harsh mistress. I am feeling some better, though very, very weak. Have a great end of week, Roland

  11. Now that's a birthday party only Victor could have! What a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us. Great song too!

  12. Heather : As Glasses told him at the end : "Only you, Victor. Only you." Isn't Jesse Cook something. I thought a little gypsy music would be fitting for my little gypsy's birthday. I pray Anne Riley's self-published shoots up the Amazon's kindle lists!

  13. funny, a writer from the bayou penning a snowball fight of sorts, that I now read as a blizzard pummels the window in my office with fists of ice...oh the irony:)

    Good stuff, Roland. Hope you're feeling better.


  14. Ah, but, Elliot, I was born in Detroit. I made my share of snowballs and snowmen.

    Stay warm, and I'll try to get better. Tomorrow demands my presence at work whether I would or not. Sigh. Tomorrow the radio says Louisiana will be receiving some of your cold down here. Brrrr. Thanks for commenting, Roland

  15. I loved the writing, took me to where they were. And nice intro to the music too.

  16. Myne : Thanks so much for the kind words. I have always enjoyed Jesse Cook's gypsy guitar melodies. So since Victor is an extention of me, I knew he would, too. Have a great weekend! Roland

  17. Richly done, as always, Roland.

  18. Thanks, Delia. I'm happy you enjoyed my little tale. Roland

  19. Hi Roland ~ and wow. What a fascinating read! First time to your site and I really love your "about me" message. Happy new follower here - thanks!

  20. Domea : Thanks for enjoying my little tale of the New Orleans gypsy, Victor Standish. I'm glad you liked my "about me" message. I'm happy you're following, too! Have a great weekend. Roland

  21. Very nice. I'm really starting to get into Victor's world, reading all the blogfest excerpts!

  22. Gypsy music, Death and body parts - that was quite a birthday bash :)

  23. Mara Nash : Yes, Victor's world is every teenage boy's fantasy : supernatural adventures, haunting dangerous beauties, and wry humor. At least, I try to make it so! LOL.

    Elaine : Victor's life is never halfway! I hope you enjoyed the tale. Roland

  24. Oh, VIctor,

    Will he ever learn to keep his mouth shut, especially around woman?

    Laughed at the snowball scene ...too funny.

    What a fun story.

    I love how you create new scenarios for Victor. How could you not love him?


  25. Michael : I don't think Victor will ever learn enough about women not to get into trouble with them. LOL.

    I enjoyed writing the snowball scene, too. Victor discovers the Sons of the Pioneers in his sequel and croons "Cool Water" without thinking as he lays on his bed by Elu's mirror. Victor never learns.

    I'm glad you enjoyed his first birthday party! Roland

  26. Good story. Love the Devil's Food Cake too! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Heather : Yes, it goes with one of Victor's sayings about a looming problem : "A piece of cake. Devil's Food cake!" I'm glad you enjoyed his birthday bash.

    Words Crafter : Thanks. I had fun writing it, too! :)

  28. LOL What a birthday for Victor!!! I love reading these little snippets about his life (or perhaps death in some cases ; P ).

    Thank you so much for joining my blogfest! Sorry I'm so late commenting, my birthday weekend was rather busy-er than expected, lol.


  29. Tessa : I just hope that besides being busy, your birthday weekend was fantastically happy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TESSA!